Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development 

So many businesses today are looking for Mobile App Development and other part of the world as right now we are living in a digital era where mobility and internet has become an integral part of our day today lives. Now billions of people around the world use mobile phones and mobile apps. Now every business wants to have a mobile app for their business so that he can connect with large number of potential customers. Therefore, there is a huge demand for mobile app developers. Android and iOS are two major platforms to develop mobile apps. React Native is a framework for cross-platform mobile app development for iOS and Android. If you really want to save time, money, staff and other resources significantly, then React Native is the ideal business solution for you. This latest technology provides modern and smart methods for hybrid mobile app development. There are many frameworks which allow developers to develop their cross-platform apps but what makes react native special is features like the performance, single codebase, native feel, library support and less development cost. 

Mobile App Development-What is React Native?

Basically React Native is an open-source framework developed by Facebook which introduced the concept of web development into mobile app building using the JavaScript. They are not different than the apps built on Java, Objective-C or Swift and they use the same UI building blocks as native Android or iOS apps. Good thing is that building a mobile app with React Native is much faster and cost effective. After evolving many years continuously, React Native framework is now used in many popular apps like Instagram, Skype, Airbnb, Walmart, Facebook (partially), UberEats, Tesla, SoundCloud and Baidu Mobile among others. 
If you are still thinking why React Native has become so much popular then keep on reading this article as I will give you many reasons why React Native is one of the top technology in world today and why to use this in your own product today.

Mobile App Development –Faster Development, Lesser Costs

When businesses Hire Mobile App Developer to build their mobile app then all of them want to lower the costs and faster execution of the projects with lesser efforts involved. With React Native the same code is used for deployment on both iOS and Android platforms. Hence businesses save time and money by shortening the development cycle and scaling the team involved in the project as and when required. Using React Native, businesses can cut the development efforts by almost 50% while getting high quality work and higher productivity.

Mobile App Development –Cross-Platform App Development

Cross platform app development means that it is possible to get an app for two platforms i.e. Android and iOS at the same time. React Native was created by the Facebook team and obviously they won’t suggest complex things. They released iOS support in early 2015 and Android support later in same year. The React Native framework integrated the pros of mobile app development with the native React’s environment agility and power.

Mobile App Development –Efficiency of Native App Development Increases a Lot

React Native is based on React Ideas therefore, allows creation of strong mobile apps. Developing native apps is comparatively less efficient and less productive. As React Native shortens the development cycle hence products are delivered in much faster way and the development of app is adapted to the hybrid environment and has native results. The React Native framework uses famous ReactJS UI library developed by Facebook for user interfaces and apps creating and implementing ReactJS. It transfers virtual DOM, improve app performance and simplifies programming processes from ReactJS. Also React Native has live reload feature which is not provided by other native frameworks. React Native also allows to view the latest code changes easily.

Mobile App Development –React Native is the Best Framework for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

No doubt right now React Native is the best framework for cross platform app development and its popularity is growing constantly. Now you don’t need to write code in Java, Swift or Objective C for Android and iOS respectively and you don’t need to hire developers for that. You just need a JavaScript developer having expertise in UI elements, design patterns for hybrid mobile app development and how to use APIs. Good thing is that React Native has strong support from developers and it is backed by a huge community of developers. If you will face any problem, then there will be so many JS and native experts who will help you to fix your problem quickly.

Mobile App Development –React Native Focuses on UI and Access to Native API

React Native focuses exclusively on a mobile UI building and it is better than other frameworks. Actually it appears that React Native is more like a JavaScript library than a framework. An app built with React Native is much smoother and it is loaded quite faster than a classic hybrid app. As JavaScript interacts asynchronously with the native environment hence UI behaves fluidly and highly responsively.

Mobile App Development –Single Code Base for Both Android and iOS

This means that a single code base is deployed for many mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. You can reuse the components anytime at any level into the existing code without rewriting them and recompiling the app. This framework is open source and compatible with other platforms and available freely for the whole community of developers. It also allows writing native module in an easy language and link it to React Native codebase in very simple way. It is required in case when you develop some more features which are not supported by React Native libraries.

Mobile App Development –React Native can Transform any Web Project into a Mobile Decision Easily

Using React Native leads to reusable code. Only one update is needed for both the platforms i.e. Android and iOS. It also simplifies the detection of bugs between codebases a lot. React Native has intuitive and modular interface. That means that developers who are new to the project can also understand it quickly. It also increases the flexibility of the team and they can easily do changes to the web apps. Also the quality assurance engineers need to spend very less time in checking programming logic and in writing test cases. Ultimately it saves lots of your time which is required for transforming web project into a mobile app.

Mobile App Development –With React Native, App Behaves like a Native App

The building blocks of React Native are reusable native components and they compile to native platform. Hence there is no need to use WebView system components. Native components which are used in iOS or Android platforms are comparable with React. Therefore, an app performs as a native app with relevant functionality as well as look and speed.  Good thing is that the architecture of React Native is highly adapted to the requirements of mobile gadgets and delivers a strong performance for mobile environment.  React Native uses the graphics processing unit (GPU) whereas native platforms use Central Processing unit (CPU). Building an app with React Native is much faster and agile as compared to other hybrid frameworks.

Mobile App Development –React Native is Here to Stay in Years to Come

So many developers are adopting React Native quite fast. Hence if you learn it and start developing mobile app with it then you will remain confident that you are not learning and working on something that can disappear in few years. Although React Native is a new framework but it is maturing and strengthening its position quite fast. Good thing is that Facebook still continues to invest heavily in React Native and has long term plans to support, improve and use it.
As we have just discussed how React Native is a new technology and framework and is likely to remain on top in coming years as it offers several benefits for example, it saves development time and efforts by scaling a project team. Mobile apps built on this framework performs highly efficiently and in agile way. These apps run smoother and are loaded faster with less memory requirements. During the use of React Native, if anytime you need any help or support then there is a strong developer’s community which is always ready to help you. React Native is for long term. Hence keep using it and be with the leader.


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