“Cyclops” camera in iPhone 11

Cyclops camera in iPhone 11 

Rumours have always favored the great! Isn’t that just so much true about the iPhone 2019 talks happening around the town or the world? 
Well, we are definitely not bored from listening to these interesting and spicy rumours about our very favorite iPhone! Are we? 
We already talked about the rumours that were revolving around the new iPhone X, Y or Z yet to be launched in the market. The only difference here would be that we are here talking about the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI , but with a proof (a little one though!) 

A few days ago, we saw the pictures of iPhone 11 prototypes doing rounds in the market and we got to think about the changes on the rear side of the iPhone device in an instance. The change looks striking and we are completely taken aback with the cyclops camera on the missle top of the rear side of the iPhone 11 prototype pictures! 
We can’t just ignore the similarity and how can we not compare it to the likes of Huawei P30 and Galaxy S10 when the things look just the copied ideas! 

Is it true that the iPhone makers had such a big secret wrapped under the sheets until now?  

The mystery has somewhat unfolded but still we are not so sure about what’s cooking but we can literally smell the ingredients (wink wink!).
First, the pictures look official and they have been labelled as the 100% legit prototype pictures. We are quite happy with this latest iPhone 11 prototype picture because the model looks so much similar to what we would generally expect out of the minimalistic styles of the iPhone 2019 which is their benchmark for sure. 
How can we forget that it is the iPhone app development that is also affected by the new versions and new features that are introduced by the Apple Inc.?

Cyclops camera in iPhone 11-Let’s talk more about the features of iPhone 11 prototype:

Anyways, talking more about the same here, we have to mention that this is just the leaked prototype where we haven’t seen the official prototype. Still, we have some clue that this is the nearest and the best prototype pictures ever. 

Cyclops camera in iPhone 11-What about the color variants?

Before we hop on to the further features, the only certain thing we can say about the upcoming iPhone may be the color variants of the iPhone 11 that is clearly seen in the leaked prototypes…
The well-known space grey, gold and silver- joined by the blue hue. It is the most attractive thing that we can literally glance on the picture. It will create a buzz in the market if this color is actually launched. 
Well, why not? 

We haven’t ever seen this blue hue in the past and we are quite happily ready for it. 

Cyclops camera in iPhone 11-Changes in other features of iPhone 11:

While it is claimed that there will be no changes in the screen size and style. So, if you have already got your hands on iPhone XS, the screen size will be similar to that but with thinner bezels. It will most probably come up with a USB-C port. Unfortunately, there will be no 5G connectivity support in the all new iPhone 11. Fortunately, we have a great news for all those who have always been pissed off with the degrading and fast draining batteries of iPhone devices. The iPhone 2019 makers are all set to come up with a 4,000mAh battery, that is definitely the the largest battery capacity until now you may have ever seen. We are sure it puts a wide and big smile on your faces, so does it on our faces. 
Around 15 days ago, we saw the earlier myths being debunked. As we saw all legit-looking prototype pictures which were also the leaked ones…there was a protruding square shaped array on the rear of the device which was not much appealing to the eyes. But, here we saw around 15 days ago that there was a triple-camera lens in the center top of the rear of the device. Whether we call it iPhone XI Max, we are sure about the fact that these phones will be more expensive than the earlier counterparts as there will be an additional rear camera on the device. This has been claimed in the Wall Street Journal that it is because of the trio-lens that the prices can go higher and up as compared to the dual-camera setup as we see in the other counterparts. But, you should be completely ready for the skinnier bezels and a smaller notch as well. 
In the iPad Pros of 2018, we noticed a USB-C connection that we may see in the iPhone 2019, so now they can make the switch to the same USB-C, this is only claimed in the Macotakara reports. 
It is by every means true that the rumours can only be linked to the sources and reports that go viral and we have gathered this information based on that sources only. It is important to be aware of the upcoming versions of the iPhone so that the iPhone app development companies can create apps according to the latest trends. 
If we believe the reports and tha claims that were doing the rounds earlier, the Apple Inc, iPhone 11 would be the first to ship phones with the 5G modem. But, we have already come to know that Apple has considered Samsung, Intel and other chip provider companies to supply to Apple to create 5G connection in the iPhone 2019 only.       
We have already come to know that Apple Inc. was actually looking for a long-term chip manufacturer from a long time. And finally they have chosen Qualcomm as their partners in the creation of 5G modem. This was because of the high level of rebates that Apple got on the patent license costs. This led to the final agreement between both the giant companies of the world.          
What were the claims for iPhone 11 before the final rumours?
It is reported that Apple plans to launch a new LCD iPhone 2019, although the bad response to the iPhone XR can’t put them down at all.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple announced the launch of three new smartphones that include a mobile phone with an LCD screen that will be available later in the year as a successor to two OLED models and the iPhone XR.
According to reports, it is reportedly accepting the possibility that Apple believes the rumor of a completely abandoned LCD-based model that leads to a complete transition to the iPhone series OLED display. Although the Wall Street Journal has now pointed out, it remains unchanged from the iPhone’s LCD series model, Apple’s project plan is being developed to such an extent that it cannot easily change the screen and other important features it had.
The first batch of renders has already come online nine months before the release of the next generation of iPhones.

This article was completely written according to the rumours related to the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI that is most probably the most rumoured iPhone till now. We are definitely not sure about what Apple Inc. brings for the customers but we had clues and we shared them here for iPhone app development companies as well as the potential buyers. 


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