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If you are in the software development field, you must be knowing that how important has it become these days to be aware of the latest technologies and trends if the market and the most in-trend is of course being an iPhone app creator for sure. Developing an iPhone app is quite difficult and it calls for following the rules and regulations of the App Store app development as well as learning SWIFT language for coding and programming of the apps.
Anyone in the app development field should know that when a client goes on to hire iOS app developer, it is the skills, expertise and complete knowledge that they check before they go on and make the decision. A skilled iPhone developer knows the ins and outs of the app development process and what all the requirements and challenges they have to face while developing an app for iPhone for the clients.
Skills that are needed to be an amazing iPhone developer are:
In this article, we are going to discuss about the special skills as well as mandatory certification which are needed to become the favorite of your clients and things that will help an iPhone app creator to be aware of the skills he should be proficient in. These skills will help you learn about the things that can otherwise be ignored or avoided. But, it shouldn’t be forgot that skill is the wealth of the software developer.  

Increased demand for iOS app developers means more competition:  
All these things mean that there is a great opportunity for those who want to start a career in application development. In the TekPartners article, this situation is clearly explained when writing the following article.
iPhone and iPad are two of the most important technical hardware developed over the last 20 years, both of which depend on iOS as its operating system. This is the reason why an iPhone developer is so much in demand. 
So what do you need as a leased iOS developer? To answer this question we have created a nice list. Companies wishing to contact tens of millions of customers using Apple’s mobile products are currently looking for iPhone app creator who are doing a broad search for the employees they need.
Skills that an iOS app developer should possess for success: 
Swift is a programming language developed by Apple Inc. just for the development of iPhone apps. This is for the development of iOS apps only so it is a type of programming language that only the iOS developers need to be proficient in.    
●Basic Vocabulary of iOS app development so that the terms can be understood while in the process of developing the app.
●For those who want to explore Swift’s programming experience, check out the Udacity Swift Grammar for more information on this.
●Error Handling should be known by the iPhone developer. 
●Class, inheritance and formatting concepts should be known by the developer.
   2. 3D thinking and visualisation skills:
Thinking and visualizing the relationship between objects in a 3D object is important for successful iPhone app creator. In other words, when designing interfaces for devices such as iPhone, Apple Watch and the new Apple TV, you need to understand how users interact with applications. So, you have to know about the spatial differences to create 3D iPhone apps for the clients.  

   3. Following iOS app guidelines:
Successful iOS applications are intuitively known and appreciated. The reason for this is that these applications follow strict design guidelines. The way to handle how data is stored and displayed to the user in a very special way. In order to build your own intuitive application, you need to understand and understand these design patterns. Remember as an iPhone developer, you will need to follow the guidelines laid by the Apple Inc. very strictly or there will be every chance that the app can get rejected and then it will not do any good to you or your client. 
  4. Start with yourself- not clients!
When you take a plunge into as big as learning a whole new development techniques, as awesome as iOS development, thinking of making it big into a giant iOS development company, you should start small. Try making a custom app for yourself that is meant to make you more confident. 
Don’t commit the blunder by taking up a client project in the initial phase and delivering them nothing but a bad app. 
Suggestion: GitHub is the place to be to learn new skills
There’s a profit…you can easily upload your app to GitHub for others to download and give you feedbacks. 

It is very much crucial to demonstrate all the skills related to your work as an iPhone developer. Until you demonstrate it through a proven app and upload it to the App Store, no one will trust your words of mouth. Go ahead, make the cut. 
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