What do you mean by SSB?

The Service Selection Board is abbreviated as SSB. It was established by India’s Defense Ministry to conduct interviews for officers in the Indian Armed Forces. Its purpose is to assess candidates’ “officer-like skills.”

Personality, intelligence, compatibility, and potential are the primary characteristics of candidates evaluated in the SSB interview. Although the interview places a greater emphasis on mental fitness than physical fitness, a certain level of physical fitness is essential to pass. So, if you want to join the Army, Navy, or Air Force as an officer, you must pass the SSB interview after passing the written exam.

SERVICES SELECTION BOARD is the most common extended form of SSB. SSB is used to recruit officers for the military. It was formed by India’s Ministry of Defense. SSB develops intelligence, interview skills, and personality. For its formation, the SSB follows defined procedures. In India, there are 13 SSB. There are four SSBs for the Army, four for the Indian Air Force, and five for the Indian Navy. The SSB evaluation procedure takes 5 days.

Common FAQs related to SSB

QWhat is SSB?

ASSB Full Form is Service Selection Board.

Q Who formed SSB?

A – It was formed by India’s Ministry of Defense.


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