TikTok is an entertaining social media platform known for its viral videos and trends. With more than billions of followers, the app plays a vital role in all areas of expertise. The app has many exciting features that attract both users and businesses. But TikTok’s comment section is the most enticing feature that boosts business growth. 

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok’s comment offers many options. For instance, with TikTok, businesses can comment on users’ queries or reply with a single video. This way, attracting and earning authentic likes for the profile is easy. Moreover,  with tiktok video downloader app  you can download the video and repurpose them on other social media websites. 

Businesses can take advantage of the comment section and show their funny and witty side to increase brand awareness. In this article, you will learn the values, steps, and ways to enhance your business engagement with comments in detail.

Benefits of TikTok Comment Section 

TikTok is the best application for building and promoting business. The app has many features that help businesses use them in the best possible way. At the same time, the app is unique with its short video format. It is also highly famous for its comment section. 

The comment section is vital in increasing traffic and engagement to the profile. For instance, when your video is interesting, it will attract a larger audience, resulting in more interaction, such as comments.  

Replying to comments is one of the best ways to engage your audience. So, businesses can best use TikTok’s comment feature and interact with their audiences directly with videos or texts. This way, you can improve your brand value organically. Hence, enhancing TikTok comments on your videos can yield more benefits. To know some more benefits, read on. 

  • An increase in TikTok comments will bring more visibility to your profile. 
  • When the user sees their comment being acknowledged and answered, it will make them feel privileged. And it will let them stay loyal to your page for a long time, increasing retention. 
  • When your video has more comments, it will go viral. Also, it will let your video land on FYP as the TikTok algorithm considers the comment section too.

Steps to Turn on TikTok Comment Section 

Now that you know the benefits of TikTok Comments, let’s focus on the steps to set the setting options in the section for better access. The steps are as follows. 

  • Go to your TikTok profile. Click on the three bars in the top right corner and select Settings and Privacy. 
  • Next, click on the Privacy option and scroll down to comments.
  • Here, you can select users who can comment on your videos. The options are Everyone, Friends, Followers, and No one.
  • When your account is public, select Everyone to let anyone comment on your post. And when your account is private, you can choose either Followers or Friends option according to your preferences. 

This way, you can turn on and set the comment setting according to your needs for better access.

Excellent Ways to Increase TikTok Comments

Knowing the benefits and the steps to turn on TikTok comments is the first step to creating an engaging video. So, to attract more audiences, being creative and knowledgeable is essential. Because when your video is aesthetic, it will tempt your audience to comment on your video. And when you react back to their comment, they will feel recognized and use TikScoop to save and post the video on other platforms. While being creative can bring engagement, following specific ways can maximize the comments better. So, continue reading and unveiling the secrets. 

1 Include Effective CTA

When you post a video, using a powerful call to action in the description or video will make your audience leave a comment on your post. However, sometimes asking questions or suggestions directly to the audience can bring more benefits. 

For instance, When you post a video, ask for the user’s suggestion or ideas to let them feel participated. Asking direct questions can bring in more than one benefit. 

  • It will help you understand your audience’s needs. 
  • And it will bring in more ideas for content creation, resulting in the enhancement of your profile. 

2 Craft Engaging Captions

Adding engaging captions to your video can arouse your audience’s curiosity and let them connect with your video instantly. As TikTok videos are primarily short, adding catchy captions will prompt your audience to share their opinions more. 

For example, To increase engagement, you can post an alluring and creative video. Additionally, suspense tactics in your video can prompt your audience to know more about it. And it will ignite them to ask more questions with the use of comments, making your video viral.

3 Interact With Competitor’s Posts

One of the best ways to increase comments on your videos is by commenting on other brands’ posts. While creating an engaging video and getting comments on your video is an excellent tactic, commenting on famous brands can yield more results. 

For instance, adding witty or positive comments can be effective if you see a video relevant to your brand trending. When audiences and brands find your comment appropriate and suitable, they instantly visit and engage with your profile. Hence, resulting in more followers and visibility on your page.

4 Collaborate with Influencers 

Influencer marketing is the best way to gain exposure to your businesses. Collaborating with influencers will help you gain a chance to get your content featured on FYP. Moreover, when you team up with influencers to create and promote content, it will gain more comments organically. So, with the right influencers, you can create unique content and engage audiences. Hence, when your video is engaging, users will instantly download it using TikScoop and enjoy watching the videos offline. 

Final Thoughts

With TikTok, you can gain more engagement than other social media platforms. Because, unlike other apps, TikTok has a robust algorithm and the best user experience. Moreover, as the features are efficient, this app can increase your business reach multifold. And as the comments option has extra features, the app can increase reach and make your video go viral quickly. 

You can enhance the quality of your comments on your videos by coming up with various ideas. And to do that, the above ways will help you, thus increasing your brand value. So, without waiting further, follow these ways and enhance your comments accordingly. Good luck! 



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