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App Ideas:Thinking about the app ideas can become a bewildering task when an entrepreneur thinks about venturing into the market with his own mobile app. In this situation of indecision, it is always helpful for a mobile app developer to practice the process of brainstorming so that he can come up with out-of-the-box and unique concepts for the client app. 

If you already own a company and the sales are going just okay…then you must think about hiring an iPhone developer who can really help you out in the time of crisis. 

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By the time of crisis, we literally mean the “crisis” of loss and lesser sales! 

After all, no one likes the business to experience the downward graph of the sales when you have invested into a brick and mortar store and investment is huge! We know that. Don’t get upset at all because in this very blog post, we are telling you about some of the best app ideas that you can choose from according to the niche of your business.

Why ponder upon the ideas related to the category of the business?

Unless you have been living under the rock, you may be aware of the fact that mobile app development industry is growing like wildfire in the forest. 

A business or a brand with less online presence is like an invisible thing which has got no exposure! 

It is for sure that no businessman would ever expect this for his company. 

Is it possible? 

Well no, not at all!

This calls for immediate attention and the best decision is obviously to hire a mobile app developer who is expert at creating the best mobile app for your company. Checking out the portfolio of the developer or the app development company helps to shortlist the best from the top level iPhone developer as well as Android app development companies if you want to hire them for building the Android native app. 

As competition is getting tougher at all ends, one needs to get an app that can provide features which are still not seen in any other app. This may seem like an really difficult task when you are still sitting on the fence and looking for app ideas to strike your mind. Well, the bad part is that if you don’t consider R&D in this particular phase of the app development process, it will weigh heavy on your future of the company as paying for the wrong decisions is always painful. 

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List of top 12 app ideas to help entrepreneurs choose the best

1.Restaurant table booking app ideas

This is most probably one of the most popular types of the apps being developed these days. People don’t want to miss to eat in their favorite places at all. For this good reason, it provides a chance to the app investors and the mobile app developer to create a unique restaurant and bar table booking app. In this type of app, a graphical layout of bars and restaurant in the nearby locations is created to make it easier for the people to book a table in the restaurant without even visiting it.     

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   2. Hassle-free tax calculation mobile app ideas

Productivity apps, if designed and developed by an expert iPhone developer can prove to be very useful for the users of the app of course. As we already know that there are many hassles when it comes to understand the tax cycle and how to cope up with that? Well, only a pen and a paper can’t absolutely help you in calculation of the taxes without making mathematical errors. An app well-built to calculate the tax helps in minimising efforts and time to get the tax calculations easier and faster without any efforts. Similarly, the app user should be able to produce invoices which helps the companies in general.

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   3. Hospital check-up appointment app ideas

Going to a doctor can sometimes become a great hassle for the patients when they are sick and doesn’t have the right conveyance to reach the hospital asap. What comes handy is this type of app which an experienced mobile app developer can easily build. What can be added to the app apart from the booking calendar is that the hospital or the respective doctor should send a message to confirm the reservation along with the time and date details reminder. Isn’t that simple and quite interesting?   

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   4. Affordable meals and food delivery app ideas
If you are a business owner and have already thought of investing into the mainstream food delivery app then the iPhone developer or the Android app developer you have hired must be thinking of the ways to create a great app for your app users. 

Here is an idea we can lend you is that make sure to include never possible before deals on food that your app users will not be able to resist such as $1 breakfast, $2 lunch and dinner meals and more! There is no limit to the ideas that one can apply to food delivery apps. Address and location tracking should not be a hassle for the app users at any cost.

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   5. Finding the best tutor nearby home app ideas

It has become extremely difficult to Nowadays it is very difficult to find reliable and expert subject tutors these days. Especially, when it comes to finding the tutors for kids and school students, it becomes a headache for the parents to get home tutors nearby their location. Apps like these help the parents and students to connect to the teachers who live nearby. IN the app, the student should be able to put his requirements and number of hours he would like to study as well as the budget. 

On the other side, a tutor should be able to contact the students if they feel that they fulfil the requirements put up by the students. The app interface should be easy to understand.  

   6. Fun app to rate feelings like an indicator

We have generally been talking about the apps that are made for productivity and can go short of app ideas that are made to bring laughter in the daily lives of the users of the app. There are plethora of fun apps in the social media community especially on Facebook! If you have seen them and used them, you probably felt funny or happy after using them on the go. Why step behind in creating this type of app? 

Let the app user write something and tell them how are they feeling behind the scenes? Are they happy? Sad or frustrated? These fun apps let the users chill out their moods and they like to come back again for sure. 

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   7. Florist and cake delivery app ideas

Time is a rare luxury these days and most of the people who are into jobs are specially not able to reach the shops to buy something special for their loved ones. It is a hard thing to manage when it comes to attending a party and presenting a gift or flowers is really important!

Don’t worry, an app which lets the users buy from the florists curated in the app make the things easier when the flowers or the cakes ordered online on the app are delivered to the doorstep in just a few minutes. While developing this kind of app, it should be made sure by the mobile app developer that the payment integration is smooth and hassle-free and the products are shown in a clear and modern layout. How about adding birthdays of the near and dear ones from social media? 

   8. Tour and travel management app under budget

There are so many people who love to travel in and out of their countries as well as cities and how about making things easier for them? Creating an app that can help them find the best places at far located places at surprisingly affordable prices is the best app that an iPhone developer   or an Android app developer can do. 

This app should have it all what is needed by the travelers to make their holiday vacation and traveling easy and hassle-free. Connecting the app with the locales will help them find the best native food and places to explore the places and that too in a cozy atmosphere of the homely places during their stay.

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   9. Intelligent and smart recipe generator app

Well, we already see a flurry of apps being developed these days which help the user to look out the recipes like a written recipe book. What we are going to talk about here is completely opposite of what is already there!

We are talking about an app idea which can be called as a smart cooking app or a recipe generator app. The user just needs to manually choose or write the ingredients available with him. The app 

App ideas would help him by bringing forth the recipes that can be created with those things available at home. 

Great for bachelors and homemakers too! Isn’t it? 

A stitch in time saves nine. Quite intelligent! 

   10. Virtual home decor ideas app

Thinking about the interior designing of a home is not an easy task. After all, there are so many rooms and spaces in the home that needs to be thought of as a whole to decorate them after the house construction is over! What comes handy here is the visualisation which often doesn’t come easy at all. 

To ease the process of visualisation, an app is very useful for people. To choose the perfect colors and patterns of the curtains, carpets as well as design of the beds and colors of the furniture, this type of app will be admired by the users. The only thing that needs to be taken care by the mobile app developer is that the app should have an user-interface that is smooth and without any glitches. A good app will help the user to utilise the space in the best possible way.           

   11. Security device management app ideas

People around the world are getting more and more aware of the security issues at home and at public places such as shops and retail outlets as well as recreational parks. Sometimes, it becomes a hassle to manage multiple security devices and gadgets, and ultimately a headache. 

The iPhone developer or the Android developer should make sure that the users are able to connect the security gadgets with Wi-Fi. Camera lenses and doorstep can be watched easily with these apps. Why you should choose this app idea from among the app ideas is because there is a need of security device management app options in the App Store. 

   12. Finding space for car parking app idea

Many a times, it becomes frustrating to see the clogged parking spaces just at the time when you need to park your car immediately. How should this app be built by the mobile app developer is an interesting task. It is a sure thing that the app would need to be a GPS-based or location-based app so that the user of the app can easily find the space to park the car easily. The app features should be such so that the user can know where the space for parking is and the availability to park the car is there or not? 

As we always say, there is no limit to the ideas and the features that can be integrated into the app, so one must keep their creative juices flowing for sure!


We really hope that you had a great time reading about the curated twelve super app ideas that a mobile application developer can easily kick off! If you are a startup or a young entrepreneur looking to invest some bucks in building an app, it is vital to think out-of-the-box and come up with an app idea that is still not in existence. The users are always looking up for the new and the best. It is the app owner and the developers who work in coordination to bring the best out of any app.  


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