Best food delivery app UberEats – If you want to start a business today, then you should go for either Android Application Development or iOS app development or both and you should follow the latest trends in the market regarding which service you want to offer, what will be its features and how you will provide those features.  But one thing is clear that mobile app development is one of the best ways to start a business today as building an app has become a key to win large number customers in very less time. One of such successful trend is on-demand food delivery and UberEats has really done amazing work in this area and it is one of the top app in this industry. Today, Android and iOS are the commonly used platforms to develop mobile apps. Apps have many user engaging features which make them highly popular and on-demand food delivery app like UberEats is no different. UberEats offers several benefits to the users over traditional on-site order and users get numerous options on a single click and can get food from thousands of restaurant which are on its list.
UberEats began its journey in Aug, 2014 with 1000 restaurants in four cities and later expanded and partnered with more than 4000 restaurants in all major cities across the world. It provides advanced features like tracking your order by which you can track, where your order has reached and how much time it will take for delivery. Both Android and iOS users can use UberEats app as it is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively. It has amazing features which helped it to gain over 5 million downloads globally in very short period of time. Latest reports say that UberEats was the most downloaded food delivery mobile app in 2018. People are now spending more on UberEats than on any other on-demand food delivery service in 9 of the 20 top US cities in terms of population.
That’s why so many people, developers and Android App Development Services now want to know what makes UberEats so much different and successful than its competitors. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss about the features of UberEats app which you must understand and follow in order to start your own on-demand food delivery app similar to UberEats. No doubt on-demand food delivery apps like UberEats banks on two things – comfort and food, which most of the users are looking for.
First let’s check about some of the interesting statistics: –
Online ordering has helped restaurants big or small to increase their sales by about 25%.
Customers who order online tend to visit a restaurant about 67% more often that those who don’t.
Online delivery is projected to grow from $20 billion in 2019 to $55 billion by 2022.
Also by 2019, food payments made online through apps will reach $210.45 billion.
As food delivery apps have become instant hit in App Store and Play store and this is the top choice even for an Android App Creator or an iOS app creator hence these apps present an exciting business opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to succeed. But things to know are what are the essential features of such kind of apps and how much does it cost to develop such an app like UberEats? Let’s start.
On Demand best Food Delivery App Category Wise Features: –


Admin Dashboard
Manage Accounts (create read, update, delete)
Advanced Analytics
Review Rating & Booking
Banner management
Content management
Categories /Product Management
Restaurant Management
Dispute panel for Help & Support
Secure Payment
Dispatcher Dashboard


Login with Social media/Email
Nearby Restaurant
Multiple Categories
Product Details
Add to cart
Confirmation with Product & Delivery details
Track your order
Order Delivery Confirmation

Delivery Executive

Login with Social media/Email
Start Shift
Receive Request
Start towards Restaurant/Reach Restaurant
Order Pickup
Order Delivered
Order Pickup Notification
Order Delivery Notification


Dispatcher to Accept/Reject Order
Restaurant Maintenance
View Deliveries
Manage Categories & Products
Customer order status
Manage Payment
Manage Reviews
Let’s now discuss in detail some of the essential features of a UberEats like on-demand food delivery app: –

Easy and Intuitive User Interface
One of the most important thing for any on-demand food delivery app like UberEats is its clean and intuitive user interface(UI). The user interface is that part of the app through which users interact with the app and place requests and orders. Hence it is one of the most essential and important element of the app which makes it a success. If the UI is too heavy to load or too complex, then the user experience will suffer. Statistics say that more than 50% of users won’t open the app the second time if their first-time experience was not good. Also more than 80% of the users won’t give an app the third chance if they don’t like it in first two attempts. Hence the on-demand food delivery app must have a well-designed user interface and all of its elements must load quickly. The user should be able to navigate and find what he wants easily.
Smart Curation
Nowadays for so many of the top websites and mobile applications AI is driving personalization. UberEats is also using AI for this innovative feature. With UberEats app, users can watch out the photos of a meal before they order it. Also it suggests many recommended and nearby restaurants to users’ location from where they can order food. UberEats also uses machine learning to give taste preferences by suggesting cuisines according to past histories and existing contextual information of users. Hence using this feature the users can get customized choices of food from different but preferred restaurants by just a push of a button. That means the on demand food delivery app like UberEats has to be smart enough to curate an interesting list of products based on users age, gender, location, time of the day and order history.
Pre-Orders or Schedule Orders
One of the most popular feature of UberEats is its ability to accept pre-orders. That means you can order food well in advance. i.e. Using UberEats you can book your meal a week in advance or even 1 hour before. This is highly useful feature when a user doesn’t want to waste time ordering the same thing again and again every day. Thus he can order the food for the whole week using just few clicks on the on demand food delivery app like UberEats. This feature will surely grow the app business and retention rate. Means the app owner will get lots of repeat orders. Also this kind of one-click ordering will save lots of time of users, help app business to grow and improve the user experience (UX) a lot.
Restaurant Manager
Many times it happens that a restaurant get bulk of online orders. In such cases, UberEats app helps the app owner to deliver the orders as per the order on time and in hassle-free manner. For this Uber has developed a new analytic app, restaurant manager, which helps in making data-driven intelligent and highly optimized decisions. With this tool, UberEats partners get access to the data and insights with which they can fine tune their food quality, delivery strategy and their plan and thus it will also optimize user satisfaction so that they become more satisfied with the quality of the service.
Easy Payment Options
Payments are one of the most important part of any business especially from the business owner’s point of view. It is generally the last part of the order placement and if the customer faces any problem during his payment processing then he will abandon the whole process and may not try to place order again. Hence to make the payment process highly efficient and easy to use, a customer should have all the payment options available in the market and these should be provided in the on-demand food delivery app like UberEats. Hence you have to integrate all of the payment gateways and wallets services like PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, iOS Wallet, Stripe, Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking and in certain regions even Cash on Delivery options. You can also offer promo code usage from the same page which processes payments.
Real-Time GPS Tracking of Delivery
All of the smartphones have the feature of GPS services hence the smartphone users expect GPS tracking facility in their mobile apps. It becomes even more important in case of an on-demand food delivery app as customers are more eager to check the status of their order and delivery as they are hungry and can’t wait for long.  UberEats also has this feature of Real-time GPS tracking of delivery and most other similar apps also provide this feature. Hence you should also include this feature in your app if you are planning to build one. UberEats offers delivery to all of the public places including parks and hospital. Therefore, GPS tracking of delivery is highly useful for customers as well as for the delivery drivers and they can easily locate each other during these situations.  UberEats offers GPS tracking of delivery feature with amazing perfection hence it is so much popular.
On-demand Service apps are leading the next wave of innovation especially in the mobile app space. No doubt, other latest trends like AI, ML, IoT are also helping on-demand service apps in offering amazing and most innovative features. UberEats is such kind of an on-demand food delivery app which has a strong promoter in terms of Uber which is not leaving any stone unturned to make their UberEats app a success in the world market. Hence if you too want to build an on-demand food delivery app then should follow the tips given in this article and try to include all of the above discussed latest and innovative features into your app. That way your app too will have same chances of success as that of UberEats.


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