What is the Full Form of SC

The Full Form of SC is a  Scheduled Castes (SC)

The SC, ST, and OBC castes were created by the Indian government to help some of the castes improve their lot. They primarily gain from a reservation in legislative, higher education, and government roles. The goal of this reservation is to advance the poor classes.

Scheduled Castes (SC)

The SC is the untouchable caste in India. Scheduled castes made up 16.6% of India’s population in 2011. They had to perform ‘dirty’ tasks like cleaning up animal carcasses, working with leather, etc. They were required to perform unclean tasks and were not permitted to handle the food, money, or clothing belonging to the upper caste. They were the most prejudiced of the Shudra castes.


What is the full form of SC, ST and OBC Hindi?

The full variety of SC, ST, and OBC have regular Castes (SC), regular Tribes (ST), and different Backward categories (OBC).Grammar Check

What is the meaning of SC, ST?

The reserved group of students’ special interests are promoted through the institute’s Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) Cell.

What is the full form of SC, ST BC?

Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.


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