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RateMyProfessor.com to assist students in selecting potential lecturers. Students are encouraged to use this website to comprehend what other students have to say about the course and its lecturers without exposing their identities.

This website may impact the review at which a teacher’s class fills and the kind of students who enroll in it. Some professors are better at getting to know their students and building connections. What makes certain professors so popular with their students, what do they do to keep it, and how does RateMyProfessors helps in it?

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RateMyProfessors.com (RMP) is a professor review site, as the name suggests. John Swapceinski, a software engineer from Menlo Park, California, established the website in May 1999.

The site lets students of the colleges and universities rate the professors and campuses of institutions in the US, Canada, and the UK. It was initially launched by teacherratings.com, which was then called RateMyProfessors, in 2001.

Patrick Nagle and William DeSantis then acquired Rate My Professor. However, they sold it again in the year 2007 to MTVU of Viacom, which is the college channel of MTV. Viacom handled the site for more than ten years.

The acquisition of Rate my professor by Cheddar was declared in the year 2018 from Viacom. Rate My Professors is the biggest platform over the web meant for rating the professors and institutions across the different nations.

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It includes more than 8,000 schools. There are 19 million ratings already made on the site, including 1.7 million professors.

Top 5 Rate my professor Alternatives Sites of 2023

1. Rate My Teacher

RateMyTeachers is yet another well-known website that provides class reviews. Students from elementary and secondary schools in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand are asked to rate their teacher, as the name of the survey suggests. The survey focuses on teachers from these countries.
Users have the ability to search for teachers by name, choose a school and rate the teachers there, or read reviews that other students have left about their teachers.

2. Uloop

Uloop is a website that allows college students from all over the United States to rate and review their professors. It is the place where students from nearly every school in the United States can go to leave ratings for their instructors in order to assist other students in avoiding being assigned a poor teacher.

The website provides a section where users can rate their professors, in addition to providing access to other resources such as jobs, housing, tutors, textbooks, and test preparation. There is no need to look any further if you are in need of assistance with your course load, finding a tutor to assist you with your homework, or renting a room.

3. Schools View

Schools View, a website that is geared toward students in the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada, is yet another excellent resource for viewing professor ratings. Users are able to provide ratings and reviews regarding their schools, teachers, principals, and school districts. They can also comment on the amount of parental involvement.

After you have created an account, choose the subject area in which you are most interested, and then browse through the ratings that have been left by other students. In addition, there is a separate section that provides access to free online educational resources such as eBooks, worksheets, and lesson plans for classroom use.

4. Student Reviews

At first glance, Student Reviews appears to be somewhat dated and haphazardly organised. On the other hand, it has a comprehensive database of class reviews that covers almost 11,000 educational institutions and more than 15,200 lecturers. Additionally, the search function is excellent in its own right.

Students have the ability to narrow their search by selecting criteria such as the degree and major they wish to pursue, as well as the satisfaction rate of previous students, the size of the school, its location, and the cost of tuition.

5. Koofers.com

Koofers is an excellent resource for students who are interested in learning more about teachers or rating the instructors they have had in the past. The site has well over a million students using it.

The website not only enables users to view how other students rate a particular instructor, but it also displays the typical grade that instructor assigns.

People can use this information to make better choices about the instructors and subjects of their classes.

Using koofers also has a number of other advantageous repercussions.

Their flashcards and test bank contain millions of useful files that can assist you in your academic pursuits, and the website can also assist students in finding jobs or internships.

If you are a student at a university who is looking for additional assistance, it is highly recommended that you pay them a visit.

What is the highest rating on rate my professor?

In accordance with the Overall Quality rating, the list of top professors is made. One can also specifically get to know about the rating of a specific college through rate my professor. For example, one can screen out the list of top-rate my professors uf through it. Anyway, here 5 is the highest rating assigned, and the nominal rating assigned is 1 for the users to evaluate the concerned professors.

Rate My Professor

It is here to note that before 18th May 2016, the Overall Quality was calculated in terms of the characteristics like ‘helpfulness,’ and ‘clarity’ rating, the same that was earlier appeared over the rating page.

Needless is to say that for best institutions or professors in UCSD, one may take the reference of Rate my Professor UCSD,

As per the Rate my Professors report for 2018, the universities like Vanderbilt and Duke University were at the top. However, while Santa Barbara City College and Moraine Valley Community College managed to grab the top position in the line-up of the best ranked junior colleges and the best-ranked community colleges.

Douglas Klutz, who is a criminal justice professor of the University of Albama, was the highest-rated professor of the nation. Equivalently, one can also get the rate my professors UCF list as well. At the same time rating, students can leave reviews about the concerned professor as well.

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Miami Dade College’s John Frazier, who is basically a speech professor, was ranked number in the line-up of the best junior and community college professor. He managed to grab incredible applauds from the students.

Students also call him the most enchanting personality one would ever come across with. One can get to know about the bests of rate my professor ASU as well upon going through the site.

Is Rate My Professor anonymous?

Rate My Professors lets the students write anonymous reviews regarding the concerned institution and professor as well. To be specific, it allows the students to write about the teachers of the universities. However, it is true at the same time that most of these are not professors in reality.

One can also rate them as per the teaching standard of the performance. In short, yes, the students can write here being anonymous.

What does hotness mean on rate my professor?

Needless is to say that Rate My Professor is one of the most popular sites among the students for reviews. However, the site has dropped the ‘chilli pepper’ rating, which invited a lot of controversies. ‘Chilli Pepper’ rating is the sign meant for reviewing the hotness of the professor.

The rating of such was also opposed due to the influence of #MeToo# movements. After a lot of buzzes, Viacom Media Network claimed that ‘Chilli Pepper’ rating was meant for “reflect a dynamic/exciting teaching.” However, the rating option was removed then. This was because it was about judging the ‘hotness’ of the professor.

It was once highly promoted in the year 2014 through ‘Date My Professor’ site on the 1st of April. In fact, the list of “hottest professors” was being unveiled consistently between the years 2009 and 2017.

However, the post news regarding sexual mistreat surfaced, McLaughlin went for raising voice against ‘Chilli Pepper,’ as it was alleged of objectifying women, which makes it tough for the women to survive in this profession.

Do the identities track?

No, it is quite safe from these perspectives. Many students, be it about rate my professor TCC or rate my professor the UK, have left their reviews over here. Also, Rate My Professors never removes the reviews left by a student over a site. In fact, the popularity of the site among the students itself depicts the reliability on this matter. To be specific, rate my professor the UK holds a lot of popularity and is hugely referred to.

How authentic is the rating?

There are many studies already conducted around the globe regarding the popularity of the site. The data taken from 426 instructors or the researchers at the University of Maine was taken in to account for studying the link between the indices of RMP and those of students within the class, specifically regarding the standard of teaching.

Rate My Professor

As per the outcomes of the study, a couple of basic RMP indices were found concurrent with each other in a noteworthy fashion, with the concerned SET elements of the same. The key aspects, like ‘Overall Quality’ and ‘Ease’ was taken into account. Moreover, keeping the huge popularity of rate my professor among the students, most people don’t choose to doubt its validity.

Students in modern times don’t really take the ratings and reviews provided rate my professor casually. For example, be it about university teachers or the campus at HCC, rate my professor hcc the first thing that the students prefer to take reference of. The best part of the process is that a significantly positive correlation has been witnessed between smoothness of the functioning of class and the professor’s rating.


Though the overall reputation of Rate My Professors has been incredible, it has been pretty much around the controversies as well. According to the researches regarding the in-class studies, the ratings of the professors is improving when a student rates the course as the comparatively easier.

Moreover, because here the students evaluate everything and give their verdicts, it claimed to be a one-sided affair. In simple terms, there is nothing much to counter the same. In addition, the anonymity factor remains there to assure a reviewer that any of his/her reviews can be taken in to account.

There is no way to know whether someone from MDC actually gives the reviews of rate my professor mdc. Apart from these, there are also aspects like ‘chilli pepper’ and ‘hotness’ rating that created a lot of buzzes. Practically, there is no way to challenge or know in reality about whether the ratings indicate the same thing as it is mentioned over the site. Claims of gender bias have also surfaced due to ‘hotness’ like controversial aspects of rating.

Many have to claim as well that there is no clarity in rate my professor from a rating point of view. For example, the factors like ‘ease,’ ‘helpfulness,’ etc., don’t present any statistical data or any such factual details.

Similarly, while referring to a teacher as a ‘good teacher,’ there is no parameter to know what exactly the goodness is about. Someone checking the site to have a reference regarding rate my professor ASU has no clarity about the number of students taken in to account for the verdict.

Though there is enough criticism around Rate My Professor, but it is also true that no one can ignore it completely. At the ground level, it is still one of the most believed platforms. The reason is that there still various reviewing factors that meticulously talk about the quality of teaching and all. For example, the factors of ratings like reflecting a dynamic/exciting teaching style” talk about how engaging can be the teaching style of the concerned teacher.

How to add a professor to rate my professor

A lot of people enquire about how to add a professor to rate my professor. Well, this is not as tough as an aspect as it seems. Prior to adding a professor or a teacher, all that one needs to check is whether the name has been already included within site. It can be done by simply searching by his/her name within the search box that appears at the top of the display.

Upon not finding the name, one can include his/her name upon going through the ‘Add a new professor’ section.

It is here to note that all the freshly added professors are essential to get verified by the moderators. In fact, this is essential to be done by the moderators even prior to their rating. Most importantly, one should refrain from the ideas of putting fake names of the professors.

In such cases, the process could be delayed much more than expected. In other words, as far as the rate my professors Tamu is concerned, one must ensure that there is actually someone in Tamu or the name is properly spelled.

Confusions mostly occur when it comes to the adjunct faculties in comparison with the regular faculties. The reason is apparent; it’s because these faculties can’t be instantly identified. The process of verification is obvious to be delayed in such occasions. Also, a lot of confusion occur when professors work at multiple institutions.

Validation or verification of such names is obvious to be confusing. The other cases that create issues are the habits of the faculties to change their universities frequently. Those who change the universities are obviously not verified easily.

Data breaching issues

Despite assuring utmost level of safety, RMP is not free of data breaching like issues. To be specific, RMP notified its users through email regarding data breaching on January 11, 2016. (Many details, including the email addresses, passwords, and registration dates were breached. However, such cases are indeed rare. One can still have complete trust on the site.


The regular users of the site know it well that RMP consistently modifies its site. The purpose behind this is to reflect the things those are liked by the student or in other words, their preferences. For example, in the year 2011, professors were given the authorization of providing Twitter handle on their profile pages for students to get followed by.

RMP, on an annual basis, makes a compilation of the top lists of the top-rated professors and the Best Schools in the U.S. based in terms of ratings and reviews of the students. The aspects like “Fun Lists” have been quite amusing for the students.


It is here to note that in the year 2008, RMP was recognized by Time Magazine as among the 50 best websites of the year

In that year number of students evaluating Professors from RMP was 25% of the rating of the institutions in Forbes annual “America’s Best Colleges” listing.

The site won a couple of People’s Choice Webby Awards post a massive site renovation in the year 2015.

Safety concerns

There are many concerns raised regarding safety while leaving a negative review on the website RateMyProfessor.

In this context, it is recommended that one should make use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This is a very assured way to safeguard online privacy. It keeps the IP address of the concerned user safe makes the online activity encrypted through a virtual tunnel.

It thus avoids others from tracking and catching the data over the web. In fact, they can hide from the details regarding the nation the concerned activities come. One can even select from several VPN’s:, starting from TorGuard, Hotspot Shield, HideMyAss, and CyberGhost, etc.

Safety assured through password manager

It is highly recommended that one should make use of a password manager. This is essential to keep the anonymity in safe hands. After all, the only and the major safety concern regarding the site is its anonymity. Having a password manager is essential for those who make use of multiple passwords for multiple accounts of sires.

Most importantly, it is always recommended to destroy cookies. Those who are uninitiated, Cookies are basically the tiny code bits that are automatically downloaded onto the targeted computer. Cookies often let the websites to see whether you have visited them before spontaneously.

It also enables the sites to show ads that are in accordance with the visitor’s behaviors.. It can be though deleted from your browser through ‘settings’ and also be cleaning history. There are various tools one can make use of in this context. It is incredible if someone possesses knowledge regarding basic internet safety.

To be specific, about RMPO, it doesn’t possess much of the safety reports. Moreover, as the site witnesses a huge number of data from different students across the globe, it is not easy to target any specific student or the user. At the maximum, only the safety breaching like issues can trouble the user.

How much confusing are multiple ratings per person?

Through Rate My Professor, an individual can provide various ratings for only one professor. It is quite a confusing aspect, though. On many occasions, people login through different Ids and exploit this facility. On the other hand, there is nothing explained officially on this matter.

As far as tracking is concerned using different IP addresses, there is no way one can track whether the same user has given multiple ratings or what. There are many instances of such. Specifically, the students those who handle the accounts from private computers often do the activities of such.

Tough they manage to successfully enhance te rating, but it puts others in trouble. Those who use different names from different Ids, indirectly make others get refrained from providing their reviews of the site.

These are some of the te factors that have already caused a lot of confusion among the users. However, the site RateMy professors, in most cases, have sorted these issues out through effective verification.

Most importantly, the verification process is not as complex; it is thought to be. It is about a few steps that make the site know whether the ratings given are authentic or not. Things have improved much through the added security layer.


Rate My Professors can finally be claimed as trustworthy. Though there are many confusions surrounded across it, but all these get nullified in terms of popularity. Moreover, as discussed above, it’s the ground reality that it provides through the rating that has been believable for the students.

It tells the key aspects that can only be talked about by someone carrying experience at the concerned institution. Moreover, the platform is growing, It is expected that the platform will be even more resourced and enriched in forthcoming years. Those who have genuine queries can find the sire trustworthy.


  1. Why do students use Rate my professor?

Rate My Professors is a website where students can rate and review their courses, professors, and colleges without giving their names. Other students can use these ratings and reviews to determine what to expect from a class and its teacher.

  • How reliable is Rate My Professor?

Most RateMyProfessor students solely believe in site-wide opinions. A professor with more reviews, especially consistent ones, is more trustworthy.

  • Is Rate My Professor truly anonymous?

Regardless of whether you choose to sign up for an account, all ratings you post will remain anonymous.

  • How can I delete or edit a review?

You can alter a review that you had already submitted as long as you were signed into your account when you did so. However, you cannot delete reviews from the site.

  • How do I use Rate My professor?

To write a review for this product, kindly navigate back to the homepage. There is now a “Rate a Professor” option. Your class code should be close at hand. Look up the instructor’s name and the institution where they teach to get started. Once you’ve decided who your target is, fill out the poll and write a comment explaining what you feel about this professor.

  • Should students use Rate my professor?

For students, it’s a place where they may express themselves without fear of being judged by their classmates or the presence of a lecturer.

  • Can you report a professor for being rude?

Your complaint may stand if you can establish the professor breached school rules. Every organization has procedures for how a complainant may register a formal complaint.

  • Why are reviews removed on Rate my professor?

Deleted reviews likely violated site restrictions. Online moderators evaluate every review. They’ll delete the remark review if it breaches site rules.


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