Only about sixteen percent of all products sold at the beginning of 2023 were bought online. This means brick-and-mortar stores are still where most shopping happens. So, where your store sits on the map is a big deal.

The right commercial address can attract more customers eager to see what you have to offer. If you’re curious about how to find the perfect spot for your business, you’re in the right place.

Keep reading for five tips that can help you pick the best address for your business to grow.

1. Consider Your Typical Customer

Your priority when choosing a business location is ensuring it’s highly accessible for your customers. Keep in mind both the geographical location and the ease of access. If your customers can’t find you, they can’t do business with you.

Customer Behavior

Consider the lifestyle of your typical customer. Will they drive, walk, or take public transport to reach you? These factors are crucial in choosing your business location.

Proximity is important for customers who prioritize convenience. Plenty of parking is key for driving customers. Limited or costly parking could turn these customers away.

If your customers are likely to walk, pick a pedestrian-friendly location. Look for areas with sidewalks, safe crossings, and busy foot traffic. Consider locations like the ground floor of a bustling downtown area or a popular shopping center.


Having your business close to others that provide related services or products can be useful. Locations like these can attract customers wanting to make convenient joint trips. For example, a fitness apparel shop next to a gym could see an uptick in customers.

Other businesses near you can also influence how people see your brand. If your neighbors are trendy or have luxury establishments, your brand can seem more high-end and attractive.


Investigate the crime rate of your potential locations. High levels of crime, whether minor or major, can discourage customers, even if your business is attractive. You can gain insights into local crime statistics and trends through online community forums, local police reports, and safety apps.

2. Check Visibility

The visibility of your business office is crucial. A standout storefront draws in customers and encourages impromptu purchases.

Ideally, your business should be on a busy street or in a popular mall for higher exposure. Visible and accurate signage helps customers find you easily.

Your location should be memorable for effective brand recognition. Unique buildings, striking window displays, and the surrounding scenery can make your business unforgettable.

Being near landmarks or big businesses can also boost visibility. A location ‘beside the city library’ or ‘opposite the supermarket’ gives customers easy references to pinpoint your location. 

3. Assess the Adequacy

Retail stores need enough room to store and show their products. A crowded and messy space might turn customers away, while a spacious and tidy store can make shopping pleasant and boost sales.

For service-based businesses like salons and clinics, the design and feel of the place matter. If clients have to wait, ensure there’s a comfortable area for them.

Think about enough seats, good lighting, fresh air, and extras like Wi-Fi or drinks. A nice space can make waits seem shorter and improve customer’s perceptions of your service.

The key is making sure the space fits your business needs and makes customers feel relaxed. For retailers, this means having the right amount of storage and display space. Service businesses should focus on creating welcoming areas.

Also, consider whether the space can change as your business grows. Being able to adjust to more products or more client seating is important. It helps you avoid problems that could stop your small business from growing.

4. Cost

The price of a commercial address goes beyond mere rent. Before you commit, ensure you can afford the cost of maintaining the premises.


The expenses for electricity, water, gas, and sometimes garbage removal can differ depending on your business type and location. While some leases cover certain utilities, you’ll need to pay most of these bills yourself.


Making a space truly yours might mean renovations. This could be a significant cost, depending on how many changes the space needs to fit your vision.

Local Taxes

Taxes vary by area, and commercial properties have different tax rates than residential ones. Research this ahead of time so you’re not caught off guard.

Economic Environment

The economic vibe of a place affects your business costs, too. Areas with strong economies might have higher rents but more customers. Places with weaker economies could have lower costs but perhaps fewer sales.

5. Explore Virtual Alternativeness

In today’s digital age, a virtual address can be a practical alternative for some businesses. This is especially true for those operating online. A virtual location offers a professional business address and online mail options without a physical office.

A virtual address can save you a lot of money compared to a physical one. You won’t need to pay rent, utilities, or upkeep. This lets you invest more in other parts of your business.

With a virtual address, you have the freedom to work from anywhere. This is great for travelers and remote teams in different places.

Even though it’s virtual, this type of address makes your business look more credible and professional. It can help gain your customers’ trust. This is a great alternative if you’d otherwise use a home address.

Virtual address providers often include extra services. Mail forwarding, access to meeting rooms, and local phone numbers are standard. These features can make your business seem even more legitimate.

Maximize Your Commercial Address

Your commercial address should be easy for customers to find, and they should feel safe when visiting. The location should also make your business stand out against your competition.

Costs like utilities and taxes are important to consider. For some, a virtual address might be the smart choice. It saves money while keeping a professional image.

If you want to learn more about making the most of your business space, check out our business articles for helpful tips.


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