What is the full form of ASAP?

as soon as possible.

ASAP is an acronym for “As Soon As Practical.”It stands for “As Soon As Practically Possible.”It is used to convey the pressing need to do a task quickly. It instructs us to give a task higher importance and to finish it as quickly as possible. Typically, it is said as an acronym, like “Deliver the product to my place, ASAP.”

It is also a well-known chat shorthand, frequently used in online chat, email, and instant messaging.

Therefore, you can use this acronym in email, chat, text messaging, and other communication channels to indicate that something has to be examined, finished, or handled promptly.

For instance: I want 200 packets delivered to my office, ASAP.

  • I need a response ASAP.
  • I will complete the assignment ASAP. 


What is ASAP used for?

The term “ASAP” stands for “As Soon as Possible.”The quick return of a deliverable, such as a contract, an email response, or a piece of information, is frequently requested in business correspondence. For instance, “Would you kindly return the signed agreement as soon as possible?” 

What is meant by ASAP in delivery?

The acronym “asap” stands for “as soon as possible.” “I want two decent engines down here as soon as possible,” the colonel instructed. 

What type of word is ASAP?

abbreviation for as soon as possible


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