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This is an era when many businesses are looking for Android App Development Company as more than 85% of smartphones users use Google’s Android based smartphones. Other platforms are way behind. This was possible due to the highly researched products and services launched and offered by Google including the Android operating system for mobile devices. Actually it is not just Android, Google has released a comprehensive list of Google products and Google services in the last over 2 decades since its inception. If you want to know some of these best products offered by Google, then read on as in this article we are going to discuss about the same.
Google is the most popular brand as of today with various different internet-related services and products. Google has been mostly well known for its search engine Google Search which is used by internet users all over the world to get answers to any type of queries. Along with the fastest search engine in the world, Google is well renowned for online advertising, cloud computing and various software and hardware as well.
Similar to the popularity of Android App Development Services most of the people who use internet must be knowing that Google controls the most part of the internet as most of the popular products and web services which they use online these days are managed by Google only. The prime reason behind the success of lots of products and services launched by Google is the research and innovation it did to develop and create them. There are many amazing web services like Google Search Engine, Google Maps, Blogger, Gmail – all come under Google and used by billions of users worldwide. Let’s discuss now in detail the most widely used Google products and services which make your life easier and convenient. Google offers more than 100 products and services other than its web search engine. We will explain about some of these only.

Google Search
Google Search is the main product of Google and it is the best and most popular search engine in the world which is used by billions of people daily to search for anything on the world wide web. It is right now available in 149 languages and also offers regional search by its 189 regional level domains. Google search was first time launched in 1997 and it has remained dominant search engine throughout its history and in the present time and it is handling more than 3 billion searches each day. Reports say that more than 70% of search traffic comes from Google search engine alone. That’s why Google is much ahead than some other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Baidu.
Android Operating System
You have to also Hire Android App Developer if you too want to build your Android app. Android is one of the most popular product of Google. Android is a Linux based mobile operating system developed by Google. It is mainly designed and developed for touchscreen mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and other mobile and electronic devices. There is no doubt that, Android operating system is the most widely used mobile operating system worldwide and it was one of the biggest project of Google till date. It was first time released in 2008 and right now available in over 100 languages across the world. Many companies are using Android OS not only in smartphones, tablets but also in televisions and wearables. Android 9 Pie is the latest Android operating system available right now for devices running on Android platform.

Google Chrome Web Browser
When we want to surf the internet, we need a web browser. We have seen and used many web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc. but Google Chrome Browser is the best and most popular among all of these right now. It is used by millions of people around the world. Google Chrome is a free web browser developed by Google and first time it was released in 2008. Soon it surpassed the IE and Firefox web browsers and after that it was all a history. Chrome web browser has a simple user interface and numerous features and offers faster internet access. Chrome is available for free for all the available operating systems and platforms. If someone is looking for the fastest, simplest and secure web browser for all devices then Google Chrome comes on the top of the list. It is available in 47 languages and it also has the ability to translate entire web pages if needed.

Gmail Email Service
Gmail is right now the most popular free email service which was developed by Google and first time launched in 2004. Gmail safely stores all of your emails in the cloud and you can access them easily from any computer or device with a web browser. Gmail offers a whopping 15 GB of storage for free and it is available in 72 different languages worldwide. It also has a feature of embedded search within to quickly organize and find important emails by search. You can even read and draft emails without an internet connection in it. Billions of people use Gmail daily to schedule meetings, get in touch with our business contacts, family and friends and much more. Gmail is also used by so many mid-sized companies in USA and around the world.

Google Maps
In web mapping field, Google Maps comes at the top and there is no better option than Google Maps for finding businesses, viewing maps and getting driving directions and instructions. Google Maps is basically a web-based mapping service which provides detailed information about worldwide regions and different places around the world. It provides satellite imagery and street maps and also offers 360 degree street view, real-time traffic conditions, and route planning. Google Maps is one of the most popular Google product which is used by millions of people around the world on the daily basis. First time it was launched in 2005. For finding directions to reach any place or business, Google Map is the best option on internet. Google Maps also offers an API that allow maps to be embedded on the third-party websites for quick use and purpose. Google Maps also offers panoramic views of streets which can be used to have a better understanding of the location you want to visit. Google Maps can be use on computers, smartphones as well as on tablets.
Google Pixel Smartphones
Google Pixel is one of the best Android based smartphones available in the market. Google has launched several premium smartphones i.e. Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL under Google Pixel brand. Pixel smartphones offer high quality hardware, high-end software features and have high quality high definition camera. It also has high definition stereo speakers and high-resolution displays. Google recently launched two new models of Google Pixel smartphone which are Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL which deliver the best performance and best camera quality which anyone can get from any smartphone in the market right now.
YouTube Video Sharing Service
YouTube is part of Google since 2006. YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website and online video streaming service in the world where you can watch millions of video, tutorials and other video contents for free. YouTube allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to favorites, report, comment on videos and subscribe to other uses for free. YouTube was first developed by former PayPal employees and launched in 2005 but Google acquired it in 2006. So many people and freelancers are using YouTube by creating their channels and developing and releasing interesting content. Due to its free and highly beneficial services YouTube became the most popular video sharing websites all over the world in all the countries.
Google Docs
Google Docs is also one of the most popular web service from Google in which the users can create, edit, store and use documents and spreadsheets online. This free web based application is integrated with Google Drive and allows users to create and edit files online and they can also collaborate with other users in real-time. Google drive is another free file hosting service that lets you store all of your files like photos, videos, documents and Google docs online so that you can access them from anywhere using an internet connection. You can imagine Google Drive as a virtual USB flash driver. While Google Docs is a web based word processing application just like Microsoft Word which you can use to edit and access documents from anywhere using an internet connection. It also allows multiple users to edit and collaborate on documents at the same time. Google started Google Docs service in 2006 and now it is available in over 83 languages worldwide. Google Docs is a complete suite where you can create, edit Word documents and excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations and much more. For Saving Google Docs, Google provides 15 GB of free cloud storage for each user account.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a free web based analytics service developed and offered by Google which can help you to track and analyze website traffic and other statistical data. It also provides basic analytical reports for search engine optimization, SEO and marketing purposes. You can easily measure website, app, digital and offline data to gain customer insights. Google launched Google Analytics web service in 2005. Right now it is considered the most popular and widely used website statistics and analytical service on the internet which is provided totally free of cost.

Google Drive
If you want to host, store and save files online then you can use Google Drive which is the best and most popular free file hosting service developed and offered by Google. Google launched it in 2012. Google Drive is one of the most popular file storage and synchronization services which allow you to store any type of files like photos, stories, designs, drawings, videos and recordings etc. on their servers, synchronize files across all the devices, and share files and folders for free. At your Google Drive account, you get 15 GB of free cloud storage which is shared with your Gmail, Google Drive and Google Plus photos services. At your Google Drive, you can easily store your data, manage it properly and sync it across the cloud as you want.
We have just discussed about the top 10 most widely used and most popular Google products and Google services in the world. Other than these above mentioned Google products and services, there are many other Google products which keeps on coming for businesses and developers all the times in a year. We hope that Google will continue to bring many more innovative ideas for its users in future too which will enhance their user experience, give them more comfort, convenience and usability and make their life more easier.


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