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With keywords like “get likes on Instagram” and “buy Instagram followers” trending on Google, it has become pretty definite that Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing app around the world. It is irrespective of the cultures and races that Instagram has come to be the favorite where people express themselves by sharing pictures for their friends and family to see. Instagram has thrashed the notions that it is the personal life and social life pictures that can only be shared. 

What is the fuss about Instagram followers in the market?

1.The desire to increase the Instagram followers in this day and age means that the people are considering Instagram as their source of income as most of the brands and companies are finding their brand ambassadors through Instagram. 
2.The cat race to find the best representatives with the most number of insta followers is something that brands are considering as best for their branding part.
3.It is with the revolution that the brands have come to realise the     importance of Instagram bloggers with many followers. But, there’s a catch…the Instagram app user should not buy the free Instagram likes or free Instagram followers just to show off as these likes and fake followers will not become conversions. 

4.The businesses always want that the followers and likes should not be paid as they are looking for new customers and clients for their products and services and not just likes and followers. 
Whether it’s Instagram for Android or an iOS app for iPhone users, there are around 1 Billion downloads on Android alone and around 300 Million active users on iOS app is just astonishing. This alone is the reason why new entrepreneurs are looking to hire Android app creator who is expert in replicating the features of this app to create a brand new Instagram app clone with a USP that Instagram still doesn’t have. There is one theory that should be kept in mind while creating such an app and that is adding a unique feature or the USP to the app that is still not there in the Instagram app. There are some features that are mandatory to be included in the app which we are going to discuss in a while…

Without any further ado…let’s now talk about the most popular and newest features of Instagram that has made a major difference in the Instagram Android downloads. 
It caused the app to come to the 19th rank in the Google Android Play Store list of the apps and it crossed 1B very easily in the year 2017-18. Most of these features are aimed at improving the User-Experience (UX) of the app and are every Instagram update has the potential to retain the users as well as make people download the app based on word of mouth publicity.   
Features that make Instagram an extraordinary photo-sharing app:


If there’s something that seriously brought a revolution in the Instagram and created a fuss in the market then it is definitely the IGTV that completely ruled out the restrictions on the time limit on videos. As soon as people came to know about Instagram keeping aside the time limits for posting videos in the full screen formats, there was a flurry of videos on IGTV within a few days of the feature going live. If you are one of them, who have always suppressed using Instagram video posting feature because of the limits on time being 1 minute to 3 minutes, you can join the gang of videographers on Instagram app again and make a comeback with IGTV. If you are a mobile app creator, don’t miss the opportunity to integrate the long video feature into the photo-sharing app you create. 

●Shopping at one-click:

Firstly, it was digital marketing campaigns that took over Instagram with so many brands leveraging the photo sharing to show their products and directing the users of Instagram Android users or the iOS app users to “click the link in the bio”. It was the clickable link in the bio of the profile of the user that any other user can click and reach on the shop page. But, with time the Instagram team understood the importance of letting people put links on the products in the picture. This link would directly take the user to the direct shopping link. It is hassle-free and increases the possibility that the people will buy the product, thus the conversion rate is increase Instagram Android d to a large extent. 

●Highlights and Stories:

When the users on Instagram were vying for the “get likes on instagram” paid options, Instagram team sensed it and took all the attention from the posts to the stories and even highlights. Stories are quite like temporary posts which go away after 24 hours until you save them in your highlights which would remain there forever until you remove the Instagram highlights or any story from the highlights. This also put a stop to the game of free Instagram followers that some digital marketing companies started to take advantage of! Till then, we have seen people enjoying posting stories with filters and text, even the “Swipe Up” feature to communicate with even more ease. If you are an Android app creator eying to build an Instagram-like app, you better not miss this feature!

●Explore Page:

This very feature of Instagram quite shaped how we see Instagram today. Explore page was a feature that brought revolution in the Instagram app because of this page came with some fringe benefits such as the posts that would be in the Explore page would suddenly get thousands of likes and the profile would get many followers.      

Changes in the algorithm of Instagram and influences:

This algorithm of Instagram is even continued today when there are so many profiles getting  overnight success with popularity and free Instagram followers flowing to that particular user. So, if you are looking to create an app just like Instagram- you can’t afford to miss this feature in your app. 

Hassle-free Guide to features for app development process!

To make your app stand out from the crowd, it become important that you don’t miss out on the following panel of features at any cost:
What features will user see on their app pages after they register:
1.Login or Signup page
2.Home Screen
3.Edit Profile Page
4.Live feature
5.Stories and Highlights
6.Search for #hashtags
7.Search for user profiles
8.User profile pages
9.Add photos or videos (Posting)
10.DM feature
11.Send disappearing GIF or photos
12.Settings Page
13.Misc. Settings
14.Account privacy
15.Ads. preferences
Mandatory for Instagram for Android: Security and Authorization

●Authorize the account for security:

If you are a mobile app creator who has got experience from the past mobile applications to create photo-sharing apps, he must know that how important is it to integrate the verification process through phone number or email. This can be done through Google+ or FaceBook or even a SMS. There should also be a couple of user preferences in the Signup and Login page.  

●GPS Integration for better results:

Another feature that is a must-have to be integrated into a photo-sharing app, just like Instagram is the GPS integration. The only difference is that this feature is not used for tracking, but geolocation tagging. This helps to find places and people near you so that you can tag your location as well as find happening places around you. This feature makes for a perfect app with a complete package into one app.

●Followers’ and user activity: 

Instagram is all about instant and constant connectivity in the category that the user is most interested in. and you get to know about other users who are also in the same niche. Whenever you create this type of app-make sure that you give a boost to the algorithm that gives suggestions to the users as people are very much interested in adding like-minded people to their circle. It’s like a clan of the similar category people looking forward to connect to users who would love to share their interest with them. Recent actions of the users should be shown along with activity time. But, there should not be any breach in the privacy of the users.
Why “Stories” should never be ignored for integration?
Stories came into existence with the much hyped Snapchat where it took the market by storm. This trend was quickly adopted by Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook. It was already popular among the people and the makers of FB knew it well that it would not be a miss if this feature is put into the apps.

Here are the reasons of Stories feature in Instagram app:

●A simple feature with prominent camera option.
●No limit on sharing stories on your account.
●Clicking pictures with real-time fun filters.
●Recording videos and instant sharing option.
●Putting text and drawing on the videos and photos.
●Very engaging with easy swipe through feature.
●High user-engagement feature.
●The Instagram stories remain active until you remove them.
●The default duration of a story is 24 hours.
●Stories can be saved as highlights for future.
If you are an Android app creator, you can simply add some bonus functions to the already existing features of a story.
Say, for instance: The stories can be kept according to the time limits; 1 hour, 2 hours and so on…Trespassing the default 24 hour feature can help your app get an edge over Instagram for Android app.  

Sharing means more exposure and followers flowing through:

An app without social media integration is like posting something and not getting it enough exposure in the form of Insta followers and likes. Why not integrate the app with all the major social media platforms so that other followers and friends on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter can see the posts. Instagram app already has this feature to simultaneously post your videos and photos at the same time on Twitter and Facebook. One can add more add platforms if you are a mobile app creator and creating an Instagram kinda-app. 

Don’t forget to add special options for digital marketing campaigns from within the app and easy payment options for those campaigns. You can simply add more features for promotions and marketing in the app to create a cutting-edge app which is even more better. Also, make sure that the app you create has the best ever UX experience. Without the best user-experience, it becomes hard for the users to use the app. By leveraging this feature, one can easily show the USP of the app over others to get the app downloaded by the users of the iOS and Instagram Android which has already reached more than 500 million active monthly users in 2018.       



One should always make sure that the Instagram app replica should have a myriad of features which are already not there in this popular photo-sharing app. While it makes complete sense to create similar features and functionalities as Instagram, but adding some more will give an edge over others for sure.  


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