Opera Touch comes up with iOS
Opera Touch comes up with iOS

Every software developer should be updated enough about the trends in the market of website development so that he can serve the clients in much better way. Opera was launched in 1995 in Norway and it is not the only browser by the same name but there goes many browsers which are all AI-driven as well as digital content discovery solutions. The users of Opera are approx. 300M+ people in the whole world. This company has been included in the Nasdaq list for creating the best and innovative browsers.
Opera Touch was introduced last winter for iOS- which was of course a great alternative for Safari on iOS. It was created for optimization of the browser with one-handed use. With this exclusive iOS Opera Touch- another feature has been added just lately. The new feature that is being talked about so many people is nothing but cookie blocking for certain problematic websites such as mining and other websites. 

Opera Touch comes up with iOS-What was the need of rolling out this new feature by Opera?

This new feature of Opera was needed in order to rule out the annoying dialogs that would come up time and again when the person would browse through a website. In order to rule out this problem, Opera has come up with the option to let the user block the access to the annoying website cookie allow or disallow cookies so that they can have a pleasant experience on the websites. Best part about this is that every software developer Dubai is also updated about the latest announcement that we are talking about here so that you can be very much sure when you hire software developer in the UAE and be worry-free about the results. 
This feature was particular important for the website users on the mobile and we are talking about the iOS devices and iPhones where this would hide the content and would create problems in viewing the content of the website because of the dialog boxes that would appear asking about the cookie “Allow” or “Don’t Allow”.     
You must have experienced some websites ask you in the starting when you get on the website browsing for the first time on a website. Yes, you will now be able to block those annoying dialogs that ask you to accept the website’s cookies. These are particularly problematic on mobile, because the space on the mobile phone is really less so the dialog box has to definitely create a hurdle in viewing the content of the website in the mobile device. But, there is not much problem when it comes to viewing the same in the desktop website as there is enough space for the content as well as the dialog box which mostly appears on the top of the website in a dialog box. Still, it may continue to be the source of frustration for some because most of us actually choose “Don’t Allow” which clearly means that they just don’t know what are cookies actually and why are they needed for future smooth browsing of the website and of course, any software developer has to take care of this feature so that they can integrate the dialog box according to the website design especially when it comes to the design of the website for mobile or what we call it “responsive website”        
From where did cookie dialog boxes start appearing?
A few years ago, there was no such kind of appearance of the cookie boxes asking for permission!
Did you ever take note of it?
Well, if you are a regular internet user and the observer of the website design from the past, you must have observed that there used to be no dialog box asking for cookie permission. This has a reason behind it and you must try to understand it. 
As a result of the GDPR policies by Europe, there is a stringent policy that every website should have a cookie dialog box and therefore, every software developer Dubai started integrating it in the websites that they created for their clients and in the websites that were created for the UAE clients. This may have technical significance but when we talk about the UI or the user-experience of the web visitor, we come to know that it simply slows down the website speed as well as create hindrance in the browsing quality of the person who is browsing the website on the mobile or the website. Not only it creates problems in the browsing speed and loading speed but also hampers the content sight on the iOS as well as other mobile devices.
What Opera Touch has come up with and how will it help?
Opera Touch has come up with such cookie blocking feature especially for the iOS or iPhone devices. 
It is to be understood that the similar feature was already there in Opera’s app for Android, but now only time has come to roll out the similar feature for iOS.        

Opera Touch comes up with iOS-How is it possible to block the cookie dialog boxes? 

Use of a mixture of CSS and JavaScript heuristics are used in order to block the cookie box prompts so that no website can show these boxes when you seriously don’t want to view it. Also, to note: Opera company tested this feature successfully on more than 15k websites. 
How will you be able to use this latest feature for blocking cookies?
Default setting of the cookie blocker option in the Opera Touch allows the prompting of the cookies. But, the user of the browser can obviously change the setting as and when required in order to get a website  experience like never before! 

Opera Touch comes up with iOS-Here’s how it works? 

Using it as simple as one-click but it serves such a great purpose of giving the best user-experiences to the user of the websites. Enabling this feature helps to hide the prompt dialog boxes. After this, the user will not have to deal with these annoying boxes. That means, in practice, when you’re enabling the Cookie Blocker, you’re also enabling cookie acceptance if you don’t take further action.
But Opera says you can disable this checkbox, if you don’t want your browser to give websites your acceptance.

Opera Touch comes up with iOS-Additional features in Opera Touch: 

In addition to the new cookie blocking, the browser has a number of other options that make it an interesting alternative to Safari on iOS or Google Chrome. 
For instance, you will see that you have the built-in ad blocking feature which will really bless the users with seamless browsing experience. Along with this, one sees the protection against cryptocurrency mining websites which are those which are connected to malicious means. This is possible to use the Opera app with just one hand and it is aptly called the Flow technology as it helps to focus on using the browsing app. We can certainly praise this technology or the feature of Opera Touch which helps the people to use the websites. 
Closing Words: 
Since the app’s launch in April, the company has rolled out 23 new features in total. This includes a new dark theme, as well as the addition of a private mode, plus search engine choice, which offers 11 options and this news definitely makes every software developer and the website users happy as well. 


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