Alexa Voice

Alexa Voice

Amazon was just an ecommerce website that no one would have ever thought would give so much importance to mobile application development in the coming times. But, it has already happened and more and more technical advancements is leading to developers being paid more and more. This is obviously quite an amazing step by Amazon- a giant ecommerce website connecting millions of sellers to their target audience and obviously #1 in the whole world. 

Every mobile app developer is sure about the advancements that are already taking place and there will be more for the IT professionals to take advantage of. Therefore, in this blog, we will talk about the opportunities that this giant company is offering to the developers across the world who are creating apps for Amazon. 

Alexa Voice-Benefits of getting paid by developing Alexa voice apps:

As we are well-aware that Alexa has shot high to fame with voice-controlled apps that are downloaded in the smartphone by the users and thus used to command the device for certain activities. One thing, Amazon supports the voice-controlled apps and thus they may be deciding to add to the range and creativity of the apps so that the device users have more choices from the category of the apps to choose their favorite app. 
In any case, rewards are the best things which should be used to encourage people, in this case, it is the mobile application development that Amazon is focussing on. The power of voice is something that Amazon seems to emphasize a lot and with time, even creating more choices not only for the Alexa users but also work and employment opportunities for the Alexa developers. 

Alexa Voice-What about Amazon expansion to France, Italy and Spain?

We are sure about the fact that Amazon is expanding to Europe and that too with such amazing opportunities that would put smile on the face of every mobile app developer who develops apps for Alexa device by Amazon. 

What the program for developers all about?
As we already said that it all depends on the rewards in case we want to motivate someone in a particular field to some up with something new and creative, similar thing is being focussed by Amazon so that they can pay out the developers in cash  when they develop apps for the Alexa users. These apps are made to have voice-controlled features os that they can be used by the users of Alexa. 
Will every developer gets paid who develop apps for Alexa?
Well, Amazon, to expand the use of Alexa in the Eu countries, has expanded out this program to the developers in the countries which need more push in the sector in these countries. But, a program has to be with a prerequisite- which means that money and earning can’t come easily. It also means that the developers will have to take care of certain valuable, quality apps which are voice-controlled.   
The program that we are talking about is named as “Alexa Developer Rewards” program.  Of course, it is aimed at broadening the categories of the Alexa Voice-controlled apps for he Alexa device users. It will also lead to more users as there will be more variety of interesting apps. This program was launched in the year 2017. Germany, Japan and UK have already seen much development since this program for the mobile app developers and they have been already earning from this program. 
How expansion will benefit the Alexa mobile app developers?
After almost covering every country as US, UK, Japan and India, now it is time to launch in France, Italy and Spain. This also has some prerequisites such as the developer needs to have some skills that Amazon wants them to focus on. 

Alexa Voice-Categories that a mobile app developer should focus on:

●Education & Reference
●Food & Drink
●Games, Trivia & Accessories
●Health & Fitness
●Music & Audio
As we already know that a voice app or any type of smartphone app is able to give sustainable or passive income to the mobile app developer who creates the apps. This is definitely a program that has led to creating the best lot of the voice apps, not only now in US and UK, or Japan and Germany, but also in France, Italy and Spain so that the network can grow worldwide. Any developer, who is able to create voice apps which are able to impress the  Amazon team so that your apps are put into the App Store, there will be no limit to the income that can be earned in the passive mode through the download of the apps by the users until your app remains in the App Store.  

There is no limit to the ways that Amazon provides to the developers to earn more and more money so that they are motivated to keep creating unique and amazing for the Alexa users. For instance: There are monetisation tools like in-skill purchases and one-time purchases and sales of physical goods is also there. But, without the help of Amazon team, it sometimes becomes difficult for the developers to leverage the benefits of these programs. So, there may be the chance that the app developers might want to avoid their Alexa skills usage to create the voice apps until something concrete and permanent is offered to the developers. Abandoning the Alexa skills is not the best way to be a successful app developer.
Therefore, it’s important that Amazon had to take the plunge to make the things even more easier and smooth as well as hassle-free as it was not taking the shape as it was expected by Amazon team. 
What is the status of Amazon’s decision for Alexa skills? 
So, we can easily say that Amazon has been now working into entering into the developer ecosystem directly so as to benefit the developer community from their efforts and dedication from creating the apps for the Alexa users. 
All you need to know about Amazon’s Alexa Skill store!
If you don’t already know about what is the skill store of Amazon that we are talking about, let us tell you about the Alexa skill store which has more than 80k skills as compared with other rivals, out of all the apps, Amazon has the largest number of third-party voice apps. 
What contributed to the boost in the use of voice-controlled apps?
It was the month of December which is the holiday shopping season and so many devices which were Alexa-powered were sold. This increase in the sales was so great that the sale was almost doubled as compared to the last year. As we take a look here, we can be sure that the need of the voice-controlled apps is due to the fact that the people are using more and more of these devices which calls for more variety of apps.   

Alexa Voice-Skills that are most in-demand for Alexa are:

You will be surprised to know that most popular skills are Alexa skills that are most demanded these days. Out of these amazing Alexa skills, the most popular is obviously the voice-controlled apps. Audio-based apps like music-apps, meditation apps or workout apps, games and spoken or pronounciation apps. Because of the smart speakers and their connectivity with the apps are making the mobile application development companies to create more apps in localised versions so that the non-US market is also able to use the app easily. But, as we already know that Google has already invaded this potential with the help of multilingual capabilities that it offers to its users with translation services. Advanced language capabilities that Google has is just uncomparable and we see that Amazon is also trying to take over this side of the most awaited app development in the industry.             
That’s a place where Google could have an advantage, thanks to Google Assistant’s advanced language capabilities, which include support for a dozen some languages besides English, plus its multilingual abilities, support for interpretations and more.

Alexa Voice-How the Alexa Developer Rewards has benefitted the developers?

Since the launch of this program in 2017, this program has benefitted countless mobile app developers to create Alexa apps that are related to voice-controlled apps for the users of the voice-controlled devices as they are being sold in more and more number all across the world. As the European countries will now start to create these apps, one will see that Amazon will pay out more and more money to the developers in France, Italy and Spain as well. It has been claimed by Amazon that they have already paid millions of dollars to the developers in just 2 years of the launch of such program. This satisfaction is developed in the minds of the developers as they are motivated and encouraged even more and more developers to come out with something new and unique which hasn’t been created in the past contributing to Amazon directory of the voice-controlled apps for Alexa users and every mobile app developer seems to be very much benefitted from the same reward program. Isn’t that amazing! 


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