CAT stands for Common Admission Test and is a computer-based test for admission to graduate management programs in IIMs and other top-notch management institutions.

Obtaining an MBA from a reputable institution is a dream for many aspirants as it offers a wide range of potential insights and valuable opportunities for a student, like interaction with the country’s greatest minds and being educated by acclaimed and prolific faculty, and one of the essential prospects is the higher pay packages upon completion of the degree.

This is why the CAT exam is regarded as one of the most difficult national-level exams in India. However, with the proper guidance via CAT Online Coaching, right strategy, and study plan, it is possible to pass on the first attempt.

To excel in this test, one must comprehensively read and grasp the syllabus, which forms the basis of the test.

The three segments of the test are Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Ability analysing how much time to devote to each component will be considerably easier after you have a firm grasp of the CAT syllabus.


Cracking the CAT exam is not a cakewalk, and you must put in a lot of effort and dedication to succeed. What makes matters more difficult is the desire and want to succeed on the exam while being unable to comprehend the proper approach and strategy that ensures selection in competitive exams. Therefore, having enough study materials and expert guidance is imperative when preparing for the CAT Exam

An online coaching programme is a boon for candidates, as the most significant advantage of using an online learning approach is that students may learn at their speed.  

CAT ONLINE COACHING – Benefits & Features

Let us examine the CAT coaching Online dynamics in greater depth below:


One can create a study timetable that corresponds to their learning pace and gradually begin to achieve the goals specified. In traditional coaching classes, however, all students must keep up with the faculty’s speed, and learning is the focus. The students must adhere to the faculty’s schedule. Any disruption in the flow with the professor or other students might be damaging.


There is no doubt that traditional on-campus coaching is more expensive than online coaching. Not only are the course costs high, but so is the cost of commuting. The most exemplary aspect of enrolling in CAT online coaching is that students may study from any location, and aspirants who live in remote places might benefit much from online coaching.  They won’t have to leave their comfortable home, deal with homesickness, or experience any of the other drawbacks of moving to a new place, which might negatively affect their preparation.


Though coaching institutes provide study materials, students must take notes while the professor is teaching. They must also take down all the notes exactly as they are presented because most topics are not repeated. On the other hand, with online coaching, one can view the video lectures as many times as they like till they are satisfied. The same is true for other study resources, such as eBooks. This does online practice and learning more accessible as compared to conventional coaching.


Some individuals prefer to study in the morning, and others prefer to concentrate when the rest of the world is asleep. Students may learn at their own pace with online coaching.  They may create a plan that fits their sleep routine and determine how to finish the syllabus on time based on their learning style.


Online courses allow for substantially more group learning with students across the country. Online platforms allow you to contact and interact with students from various backgrounds. This keeps you focused and aware of the degree of competition.

Myths & Facts about CAT Exam

Students frequently encounter a few myths that undermine their determination and confidence to take the CAT exam. Let us debunk myths and learn the facts.

It is essential to have a solid academic foundation to take the CAT exam.The exam is also open to students with poor or average academic records.
A degree in math or management is compulsory.Any educational background qualifies the students to apply. 
Strong mathematical skills are required.Math is all about grasping the fundamentals.  Topics in Quantitative Aptitude are advanced level Math topics studied in Class 9 and 10.The trick is to make the most of your understanding of key concepts and learn how to apply them in various contexts. Math is a subject that has to be comprehended rather than understood. One can quickly become a Master with persistent practice.
Students with engineering backgrounds dominate the test.The CAT is an aptitude test that necessitates strong logical and analytical abilities. Anyone with significant logical and analytical skills, or those who can develop them over time, can pass the CAT exam with high marks, regardless of their educational background.
Only IIMs use CAT scores to determine admission.Over 1200 B-Schools in India, including highly regarded institutions like MDI-Gurgaon, FMS-Delhi, SPJIMR-Mumbai, and IMT-Ghaziabad, accept the CAT score in addition to the IIMs.
Entry into a top management institution mandatorily requires work experience.Each institute has a class ratio evenly split between recent graduates and candidates with job experience. However, while it is not compulsory, applicants who have job experience do receive bonus points while being considered for MBA admission.
Candidates with gap years are not even considered for admission by the institutes.If you can convincingly justify it, having a one, two, three, or even four would not adversely affect your chances of being chosen. Just be sure to clearly express it and exemplify that you weren’t just idling around. 



The most significant aspect of qualifying for the CAT test is the opportunity to study at the top management colleges in India. All of the IIMs, FMS Delhi, MDI Gurgaon, XLRI Jamshedpur, S.P. Jain Mumbai, and other institutes are among them. These are the cutting-edge centres for both management and entrepreneurship. Your professional career will improve with the help of all the institutes as you obtain the required corporate abilities. Whether you attend an IIM or another management school, these programmes have a solid reputation.


Passing the CAT test will not only bring you a solid job and a reasonable income, but it will also help you grow as a person. You acquire critical and analytical thinking about anything. Your thought process and awareness of your surroundings will be drastically altered. Your decision-making abilities will improve, and you will make better choices. 


Succeeding on a test like the CAT, people regard you as a competent and impactful person. You get unmatched esteem and reputation, and the support of a degree from a top-tier university qualifies you for well-paying positions.


Due to the international renown that these colleges possess, several MNCs will not second-guess hiring you. You get unrivalled respect and reputation, and the company sees you as a resourceful asset.


PGP/MBA graduates are provided with numerous managerial positions in many areas and domains. Most job offers are for roles such as Consultant and Manager. All of the country’s leading management schools have an excellent track record of 100% placement with exceedingly good pay and job titles. The IIMs and other prestigious universities claim an annual placement compensation of INR 25 to 35 lakh! For domestic employment, the biggest remuneration on offer might be as much as INR 60 lakh per year.

The starting pay at these management institutions is around INR 12-15 lakh. The average salary in the next level of management institutes is about INR 20 to 25 lakh per annum. The lowest salary on offer ranges between INR 8-10 lakh, and the highest domestic salary ranges between INR 30-40 lakh. And at the next level of management institutes, the average salary on offer is around INR 15 to 20 lakh per annum.


The CAT curriculum is extensive, but it is doable if an individual devotes a significant amount of time each day. 

The CAT exam syllabus consists of three subjects: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Aptitude (QA). These parts cover all of the fundamental subtopics covered in school. 

Detailed CAT 2022 syllabus is provided below:
Number SystemsTablesEnglish Usage or Grammar
Profit, Loss and DiscountCaseletsVocabulary Based (Synonyms/ Antonyms)
LCM and HCFBar GraphsFill in the blanks
Speed, Time and DistanceLine ChartsSentence Correction
PercentagesColumn GraphsCloze Passage
Time and WorkVenn DiagramsJumbled Paragraph
Ratio and ProportionPie ChartMeaning-Usage Match
AveragesOther Basic Reasoning QuestionsAnalogies or Reverse Analogies
Quadratic Equations & Linear EquationsCalendarsSummary Questions
Complex NumbersNumber and Letter SeriesVerbal Reasoning
Simple and Compound InterestClocksFacts-Inferences-Judgments
LogarithmVenn DiagramsReading Comprehension
Sequences and SeriesCubes
InequalitiesSeating Arrangement
ProbabilityBinary Logic
Surds and IndicesLogical Matching
Set Theory & FunctionLogical Sequence
Permutation and CombinationSyllogism
Mixtures and AlligationsLogical Connectives
TrigonometryBlood Relations
Coordinate Geometry


With almost 1 lakh students enrolling with us, thousands of students’ achievement has been largely attributed to Hitbullseye. We are renowned for consistently taking the top spots in Cat exams for our firm online and physical presence. Two fundamental requirements are common to all competitive exams: a committed student, and an appropriate study strategy.

Since we’re a company that is solely focused on students, we take good care of the latter. Until the completion of his journey, the student is individually mentored and overseen by relevant officials and professors. Throughout the procedure, we constantly support and pay attention to the student as needed. Along with the thorough lectures, the study materials that are given to students are unique and greatly assist them with their preparation.


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