iphone 2019 rumors

iPhone 2019 rumors 

We are currently hearing iPhone 2019 rumours all around the world wherever the fans of iOS device reside and the best part is that we are loving it. Therefore, we thought to pen down the mixed feelings that we are experiencing right now. It is really important for us to get ahead with the new iPhone 2019 release date and what all we are presently gathering about the specs, prices and features. 

Unfortunately, we are still not sure or even have a little clue about the name that would be given to the all new iPhone in the year of 2019. And, before we continue to talk about everything, let’s start with the major feature that is taking our attention fast and we have below all the sources that back up all the facts. It is very necessary to know about the features of an iPhone for iPhone App Development as people expect brand new features and functionalities to be introduced into the apps so every iPhone app creator must try to know about the upcoming iPhone features before the competitive companies or agencies start to take advantage of the same.  
The rear triple-camera setup all geared in the new iPhone 2019:
Major feature that we expect to see in the new iPhones is the all geared up triple-camera module packed at the center on the rear of the device. We are not definitely sure about this feature, but yes quite sure as we can see some pictures rendered from different sources which throw hints at the same fact. 

iPhone 2019 rumors-Front body of the device to retain almost similar look:
Talking more about iphone 2019 model based on the supposed features, we have a strong rumour that it has a smaller notch and a slightly narrow border (not obvious to the naked eye). The biggest difference is behind. In this center there is a horizontally stacked triple rear camera module. 
The camera unit consists of three sensors + circular flash around the middle camera lens + under the microphone middle camera. There is also an Apple logo on the back of the device. The volume control is located on the left side with the ring /mute switch and the power button is on the right. The bottom of the phone has a normal flash.
The previously leaked reports indicates that the 2019 flagship iPhone will equip the square camera module, but Apple is currently considering both models.

On January 11, 2019, Apple Inc. plans to release the new iPhone XR, iPhone Max is equipped with triple camera and changes in the iPhone app development are necessary for best results. Knowing this problem, Apple plans to release three new iPhones this fall, including a low-cost XR iPhone. Apple Product Marketing Director Greg Joswiak and Apple CEO Tim Cook say that the iPhone XR is Apple’s best-selling iPhone every day since its launch, it’s not surprising at all! Some people think Apple is going to introduce a number of new camera features, including triple-camera for top model and double-camera for two other models and every iphone 2019 model will have something really new in case of camera features for sure.
There is a rumor that the triple camera has spread for some time. It also offers better functionality for larger mobile phones (Max is like plus), but if it gives me a wide angle or better lower light, we accept. They said the LCD model could be upgraded from one camera behind the XR to a dual camera system. The current XR has a very good single camera system (as in Pixel on Google, it is very strange to convert the number of cameras into a new megapixel competition – stop WSJ). 
As you know this problem, Apple is still considering cutting its features in the 2019 configuration to reduce costs. The iphone 2019 rumors is said to include a touch module that reacts sensitively to the fingerprint pressure, but this function may also be present in other components.
Haptic touch can eventually replace 3D touch, but it is not a sufficient substitute. But it is a cheaper solution. I miss 3D Touch, but I don’t know how many people are. Especially when Haptic Touch improves and is useful for shortcuts on the home screen, etc.

iPhone 2019 rumors – Flashback 2018: The Intel 5G modem can be ready for the next iPhone on the next iPhone
Because Apple and Qualcomm have legal problems, the company fully supports Intel’s modems. One major problem is 5G, and QUALCOMM is trying to tie it as well as LTE. 
Intel today announced the Intel® XMM ™ 8160 5G modem, a multi-mode optimized to provide 5G connectivity to devices such as mobile phones, computers, and broadband. Intel developed the timing of this modem by launching more than six months of release. The XMM 8160 5G supports up to 6 gigabytes per second. This is 3 to 6 times faster than the existing LTE modem. It was launched in the second half of 2019 and offers activities and experiences to accelerate the wide range of 5G deployments.
Intel’s new XMM 8160 5G modem provides the ideal solution for expanding large capacity across multiple device groups to accommodate a wide range of 5G deployments. Of course, nothing was true until Apple released it, and Apple was very conservative with wireless technology. Usually it favors the next generation, more energy-efficient chipset, and if you have to buy them, you will be happy to sit normally for a year. 

iPhone 2019 rumors-Will the iPhone Really Next Year 5 G? 

Is there any cellular network ready? 

iPhone 2019 rumors -TrueDepth is getting better with flight time reduced by 2020:
To believe the iphone 2019 rumors Apple Inc. raises the output of the headlamp laser (VCSEL) from the vertical cavity of the headlamp to the face detection system. These improvements reduce the invisible infrared effects in the environment and make the system more accurate.
The same report states that “flight time” will be added to the rear camera system in the last quarter of 2019, and can be deployed on the iPad. However, the iPhone will not start coming to the market until the second half of 2020. We think we will see a great new camera this year, but it looks like it will continue to work in this year as well. If we can have an advanced AR sensor on both sides, this is a double deal for sure.
If we go by the July 2018 Apple rumors abandon the iPhone 5G modem in the year of 2020. Apple is currently using Intel and Qualcomm LTE modems on iPhone, but when the industry moves to 5G, Apple can turn to a new supplier.
According to the internal public relations principles reviewed by Calcalist and companies that know this issue, Intel does not offer 5G modems for the Apple 2020 mobile device. Intel executives told the newsletter that Apple informed Intel that it was not using mobile modems developed by chipmakers for next-generation mobile devices. Leaders said that the development of modem components internally called “Sunny Peak” is ceased, and the Intel team developing the product is being redirected to another job, so we can’t really expect the new products from Intel as of now.
iPhone 2019 rumors-Some more interesting facts about iPhone 2019 model: 
Intel executives said in the telecommunications industry that Apple is trying to remove 5G of mobile products. They still speculate that Apple’s decision not to use Intel’s modem components is due to “many factors”. They say that any new mobile device will bring unexpected new challenges if the new Wi-Fi standard is introduced. 
iPhone 2019 rumors -Who will be the Suppliers of new iPhone components?
Some people speculate that MediaTek can become a new supplier and rumors that Apple is also developing its own custom modem. It’s all in baseball, but by 2020 it can still be a long way to go, and Apple has been working with the new iPhone for several years. If this is true, for Intel this is just bad news, Intel has not fought not only with new services like modems, but also with traditional processor architecture.
Instead, there will be the usage of double camera lenses that use stereo vision technology and a telephoto lens for zooming. Effective analog zoom, wide angle, low lighting is the holy grail of the camera phone system. If that is the case, Apple Inc. can still be treated extensively before zooming in and under low light.

However, iphone 2019 release date is still to be slated but we can confirm something. Apple is believed to be launching an all new iPhone in 2020. 


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