What is the Full Form of TC

The Full Form of TC is a Transfer Certificate

TC stands for “Transfer Certificate” in its full form. Another name for it is a leaving certificate. A certificate (TC), which is issued by the head of a school or institution, attests that a student has completed the locality’s educational requirements.

How to get a transfer certificate?

When the results are announced, the CBSE Board provides TC. Additionally, if you are a student in state board, you must visit the main centre to obtain your migration certificate. It is required because, let’s say you are from Karnataka and need to enrol in a programme in Delhi; the TC, or migration certificate, informs the college or institute that you are a member of that state’s board.

Can I get a transfer certificate online?

Some universities, including Mahatma Gandhi University, allow their students to obtain their TC online. To start the process, a student must first log into the portal and select the migration certificate link. On the website, you can access the registration and online forms. The needed money for each application and the relevant certificate can be paid online.


What is a TC in school?

Following their departure from the institution, schools and colleges may request a Transfer Certificate from students.

What is the full form of LC and TC?

Hello, RAHUL, transfer and leaving certificates mean the same thing. It is given out by the school after a course is completed, which is after the 10th and 12th-grade boards. You require a TC issued by your school even if you are graduating from school in any standard (for example, 8th grade).


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