123movies needs no introduction in a digital era of entertainment. However, the platform has always been under various kinds of confusion. The following abstracts address all such confusion thoroughly and provide 15 best alternatives to it as well.

Is it illegal to use 123movies?

From end-use,r perspectives, legal and illegal absolutely doesn’t matter as only the concerned host gets sued. Yes, there always remain certain safety-related issues with the streaming sites, like malware and all. As far as 123 movies are concerned, as millions of people around the globe are regularly using the site, the threat of such can indeed be claimed to be the nominal.

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Factors making it safe

The best part about 123 Movies is that the site is active in those parts of the world where cybersecurity law constraints are lesser. It means if you are watching movies through the site, there is no such rule to trouble you or to the site itself.

In addition, the site makes use of a kind of solution that helps them get rid of the laws (in case it is applied) in the country. This is so because rather than hosting the pirateda content over their website, they link it with the pirated content only. It means when someone puts a click on the movie; the content gets streamed through a safe cyber zone or a separate digital platform.

Did 123movies get shut down?

There is a huge fan base of 123 around the globe. It won’t be wrong to claim that there are many for whom watching or streaming movies is all about 123movies free. People of such get especially terrified upon hearing that 123 movies got shut down. Well, instead of believing or disbelieving someone, it is better to know the facts.

Below given are some of such key facts to avoid confusion!

• According to the Motion Picture Association of America, also known as MPAA, they currently joined the authorities in Vietnam to close 123 Movies. However, this can’t be claimed to have ended the story of 123.

• Though 123 have stopped, but various other websites have surfaced. Moreover, the official site mostly keeps changing its domain name. The one that closed is said to be the 123movies to.

• There are many others one may go with. In fact, 123 Movies is simply a component of a network that consists of a great number of clone websites.

• One may go with 123movies go. Talking about the present scenario, the official domain name is 123movies.la, which may get changed.

• The other ways available

• One may go with the 123Movies app for Roku and Kodu devices, as well. Apart from this, there is no scarcity of ways these days to make 123movies unblocked.

• There are numerous proxy sites one can easily find over the web. The best recommendation would be to look for 123movies Reddit. Starting from 123movies.dev, 123movies.reviews, to 123movies.to, one can find access for numerous of the 123 sites.

• The other best option would be to take the help of Show Box. Showbox 123movies has helped many people around the globe struggling to get access of 123 sites.

What is the correct 123movies site?

As mentioned above, official sites often keep changing its domain name. One may stay updated about the 123 movies’ new site name or simply take the help of the platforms like Reddit, Showbox, or various other proxy sites. One can get access to the 123movies websites through these. Anyway, at present, the official domain name for 123 is 123movies.la.

Where are the real 123movies?

One should check at the official domain of 123 in this regard, i.e. the 123.la. Those interested in accessing the movies only through its official site should stay updated about the changes occurring with its domain name. Otherwise, the 123movies proxy sites or the platforms like Reddit, Showbox, etc can be equally excellent as well. One can easily manage to find the latest 123Movies 2020 through these platforms.

123 Movies

15 Best alternative to 123 Movies 2021


Yes!Movies has been indeed one of the favorite choices among those who love watching free streaming movies. It is distinguished among others for the good reputation it has earned. It has a movie streaming site absolutely free, which doesn’t even require sign-up.

Moreover, here, one can find a huge list of the popular flicks along with TV series. The best part, loading speed is excellent over the site. One can even adjust video quality in accordance with the concerned device one uses. However, most people would love to enjoy the videos at 780pquality that it offers. There are no budget constraints here as the contents come with English subtitles in it. No matter you are an android user or of iOS, the site can be convenient for all.


Vumoo can be another incredible option for those looking for an alternative to 123 moviesvumoo. It, too, holds a good reputation for providing quality content for the users. Along with the latest movies, the site can be an incredible platform for people interested in watching free TV series as well. The site is known for updating movies at regular intervals. At the same time, it also provides links to watch the recently realized movies from different platforms. Once you can find direct link access to various other video streaming platforms through it. It is quite user-friendly as well. The loading speed is nice, and the video quality is equally excellent.

However, the site doesn’t provide any explicit application to be installed over the smartphone. It’s not a problem, though; the site provides an incredible experience and can be found upon searching through any browser. The site is excellent for both android and iOS users.


This has been one of the favorite platforms for many those having an interest in 123 Movies or similar platforms. The site provides the option of watching movies absolutely for free. However, here, the user has to download the concerned app and installation over the system. It also requires good internet connectivity, as the picture quality is excellent.

Similarly, the browser needs to be thoroughly updated. Tough it primarily is an app but demands no money. It doesn’t even ask the users to register before using it. Distinguishing part about the app is that it allows the users to save and download the videos to watch later without the internet. It comes integrated with a native downloader. One can download videos from torrents as well through it. Moreover, the site provides a trailer of the movies, which makes it easy for the user to decide whether to watch or not. One needs an emulator, though, to download the app.


Niter is one of the simple sites providing the facility of free streaming of movies and TV shows. Those who are aware of how to use 123movies can easily work with it. The site provides movies and shows to be streamed online for free. However, one needs to first create an account for this. The user interface is excellent, and the quality of the videos is equally good. Uploading speed is fair enough. The best part, the site claims to update its database sooner as movie releases. Making things easier for the users, the site brings the recently released movies on to the home page itself. All in all, Niter can be a nice alternative to 123movies app, those who are looking for something like that. Niter also provides a trailer of the movies it attaches.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is another fantastic web platform for the free streaming of the movies. The site is very much identical as of the 123Movies, which makes it a perfect platform for the users. Sony Crackle is known for bringing exciting TV shows, as well. In fact, this is one of the distinguishing sites of its kind that brings original media. It demands users to sign-up first, though, to watch the streaming movies or shows. The user interface is quite good. Navigation is pretty simple and easy, making things convenient for the users. The best part, Sony Crackle, provides content of all genres, be it about comedy, action, sci-fi, or anything else. Specifically, people who are habituated about watching Halloween 2018 123movies can find the platform absolutely useful. It can be useful for both android and iOS users.


Watch Free is quite identical as of 123Movies. The site also provides a huge variety of genres for the users. Moreover, all these are offered absolutely for free. It provides content in an absolutely hassle-free manner without even involving needs sign-up or registration. All that it needs for the user to visit the site and watch the contents straightaway. However, it doesn’t maintain any website of its own. Rather, the links to different sites are provided here. The links it provides, though, are known for offering high definition streaming quality.


In terms of specs, navigation, and even user interface, Go Movies is pretty akin to 123 Movies. The site has indeed altered its domain name for a variety of reasons. But, it is considered as the higher edition of 123 movies. The site is thoroughly user-friendly, providing hassle-free access to the contents. The quality of the videos here is quite excellent.

Moreover, the site is pretty consistent in terms of updating the contents. In fact, here, the database is updated immediately as a new movie is released. Uploading speed is quite accomplishing for modern day users. Though the site contains various ads, it doesn’t bother the user much. Making things convenient for the users it comes with the option of selecting the country and its popular movies. At the same time, the site provides the details of the arrival of new movies and brings news related to the much-buzzed movies. To provide quality content, the site provides a list of movies, sorting those in terms of their IMDB ranking.


MyDownloadTube can be a fine alternative to 123 Movies. However, the distinguishing part about the site is that it provides links for having access to the movies over the web. Through the site, one can get the best sites. Moreover, the site has got the affiliation of various movie sharing sites. In addition, it also provides a huge range of free games that can be downloaded as well. Content provided over the site is absolutely free. Above all, the site assures users from threats of viruses and all. To use it, one needs to download the app first. For the torrent lovers, the site supports it with the tiniest size. It is recommended for the users to watch the movies sooner it is possible as the site removes those quickly.


PopcornFlix is quite identical to 123Movies. It is considered one of the finest streaming sites for people those who want to enjoy the contents of various genres. This is quite a simple platform that can be used by anyone, all that it needs for the user to sign-up and then use. As the contents are sorted thoroughly in terms of genres, ranging from comedy, horror, to sci-fi, it becomes easy to find the desired show or the movie. The advanced user-interface of the site makes tings super easy from navigation perspectives. Like every high-end streaming site, PopcornFlix is known for updating the site on a consistent basis. The site can be useful for both the Ios, as well as the android users. There is no chance of getting disturbed as there remains no chance for the ads to appear. The site has its original shows, as well.


This is quite a renowned site among the free movie streaming passionate, which makes it a perfect alternative to 123 Movies. The database of the site is simply huge, bringing a huge variety of movies and popular TV shows. It gets updated in a pretty consistent fashion. Those who are moreover interested in recently released contents only can find the site absolutely convenient.

Additionally, the site provides almost every genre. Interestingly, the site doesn’t ask the users to sign-up. However, those who want to have access to all specs are recommended to register. For having quick updates about the site, it is recommended to follow them over social media platforms. One can search movies in terms of its releasing years as well through the site.


Here comes another fantastic recommendation for people in search of an alternative site to 123 Movies. The site has been promising for its incredible content quality. People looking for the latest TV series can find the site equally enchanting as well. Specifically, those who want the latest released collections only can find it an excellent option.

Along with the movies, the site provides complete details regarding the story, length, characters, actors, etc. as well. Interestingly, one can get these details simply upon hover the mouse over the movie. Navigation is fantastic, and the advanced search functionality makes it even more enchanting. Uploading speed is quite fast, and it leaves no scope to complain regarding the video quality. Suggested movies are made available on the Home page itself.

Snag Films

Snag Films has various advantages that make it a fantastic site for people looking for digital streaming content. The quality of the contents showcased here is excellent. It is absolutely free for users. One doesn’t even need to create any user account or go for registration. User Interface is excellent, and the navigation is super smooth as well. Exploring the library, one can easily find the most popular titles. Snag Films provide content of all genres for the users. Apart from the contents of others, Snag Films has its own original contents as well. The site can be enjoyed over the smartphones, systems, as well as the tablets. It comes with different apps, though for the android an iOS users.


Putlocker can be a fantastic alternative to 123 Movies. No matter it’s about streaming or downloading the contents, the site can be useful for all purposes. Moreover, the quality of the contents has been absolutely up a notch, be it about streaming or downloaded. Along with the popular movies, the site has been preferable for the web series contents as well. It can be a trusted platform for those looking for updated or recently released films or TV shows. The site has one of the largest media libraries. It provides an option for subtitles as well, at the same time providing the flexibility of selecting video quality while streaming.

FM Movies

FM Movies is another fantastic site for people in search of the best alternatives to the 123 Movies. The site has a huge range of collections from different genres. One can easily trust on the site for the latest arrivals from Bollywood, as well as Hollywood. It has one of the gigantic media libraries. Uploading speed is excellent, and the quality of the video is supremely good. Navigation is quite easy as well.

Solar Movie

Solar Movie is one of the hugely popular streaming platforms offering content absolutely for free. It doesn’t even ask users to register. The site provides everything that a general film freak would wish to watch. Making things easier to be found, the site provides content in terms of nations, genres, IMDb ratings, etc. Solar Movie can be excellent for the latest and most popular TV series as well. Specifically, the site can be a fantastic way to find useful content of the offbeat categories like history, animation, fantasy, drama, etc.


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