What is the definition of FDD?

FDD full form is Floppy Disk Drive. The FDD (Floppy Disk Drive) is a device that reads and writes floppy discs. In other words, FDD is a Floppy Disc Drive (FDD), often known as a floppy drive, is a storage device that reads data from a floppy disc. It was one of the earliest types of hardware storage that could read/write a portable device, and it was designed by a team at IBM in 1967. FDDs are computers that read and write detachable floppy discs. Floppy discs are now obsolete, and newer storage devices such as USB and network file transfer have taken their place.

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FAQs related to FDD

Q – What is the full form of FDD?

A – The full form of FDD is Floppy Disk Drive.

Q Are Floppy Discs used till date?

A – No, Floppy Discs are not used now.


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