Any organization, no matter what the size, large or small, there is always a wide variety of workflow involved. Whether it is the recruitment process, getting the employees on-board and familiarizing them with the processes, purchase or invoicing processes, payroll activities, employee exit processes and so on. Every process involves multiple people providing information or approvals at different stages of the workflow. Even various departments involved like marketing, project management, operations management, account management, sales team; they all need to collaborate with each other for the organization to make concrete decisions and eventually run smoothly.

In the initial stages, the processes can be fairly simple without involving much complications and can be completed in a few steps hassle-free. Spreadsheets and emails are more than enough to manage all these processes efficiently. But as and when the organization grows, the processes evolve and there is a need for a sophisticated tool that addresses the specific needs of a business and yet at the same time is as user-friendly as it gets.         

Checkbox is one such brand that has established itself in this particular arena. Especially in a world where the world is becoming all the more digital and hence innovation has increasingly become the need of the hour. It is a far-fetched aim to rely only on people who can code or for that matter expect everyone to learn coding. Checkbox has successfully bridged the gap by enabling the power of digital creation for the masses. The workflow automation seems rather simple with the Checkbox touch. First and foremost it completely eliminated the tedious manual processes by building Workflow Automation solutions like scheduled tasks, approvals, reminders and so on. What’s more, one can easily create parallel workflows and automatically assign different workflows to multiple users.    

The popularity of workflow automation by Checkbox has found favour among various industries such as:

·       In-house Legal Services

·       Law Firms

·       People & Human Resources

·       Finance & Tax

·       Risk & Compliance

·       Information Security

·       Procurement

Checkbox is the only platform that provides a full suite of enterprise-grade app development features on a single seamless interface. It also comes with build-in decision logic to facilitate your workflows. The predetermined logic includes calculations, decision-tree logic, digital spreadsheets, if-then logic, and more. Simply put, Checkbox lets one use productive time in handling more challenging tasks rather than worry about simple tasks.

The key areas addressed by Checkbox’s Workflow Automation are

Workflow Engine: This feature enables the smooth automation of end-to-end workflows that include tasks such as approvals, bulk processes, and scheduled tasks

Dashboard & Analytics: Helps in tracking the progress of tasks and gain insights regarding customers, services and processes

Calculation Engine: This aspect of the workflow automation helps in designing complex rules and logic, including calculations and weighted scores

Parallel Workflows: With the aim of maximizing efficiency at scale, this feature facilitates multi-party concurrent processes

Information Intake: Hassle-free procurement of information from the system as and when needed, whether it is CSV file or from other users via smart phones

Approvals: Lets you approve or reject responses digitally with valuable feedback/comments and centralized tracking

Flexible Deployment: Ease of handling tasks as multiple deployment options are now available to facilitate both internal and external usage

Integration: There is absolutely no interruption to other tasks as everything is streamlined and works seamlessly across Checkbox and other tools

Readymade Templates that create solutions even faster

No need to build from scratch as Checkbox lets you access templates that not only enhance the efficiency of tasks but also saves valuable time.

Document Execution Approval

Guide users through reviews and facilitate a digital approval process around the signing and execution of agreements depending on factors like contract value and transaction type

Performance Review

Facilitate and align the self-assessment and manager assessment of performance reviews, including the generation and circulation of related documents

Expense Approval

Triage expense claims to the accounts team through self-service tools and facilitate the necessary approval workflows across different stakeholders

All in all, Checkbox certainly is a must-have in today’s age. As rightfully noted by one of the clients, Peter C., Client Solutions Director “We have found it easy to develop prototypes very quickly which helps keep the pace of innovation up in the firm. When people see their ideas come to life so quickly they get inspired.”


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