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WatchCartoonOnline - Top 15 descriptive list of leading cartoon streaming sites like WatchCartoonOnline


WatchCartoonOnline and other 15 descriptive list of leading cartoon streaming sites

You can agree, or you may deny, but you can’t disapprove of the fact that cartoons have a fascinating soft corner in everyone’s heart. Cartoons are undoubtedly termed as the ideal stress buster both for kids and overworked adults. Nowadays, children are not the only one who watches cartoons, the patrons of this fascinating trend fall under the umbrella of a bewildering range of age groups after anime, and Japanese animation took control. There are many sources like online streaming sites such as WatchCartoonOnline that have loads of carton content available over the web.

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Almost in every teenager’s room, you would spot merchandise related to anime that either has a message hidden in them or are just a reflection of the individual’s fan moment. Statistics and survey depict that an average person spends a vast proportion of their time watching cartoons, either on the TV or on sites that have a collection of the series of their cartoon shows. Owing to this incredible popularity of cartoons, a lot of websites like WatchCartoonOnline have inclined their attention on collecting the best popular cartoons in town.

Gone are the days when you had to surf all over the web to watch all the episodes of your favorite cartoon. Several sites provide you with uninterrupted entertainment when it comes to cartoons and that too for free. Have a look at some of them!


1. WatchCartoonOnline (URL- http://watchcartoonsonline.eu/ )

It is also known as the WarchAnimeDub, this is a popular cartoon streaming website all across the globe that pacifies the craving of cartoon lovers worldwide. One of the premium sites and the pioneer of online cartoon channels, this site is elementarily an anime and cartoon streaming website that shows cartoons in English. Starting from all-time hits like shark tale and super friends to atomic Betty and superhero squad show, you can watch any episode of the cartoon that you like and that too for free. The interface is friendly, the menu is clear, and the site is so well structured that you won’t face any hassle while watching your favorite cartoon online. Did you have an exhausting day and are getting bored to death? Then just open WatchCartoonOnline and enjoy watching your favorite anime.

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2. Cartoons On

There are loads of sites that offer a wide range of cartoons and anime shows. The best part is that you can watch cartoons online by downloading the whole season all at once. This is one of the most highly visited websites and is rated as one of the top online channels for watching cartoons online. Be it any new cartoon that you want to watch or any classic anime hit; you can find every cartoon that you want to watch.

Your all-time favorites are available on the site, and the subscription isn’t paid a well. So, enjoying your favorite cartoon show won’t at all burn a hole in your pocket and that too for sure. The visitor service is splendid, and your request will be filled within a day or maximum two. The website updates its content regularly so if you are looking for any hot weekly release then this is the one-stop destination.

3. Kiss Anime Club (URL- https://kiss-anime.club/ )

This website can be probably called as the new cool kid in the cartoon industry that offers tons of anime movies and television series on its website. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that though the name of the site is similar to the popular site KissAnime the domain name is different.
If you want to watch cartoons online, then there is no better alternative than going for this exceptional site because you don’t have to witness the annoying ads that pop up now, and then you start watching your favorite show. Users on this site get an elaborate range of their favorite dubbed, subbed cartoon episodes and movies for completely free which promisingly seems to be a dedicated streaming experience.

4. Disney Junior (URL- http://disneyjunior.disney.com/video )

If you want your little bundle of joy to enjoy some great classic cartoon delights, then this site allows you to enjoy some exciting cartoons. You can get some of the most loved classic hits like Mickey Mouse and all. If you are concerned about the security reasons, then the cartoons here are especially rated for the kids who are below the age of 7 or 7. Even if the little kid inside you is jumping out of joy, then this channel site can be a great option.

There are various shows with different storylines. Starting from the princess-themed shows to the ones that are a little more grown-up, this site has it all and to be very specific who doesn’t like Disney shows? Switch to the site and play your all-time favorite show and you would see every kid around the corner getting hooked up to the screen.


5. AnimePahe (URL- https://animepahe.com/ )

Dedicated to hardcore anime lovers, this site is the sole destination for anyone who is an anime-patron. You can easily view the latest trend anime on the homepage of AnimePahe, and the site is ad-free and easy to understand. You don’t have to apply rockets science to understand the menu and the other commands on the website of the page of the anime. The site is extremely user-friendly and accessible.

Keeping in mind the interface and the user experience this site is a lot more convenient than the other sites. You also get the title and the thumbnail of the video on which you can click in order to check that the link is for the real anime that you want or not. The video player has a crystal-clear resolution, and this is the reason why the app has reached a 2.5 million monthly traffic worldwide without any complications.

6. Nick Toons (URL- http://nicktoons.nick.com/sunset )

Name a kid that isn’t a fan of Ninja Hattori or SpongeBob square pants. Nick Toons is just like cartoon network but just an updated version with new shows and programs that almost all kids love all across the globe. You can also watch cartoons that are not telecasted or are being banned on Nickelodeon because of being 15+ content. So, if you were a fan of NickToons and want to go back to your good old days, then this site is the best in the class alternative for you. You can now download your favorite episodes that you missed before.


7. 9anime (URL- http://www.9animes.com/gogoanime )

If you are a fan of shoes like Dragon Ball super and more then there is no better site constructed for you than 9anime. One of the greatest advantages of the site is that it provides is that you don’t have to allow for long for the dubbed and the subbed content because the website provides quality content on time and stays updated as well so if you are thinking to watch cartoons online that fall in the anime genre then this is the ideal option for you.

The site has an elaborate collection of the anime movies, stories, Manga, Hentai and much more that can help you to quench your never-ending thirst for anime, and keep you entertained for day long. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get drowned in the eternal world of anime.

8. Fox on Demand (URL- https://www.fox.com/shows/ )

Some people don’t have any sort of interest in cartoons other than anime. If you too belong to this group and animes are the only concern for you then Fox on Demand can be a great option.  The place also has a decent collection of cartoons as well, so if you are planning to watch some online, then Fox on Demand can be a great option for you. The site doesn’t also have any inappropriate content, so you don’t need to think twice before opening the site for your kids.

Gone are the days when you kept your kids confined to a single site or a channel in fear of showing them any sort of sensitive content because now with the advent of Fox on demand the demand for your favourite cartoon show will always be the peak in your home.

9. Anime Toon (URL- http://www.animetoon.org/cartoon )

Are you done with finding your favourite cartoon show over different sites that gave you nothing more than disappointment? Then Anime Toon is the best alternative for you. You can easily et what you need in this site, and the interface is also really friendly, so you don’t have to encounter any sort of hassle in the midway of finding your all-time favorite show. The best part about this website is that even if your favorite cartoon show is missing you can easily request the admin and you would find your show on the channel as soon as possible.

Apart from that, there are some of the most relevant and steaming suggestions that randomly pop up to bless your feed now and then. So even if you are unaware of any great show in the anime industry, then you can give it a shot and that

10. Cartoon Crazy (URL- https://www.cartooncrazy.tv/ )

If you are searching for a website that will be a one-stop destination for each of your anime selections and you can discover new storylines and brand-new episodes of your favorite show there, then Cartoon Crazy can always be the one. Boredom kills, isn’t it? Then why don’t you go for some versatile cartoon channel just like Cartoon Crazy? For anyone who is deeply in love with English dubbed anime series then Cartoon Crazy can be the best-in-class alternative.

The website is easy to operate and won’t confuse you at all. Though you will witness many mischievous ads popping on now and then that struggle is worth the site that provides you with unmatched user experience. The website is immensely popular among the users of the US, Canada, and the UK and apart from that, people all across the globe also love the site because of its versatility and unparalleled website experience.

11. Kiss Cartoons (URL- https://kisscartoon.su/ )

Kisscartoonis a well-known name among some of the most famous anime streaming sites that have risen in the past few decades because of the widespread popularity of anime. The episodes are for free and are categorized as per their respective niches on the website to provide deliberate user experience of the modern-day user that tries to find comfort in a site first and usability the next.

This site is an excellent option you are searching for a more personalized cartoon website. All you need to do is to register on the website of kisscartoon and thereafter you will be notified now and then when any new content, anime or teaser of your favorite new episode is uploaded on the site. The only drawback is the limited screen as the sidebars are covered with ads on both sides and while watching the videos as well you are more likely to see ads that appear frequently.


12. Anime Nova (URL- http://www.animenova.org/ )

This is elementarily a text-based site that offers cartoons mainly on the anime niche. The homepage of the site shows the title of the anime and you can easily and your choice of a cartoon on the webpage. The webpage has a clear interface, and you are more likely to witness an enjoyable user experience. All you need to do is to plug in the name of your favorite anime in the search tab, and you will get it. Simple, isn’t it?

Though this anime website has a large fan base all over the globe, most of the fans are from Japan and the United States. People are crazy thee for this anime website, and there is a reason behind it.

13. OtakuStream (URL- https://otakustream.tv/ )

Rather than depending on the download button if you are trying to find a site that will entirely allow you to watch your favorite cartoons online, then OtakuStream can serve the purpose without any issue. You can get an organized stack of the latest released anime on the website that is kept section-wise for convenience. There is also the day or night feature that you can choose from according to your choice of brightness and your surroundings

This website has most probably the best user experience as it blocks the ads on the homepage and along with that, you don’t have to sign up differently for the site. You can easily log in the website by using your Facebook or Twitter Id. Just because of its excellent UX and user interface the site has reached around 15 million monthly traffic in major anime hubs like the UK, US, Germany, and Canada.


14. Cartoons On (URL- https://www.cartoonsons.com/ )

Who doesn’t love shows like The Good Dinosaur or the Teen Mutant Ninja Turtles? Well, this site is a complete package of Disney’s some of the most popular classic hits that people of every age are a patron of. The user experience though isn’t up to the mark because very often there is a clear possibility of coming across annoying ads that may redirect to many harmful or inappropriate sites.
Most of the time the site tends to be down because of technical failures which are a major Users can remain quite confused about where they should click and which link isn’t too good to open. Still, due to its versatility, cost-effective nature and a wide range of animes the website has managed to hit near around million traffic all across the globe.

15. AnimeShow (URL- http://www.animeshow.tv/ )

This is one of the biggest web destinations of the anime lovers that they often visit to see the pirated version of shows or the ones that are banned from television. Although this site has some of the biggest libraries of anime all across the globe, still the users hate it because of its worst user experience. Want to know how the site reached a peak number of 11 million of traffic? Then the only reason for this is the vast number of animes available on the site that are still a dream for other sites. Users get dragged into the site when they don’t find any anime of their choice, and they find it here. So, though the user experience is terrible, true fans still bear it.

The Final Verdict

Though the cartoon mentioned above websites offer a huge number of shows that aren’t generally available over any other source and you can watch them online as well, but you should also keep in mind that some can be illegitimate as well. Some countries have their censor board for anime, and so you need to click on the links and visit the website at your own risk, visiting the sites and watch the cartoons abiding by the law. But in the end undoubtedly the choice is yours so be careful what you choose from.

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