mystic messenger email guide

A complete mystic messenger email guide to exploring the fantastic platform

Just imagine. You are in the office or at another place, doing your daily task. Now suddenly your phone rings to let you know you got a message. Smiling at your phone, you realize that your girlfriend or boyfriend has texted you. Well, it is not an actual girlfriend or boyfriend, but an animated boy from RFA- Rika’s Fundraising Association. This is the fantastic beauty of the famous Mystic Messenger.

Now talking more about it, Mystic Messenger is considered as an innovative game which you can find in the internet world. There are only a few such games available for the people to enjoy and play. The primary aim of the gameplay is reading the replaying to the instant mystic messenger emails. Well, you will also get SMS and phone calls, instant messages, and visual novel segments are some of the essential parts.

However, even though the game is quite popular and the platform has a massive users base, the game is quite challenging. It has seen that some people get frustrated while using the platform. So, how to move into this game and how to attain a good ending? Go through this mystic messenger email guide to get all the answers. So, let’s get started with it.

Is there an anime for Mystic Messenger?

The first thing that you will get to know in the mystic messenger guide is there any animated character for this platform. It is a famous Korean Otome game where users chat with attractive females and males. In general, to get more success in this game, it is crucial to make an anime.

Converting games into an anime has been done before — all you need to understand which character and route to choose. The platform offers different anime characters. They are Yoosung, 707, Zen, Jumin, Rika, V, Jaehee, and you. In the game, you need to text or even call these anime characters or maybe also fall in love.

The best way to know every character; you need to get deeper into their route. For example, to know about Yoosung, you can get into mystic messenger yoosung route. Some users may find it a little confusing when it comes to which route to choose. Whether they should go for mystic messenger zen route or others?

If you are one of them and looking for the best route to start the game, then logically you can go for 707’s route. The reason is 707’s background which is an essential factor that the story needs. However, the choice is yours. Let’s know more about such anime characters.

707 or Seven

The real name is Saeyoung Choi, and he is one of the Deep Story characters in Mystic Massager. He is a professional hacker who can find all the detailed information on anything. Talking about his personality, he has a very bizarre and outgoing personality. He plays pranks on Yoosungthroughthe chat room and makes fun of the other members.
He has golden eyes and vermillion hair. You will always find him wearing a black jacket. He is 5’7” tall and weighs 69kg. He always wears his yellow-colored glasses with dark grey stripes.707 changes the outfits quite rarely. When you invite him to the party, you will find him with a white vest decorated with red accents over a black shirt.


Real name is Saren Choi, and he is Saeyoung Choi’s identical brother. He is a primary antagonist of the Mystic Messenger. He always remains quite defensive toward everyone, especially toward 707, his brother. The reason behind this is Saren has been drugged and brainwashed to believe that he is abandoned by 707. 

Talking about his appearance, Saren has white hair, mint-colored eyes, and light pink lips. You can see him wearing a red top with a black leather jacket. Besides, around his neck, there is a black choker, and on the right wrists, he has a spiked bracelet. To know more Ray, his story and his relationship with other characters, you can go through mystic messenger emails ray route.

There are more such characters that you will find in the game. Start playing to explore them all.

How many guests do I need for Mystic Messenger good ending?

In this platform, it is essential to invite guests to come and join the party. The attendance rate of the guests will depend on how you respond to your guests’ emails. To know more about how to respond or reply, you can go through mystic messenger guide email available online. As per the general rule, you will have to answer them correctly three times within ten days before the party. If you don’t answer the emails correctly within the given period, your guests will not attend the party.

To enjoy a good ending, you generally need to obtain 10 to 15 guests under the standard mystic messenger times. However, there are some other things that you need to know. In Mystic Messenger, there are different endings in each character’s route. Depending on the player’s choice made within ten days, before the end day, you can enjoy an excellent finish. When you get a good ending, you can then unlock that specific character. 

The guest will attend your party when there is a ‘Completed’ status at their respective emails. If there is a blue colored status, that means the guests will attend that party. If the status color is green, then they might attend the party. If it is red, they won’t attend.

How many emails do you need for a good ending mystic messenger?

Apart from guests, emails are also an essential part of the platform. To enjoy a good ending in the game, you need to receive around ten confirmed RSVPs via emails. You only will be able to invite guests to your party after the topic has been broached in the chat, after that you will get an email from the guest.

To make your guest attained the party, you will have to make at least three accurate replies to the emails under the mystic messenger email times.  All the correct responses will mark as green, and the incorrect ones will appear in orange. If you get all the replies right, you will get a confirmation email. Once you received the confirmation mail, the thread will be marked as Completed in silver color.

Emails are extremely important to your progress as you progress through the Mystic Messenger story. A few correct answers here and there can mean the difference between a bad and a good ending, potentially saving you hours of gameplay and heartbreak.

The correct answers to every email, for every guest, can be found on our Mystic Messenger email guide page, including the V and Ray Route (Another Story) answers!

You must invite guests to the RFA’s party to get a normal or good ending in Mystic Messenger. A good ending requires ten or more confirmed guests.

Guests will attend the party if you respond to their emails with more correct than incorrect responses. The correct Mystic Messenger responses to all emails are listed below.

Guests will email you and initiate conversations if you suggest or agree to invite them to Mystic Messenger chat room sessions, and only very rarely during visual novel segments.

The visitors are listed alphabetically by their username, which starts with the @ symbol. To quickly and easily find what you’re looking for, use CTRL+F or your browser’s in-page search function.

While Casual and Deep Story emails have the same pool of guests, Another Story emails are unique. They are located at the bottom of the page in their own section.

Need more assistance in unlocking endings, getting on the right track, or impressing your favourite chat buddy? Our Mystic Messenger guide hub contains walkthroughs, tips, and other resources.

Message from the Mystic When it comes to inviting guests to your RFA party, emails are essential. At least ten guests are required to attend your party. It’s not easy to throw a party. You have a guest list; send invitation emails to a pool of guests. Here are some answers to your guests’ questions about the Mystic Messenger email, so they can enter the party and have a good time.

Mystic Messenger Email Directions

As Mystic Messenger begins, you will be tasked with organising a party for RFA. However, if you haven’t gotten the gist of the story yet, we recommend that you start here.

The guests will not attend the party unless you open the confirmation email. You can see the email guide mystic messenger for correct answers.  Now, let’s have a look into some right answers.

1. Allergy

Spot: Row 14 Guest 2

Located: Deep Story 2nd Day 06:55 – Cat business

Correct Answers:

  • Cat allergy.
  • Beef and seaweed soup.
  • I might be allergic to guests not attending the party.

2. Art women

Spot: Row 2 Guest 2

Located: Casual Story 3rd Day 17:56, and Jumin Route 7th Day 07:07 – I don’t believe him

Correct Answers:

  • Monet
  • The Louvre
  • Cantabile

3. bad comment

Spot: Row 17 Guest 3

Located: Zen Route 8th Day 22:00 and Jumin Route 7th Day 18:00

  • Correct Answers:
  • I’ll look forward to your next video!
  • Report them.

4. banker

Spot: Row 9 Guest 3

Located: Zen Route 6th Day 14:58, Yoosung Route 8th Day 22:10, and Jaehee Route 8th Day 15:02.

Correct Answers:

  • 100% interest rate
  • Swiss bank.
  • $1.2million all in cash.

5. Barista

Spot: Row 2 Guest 3

Located: Casual Story 3rd Day 23:00

Correct Answers:

  • Arabica coffee!
  • Drip brewing.
  • Italian

6. Beta go

Spot: Row 25 Guest 4

Located: Ray Route 5th Day 16:13

Correct Answers:

Back of the cheerleader

7. bracelet

Spot: Row 26 Guest 4

Located: Ray Route 6th Day 18:52

Correct Answers:

Check the name and invitation letter.

8. Bpmonster

Spot: Row 19 Guest 4

Located: Another Story 3rd Day 09:13

Correct Answers:

  • Experienced electric shock.
  • You shouldn’t miss this chance!
  • What’s wrong with that?

9. bracelet

Spot: Row 2 Guest 1

Located: Casual Story 3rd Day 13:05

Correct Answers:

  • Don’t worry
  • Lock U Up Silver Bracelet.
  • Claw machines at the mall

10. Cleaning fairy

Spot: Row 19 Guest 3

Located: Another Story 3rd Day 02:46

Correct Answers:

  • Must be a machine, not fairy magic!
  • This is becoming embarrassing
  • Spy Training School

Need other assistance to unlock the ending? Want to get on the right route to impress your best buddy? You can easily find useful walkthroughs and tip online. If your favorite character is Rui you want to impress her, then prefer to read mystic messenger email guide rui. If you can impress them, you will earn hearts which can also lead to a good ending.

What do the hearts in Mystic Messenger do?

In Mystic Messenger, hearts are considered as secondary elements. While playing the game, you can collect different colored hearts by participating in various chat rooms, visual novels, and more. There are eight different colors of hearts, and each color symbolizes a particular character. They are,

  • Yoosung- Green heart
  • Zen- Grey heart
  • Jumin-Purple heart
  • 707- Red heart
  • Jaehee- Yellow or Brown heart
  • Ray- Magenta heart
  • V- Mint heart

To help you in obtaining hearts, here are some tips for you.

How to obtain hearts for Jumin Han?

Jumion Han always talks about this cat named Elizabeth the 3rd. Whenever he speaks about the cat, you need to agree with him on ever information. Besides you need to agree with him when Jumin talks about money. You should always take his side. He has little interest in modern world slangs. So, you can use those words sometimes.

How to get hearts for Zen?

If you know about flirting, then you can quickly obtain hearts for Zen. Always flirt with him and support his career in acting. When Jumin acts like a snob, you need to take Zen’s side. You should choose the answers that will boost the ego of Zen.

What should you do to achieve hearts for 707?

You should play along with lord antics. When he is trolling Yoosung, others troll with him. When 707 trolls you, you need to troll him back. But remember that you need to act like a serious person when Seven is serious. Know more about him by going through mystic messenger 707 route.

How to obtain hearts for Yoosung?

In Mystic Messenger, the easiest character to obtain hearts from is Yoosung. The reason is he is a puppy who is obsessed with you. All you need to show him your honesty when it comes to protecting him. Always try to offer him good advice and be Yoosung voice when people bully him. Prefer to read mystic messenger email guide designer to know how to deal with emails from Yoosung.

How to get hearts from Jaehee?

You need to be always there for her to support her when she is in stress. You can act free to fangirl with her about Zen. But keep in mind that you need to assure her that you don’t have any feeling for Zen. You are just a fan of Zen, like Jaehee. Act straight forward and choose reasonable answers. 

Understanding the gameplay to collect hearts

  • In the casual story, you need to obtain either green, grey, or yellow heats to make significant progress in the game. Be careful about the first four days as this will decide the route you will get on Day 4. You can even collect purple or red hearts, but that may affect the game progress, leading to a bad ending.
  • While in a deep story, go for purple or red hearts. Collect as many as you can for the first four days of the game. You can collect other hearts, but that will change the game progress.
  • In another story section, you need to go for magenta or teal hearts for the first four days. You can even obtain green, red, purple, yellow, or grey hearts, but too many of them can put an adverse effect on your progress.

Mystic Messenger is a fun game with unique stories and characters. Ready to have a blast? You can get unlimited tips and helps by going through mystic messenger email guide: all the best and good luck. Whether you go for Jumin, Seven, Zen, Jaehee, V, or Yoosung, remember that there is a lengthy and beautiful adventure ahead of you. Enjoy the game