JDU : Janata Dal (United)

The Janata Dal (United), also known as the JDU, is an Indian regional political party. Its political position is centre-left, based on Integral Humanism, Secularism, and Socialism ideologies. The states of Bihar and Jharkhand account for the majority of its population.

With only two seats out of 545 in the 16th Lok Sabha, the JD(U) has a minuscule presence. In the Rajya Sabha, it has six seats.

JDU : Overview

Sharad Yadav is the JD(U) founder. The Janata Party was created by Jayaprakash Narayan, a veteran who brought together the anti-Congress groups during Indira Gandhi’s administration. In 1999, the Janata Dal, a coalition of Janata Party factions, the Lok Dal, the Jan Morcha, and the Congress(S), was broken. The break occurred as a result of difficulties that arose when Karnataka Chief Minister J.H. Patel backed the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA). In 1999, the Janata Dal split into the Janata Dal (Secular) and the Janata Dal (United) on this issue.


QWhat is the full form of JDU?

A – The full form of JDU is Janata Party United.

QWho is the founder of JDU?

A – Sharad Yadav is the founder of JDU.


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