What is the Full Form of MP

The Full Form MP is a Member of Parliament

A politician who serves as a representative for a certain constituency is known as a member of parliament (MP). In many countries with bicameral legislatures, this expression refers to members of the lowest house, as higher houses may have a different title. The terms “Member of Congress” or “Deputy” are used in several jurisdictions. The term “parliamentarian” is frequently used to refer to members of parliament, but it can also refer to unelected public servants who hold particular office-related responsibilities in parliament, such as the Senate Parliamentarian in the United States, or it can imply the capacity to carry out legislative duties.

Typically, it is seen that members of parliament establish parliamentary groupings with other party members.


Who is called MP?

A Member of Parliament (abbreviated: MP) serves as the Indian people’s representation in the Lok Sabha, which is the Indian Parliament’s lower house. On the basis of adult suffrage, Lok Sabha members are chosen through direct elections.

What is the full form of MLA?

Member of the Legislative AssemblyMember of the Legislative Assembly 

What is the full form of MP and CM?

MP stands for Member of Parliament in its full form. Chief Minister is the full version of the word CM. PM stands for prime minister in its entire form. Chief Justice of India is the acronym for this title.

What is the full from of CM?

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