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As we are already aware of the fact that mobile app development have completely transformed the digital era. In this age of digital transformation, it has become indispensable to mobile developer with expertise and dedication to get an app created. But, we are going to talk about somewhat different topic here. It’s about digital marketing and how the ads in the games can help brands increase their revenue in a very short span of time as compared. 

We have some interesting statistics to pay attention to, these are:

●Mobile games generate more than $4 Billion in revenue. It is twice as what was the case in 2012.

The chances are you are losing a big deal if you are not paying attention to generating revenue from your mobile app. A mobile app development should know how to integrate ads for the clients who want to promote their business or brand through the ads in the mobile games apps. 

How ads help in increasing the revenue of a brand?

●Ads help to reach potential customers: 

It is obviously advisable that you choose a type of game mobile app that has the most common features so that the users of the mobile app or the game app users don’t feel like completely off the line when they see the ad while playing the game in the app. Digging deep will further enhance your knowledge about what works and what doesn’t work when you decide about the type of ad that should be in the mobile game app. The company should be able to provide mobile app development services on the basis of experience that they have gained in the past. In case, these things are not kept in mind it will become difficult to generate revenue from the ads in a proper way.   
As ads help to reach potential users and customers in a very interesting and attractive way, there can’t be any other amazing way to create revenue from the ads in the mobile games app. 
Strategies that help make maximum influence on game app users:
In this competitive world of digital transformation where technology has already seeped into the lives of the most of the people, it is very important to take care of following the tried and tested strategies of integrating ads into the mobile game apps. To make the things more simpler, we will discuss that how a game app is promoted through a game app so that the people are those interested people who may be looking to play some other games as well. 

    1. What to show in your game ad:

Marketing material or the content plays a very important role in deciding the future of a brand. If the content is not assembled in the most top quality, then you shouldn’t expect to impress the users of the app easily. As things can become quite competitive, choosing and creating the best content is the only way out to reach your potential customers or clients. 
The most demanding and most interesting way of advertising is through making a short but impactful video showing the main features of the game that is created by the mobile app development company. 
No one has the time to read things about the game or the mobile app that you have built, so how about creating a video about the product game app telling about how to play it in a screenshot video. A short movie would be all that is needed to impress the users about the mobile app game. Sharing YouTube channel would also lead to more info about your game app.      

   2. Joining game app platforms:

Marketing is very important for any kind of app to get exposure so that smartphone users can download the game app and use it. If you mobile developer for your game idea to accomplish the process of development and designing, it will not automatically make you an expert in the marketing of the app. It takes a lot of time to create a buzz about the game app in the market as there are already too many apps in the App Store and Google Play Store as well. Game apps are known by the user-interface that they have as well as the ease to play the game without any complex features and functionalities. 
One plays a game to get out of the mental tensions that one is feeling from all day long. A game on a mobile app should take away all his stress in a way that he wants to play the game again. Game app marketing channels help to find the right audience for your app. Moreover, there is very low CPM. 
All the ads created should have only single long-term goal and that is making the users to download the app from the Play Store in the shortest time possible at all times. There are also some other factors like organic traffic, engagement and installs that are impacted by the ad of the game app in the other platforms.      

   3. Give proper exposure to the game app through blog:

It is not the end to just create a game app with an ad and then keep it aside without trying for more ways of marketing and promotion. A company offering mobile app development services should know how to expand the chances of promoting the game app. Giving a special space to the app in the web world means that you have to dedicate a website or a blog where you are able to post about the app features and functionalities in the best way possible.     
Why this is important is because of the fact that the users of your gaming app will get a proper space to ask about your product (gaming app) if they have any questions about the same. This will help to bring out new users and retain the old ones too!   

   4. ASO for organic traffic:

One thing that every mobile app development company should keep in mind is that they don’t miss out on the organic boosting of the app downloads. It is possible by making a few little changes here and there in the app description when the app is published on the PlayStore. App Store Optimization or ASO is a term which says to emphasize on the following features of the app in the App Store or Play Store.   

You should check the following things for the same:

●Description of the game should be clear and succinct. 
●Reviews should be paid attention to. Feedbacks should be replied. 
●Number of downloads also make a difference. 
●UX Or User Interface of the app should be hassle-free. 

   5. Social Media marketing of game app:

We already know that social media marketing is on the top of the list when it comes to new-age digital marketing. When people don’t find it feasible to invest into websites for promotion, then having a FB page would be the best-fit option for a mobile game app. Also, it makes complete sense to utilise this power of social media. 


There was a time when FB and other Social media such as Instagram were only used to connect people with each other. With time, things have evolved to marketing everywhere we see! Having a video ad on the social media makes the most impact on the users. So, how about making a short video about your game app and then using it on the social media especially in mobile app development services company. 

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