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As the name suggests, NFL streams are the best way to catch up on the NFL’s live-action. The NFL has hit the first-ever coronavirus roadblock. After some players from the Patriots and Titans tested positive for coronavirus, the authority postponed the week 4 games.

This may feel quite disappointing as the games were all set to be the most interesting matchup. Even though the NFL live streams have some hiccups, but it is looking to deliver.You will get some level of excitement. How?

Well, the Texans, as well as Vikings, hope to make a comeback to the season. On the other hand, the eagle has a chance to take advantage of SNF.  Carson Wentz’s Eagles are trying their best to prove their ability against San Francisco.

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But how can you watch all those actions? Thanks to the different streaming options, now you have different ways to watch your favorite NFL games, even though you may not get access to NFL live streams Reddit.

All most all the NFL games are planned to be broadcasted on Fox or CBS. On the other hand, SNF and MNF games will be broadcasted on NBC and ESPN, respectively. The way of watching these games change quite frequently.

The reason behind this the league gets into new contracts, and sometimes the streaming service providers alter their policies. Besides, most of the channels you can watch NFL streams are provided through cable TV providers.

But what will you do when you don’t have a cable connection? Previously, viewers were able to watch the streams on Reddit. However, Reddit has banned all the NFL streams. So, now it is not possible to watch NFL Reddit streams.

But don’t worry aboutit as there are some other options through which you can enjoy the matches. Even though they are paid, but you will enjoy their other features. Before exploring those options, let’s have a look at why Reddit took such a step and banned Reddit NFL streams

Why it got banned by Reddit?

A perfect destination for all the NFL fans was the subreddit NFL Streams on Reddit. Speaking about this platform, it featured links to watch all the NFL games. Besides, it gave access to RedZone from DIRECTV and NFL Network.

It was a place like heaven for NFL fans to watch their favorite teams who weren’t playing locally. On the other hand, the best part was that the NFL streams were free.  No account and no payment, just click on the link, and that’s it.

Why Reddit banned NFLStreams


But now the free ride has ended as Reddit has banned the subreddit page as it was violating its copyright repeat infringement policy. If you look for subreddit through your browsers, you will get a message, i.e., the site has been banned due to violating the policy.

The simplest answer to this is the platform was illegal, well, technically. If you used to watch other sports streams, you would not surprise to see Reddit take such a step. For example, a few days back, Reddit also banned the page for Soccer and NBA streams.

As per Reddit’s rules, posting or sharing free links is a copyright infringement case. On the other side, the leagues were gradually starting to notice. But the interesting thing is, no one has forced Reddit to ban the Subreddit. It did that following its repeat infringement policy.

When asked about this to Reddit, the company informed to go through the Transparency report of 2019. As per the 2019’s report, the company faced around 34, 989 copyright notice. In the same year, Reddit removed 124,257 content.

But if you look at the 2018’s report, Reddit got around 9,534 copyright problems. So, in 2019, it witnessed a 500% increase.

Why Reddit banned NFLStreams
Why Reddit banned NFLStreams


Communities are removed if found engaging in content manipulation activities, such as vote or subscription cheating. For this reason, Reddit removed 98,899 communities in the years 2019.

Why Reddit banned NFLStreams
Why Reddit banned NFLStreams


The policy says Reddit’s policy to shut down the users’ accounts, in different circumstances, who have charged with cases of copyright infringement. In some situation, the repeat infringement issue is limited to a single user and Reddit close the account of that particular users. However, sometimes the issue affects the community and Reddit close subreddit community.

So, the answer behind the ban on NFL live streams Reddit is pretty clear. Reddit took action following its policy.

Ways to watch NFL streams

Well, with some creepy tricks, you can bypass network restriction and access NFL streams for free;but it is always advisable to look out for legal sites to enjoy the best experience. After the ban of NFL streams Reddit, you might be looking for different options to watch NFL matches.

You can get some free and paid legal NFL streaming sites where you can stream then in HD. So, let’s have a look at those sites.

1. CBS All Access

When it comes to watching your favorite games online, you can always go for CBS All Access. It’s USD 6 per month package is affordable for the users. With this package, you will get access to CBS NFL football matches along with Super Bowl.

Apart from the CBS shows, it also houses a few exclusive shows, such as Star Trek: Picard. You can access the platform on your gaming consoles, like Xbox One & PlayStation, set-top boxes, computers, and mobile devices. With its USD 10 per month, you can view commercial-free shows.

2. NFL Game Pass

If you are looking for a reputed site for NFL streaming, then NFL Game Pass is for you. This the official media company of NFL and offers HD streaming quality. However, to watch the matches, you will have to wait until the end of the game.

It charges you USD 99.99/year. Besides, you can go for its free trial. You can listen to your local radios through this platform, watch preseason games, and 30-minute condensed version matches. It can run with different OS, covering Android, iOS, and Windows.

3. Hulu Tv

This year, you can enjoy all the NFL games live with Hulu TV. Well, you won’t get NFL coverage with a normal Hulu package, but you can access channels like Fox, NBC, ESPN, and more for free. For premium service, you will have to pay USD 54.99 per month. This TV is now available on iOS & Android tablets and phones, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, and more.

4. Fubo TV

With this, you will get complete access to various sports channels andthe NFL Network and ESPN. Its package starts at USD 64.99. By paying an extra USD 10.99, you can get access to NFL RedZone.

It has obtained the contract to get ESPN. So now you can enjoy Monday Night Football. There is another bonus for you. It streams Thursday night matches in 4K quality. It is now available on Apple Tv, Android Tv, Roku Tv, Google Chromecast, Android, and iOS phones.

5. Fox Sports

With Fox Sports, you will get free NFL Streaming along with other sports. To get access, all you need to link the TV provider to Fox Sports official site. All the streaming will be available in HD. Besides, using this, you will be able to watch short NFL games and NFL news. 

6. The NFL mobile app

Using this app, you can easily live steam the NFL matches through your tablets or phones. The NFL mobile app allows you to live stream the games broadcast in your local area. Besides, you can also live stream the games, televised on various networks, such as NBC.

With this app, you can watch Sunday afternoon games. There is one thing that you need to remember that this app won’t allow you to live stream the matches on a laptop or your smart TV. This only works on phones.

7. NBC Sports

NBC is all set to stream all the live matches of Sunday Night Football on its NBC Sports app. You need to get a cable or streaming TV subscription to watch them. You can also watch the games on the computer, smart Tv, iOS & Android running phones, Xbox game consoles, and more.

8. NFL Webcast

This channel provides you with premium as well as free NFL live streaming. It doesn’t ask for any registration or credit card details. This will connect you to some popular NFL streaming sites, for example, Fox Sports and CBS. Use it and watch your favorite games for free. 

9. AT&T TV Now

You need to pay USD 55 per month for its base package, and with this pack, you can watch NFL games on the four broadcasting networks. These are NBC/ESPN, CBS, Fox, and ABC. However, it doesn’t offer NFL Red Zone and NFL Network.

AT&T TV and AT&T TV Now’s subscribers can get access to NFLSundayTicket.TV. Using this, you can now live stream NFL games every Sunday. This channel is now available on Appel Tv, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Tv, Roku Tv, and more.

10. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is also quite popular for NFL streaming. With its USD 65 per month package, you will get the regular YouTube TV plan. Under this plan, you will get access to all the NFL channels along with NBC, CBS, Fox, and more. So, now you can watch Sunday night, Thursday night and Monday night games.

Want access to the RedZone? You can get it by paying an extra of USD11 per month. If you are using YouTube TV, you can choose the add-on, Sports Plus, from the membership tab. This plan lets you enjoy three simultaneous NFL streams.

YouTube TV is available on Android TV, Roku, Google Chromecast, Apple Tv, Amazon Fire Tv, iOS, and Android phones. Get it now and access major channels like PBS, CNN, TBS, TNT, and more.


Locast is another popular streaming site that lets you watch all the NFL games online. With this, you can stream some popular local sports channels, such as CBS, Fox, and NBC, for free. All these channels are now broadcasting NFL matches without requiring you to any upfront cost or monthly charges.

Well, it may be noted that this is only available in around 15 cities in the USA. However, it is still an ideal way to watch the NFL for the currently residing people in the covered areas. The services are completely free, but they motivate the users to make some donationsto offer better services in the future.

12. Sling TV

Speaking about Sling TV, it offers two different subscription packages. One is Sling Blue, and another one is Sling Orange. The Sling Orange package has ESPN, ESPN 2, and 3. It will cost you USD 30 per month. On the other hand, the Blu package will also cost you the same instead of ESPN; you will get NBC and Fox.

After the restoration of agreement between the NFL and Dish, you can now get RedZone with its Blue package. But you will have to pay USD 10 per month extra for this. Sing TV supports Android & iOS phones, Apple TV, Amazon TV, TiVo, Roku, Google Chromecast, Xbox, and more.

13. WatchESPN

This is the well-known sports channels across the world. They always give importance to serve their users, anywhere and anytime. They make sure all the NFL fans are enjoying a great experience. You can live stream all the NFL games from the website. Visit now to check the details.

14. Yahoo Sports app

Using the Yahoo Sports app, users can watch free games. The app is available to download on Android and iOS devices and is quite popular than the Verizon NFL app. The app lets you stream all the NFL live matches that the local TV is broadcasting.

You can enjoy all your games on the go. You can live stream Monday Night Football as well as Thursday Night Football. If you have NFL Game Pass, you can also use that for live streaming.

15. RedZone options

RedZone is a great way to cover all the major plays of the league. If you are looking for the cheapest way to get into the RedZone, you can go for YouTube TV by paying USD 11/month for an add-on pack. Besides, the NFL also offers this facility by charging USD 35 for the current season. On the other hand, if you are a new Sling Blue subscriber, you will get a one-month free RedZone offer.

16. Verizon Wireless

Looking at the popularity of NFL games and customer demand, Verizon Wireless also has introduced a platform to watch NFL games, including the Super Bowl, Thursday, Monday & Sunday Night Football, the playoffs, and more. However, you can only use on your phones, and you need to install the NFL app to stream all the games.

17. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has also jumped into the sports broadcasting industry and has also obtained a contract to broadcast Thursday Night Football. If you are an Amazon Prime Video member, then you can stream 11 TNF matches for free. Besides, Amazon will be the exclusive streamer of the Saturday regular session match for the second half.

Forget those Geo-restriction issues of your broadcaster and start using these channels to enjoy your games. Reddit has banned free live streaming, and you may not like that. But don’t worry if you don’t have access to Reddit streams NFL, as these are some of the best ways to watch live NFL matches.


Are Reddit NFL streams legal?

When you visit the subreddit, you will get a message saying that NFL streams have been banned from the platform. This proves that Reddit NFL streams are illegal. Such streaming violates the Copyright Repeat Infringement Policy of Reddit. From now on, you won’t be able to watch NFLReddit streams.

Can you stream NFL games on Reddit?

Previously, r/NFL streams were the best subreddit to watch all the live stream NFL matches. However, unfortunately, Reddit’s crackdown on its copyright infringement violations banned the r/NFL streams. So, from now on, you can’t stream NFL games on Reddit. Reddit may block your account if you do Reddit NFL streams. So, be careful about this.

Where can I stream NFL games for free?

There a few options to watch NFL steams for free. One of the best options is Yahoo! Sports App. Using this, you can easily Livestream different games for free using your tablets or smartphones. On the other hand, the app also covers TNF and MNF games. But there is a thing that you need to keep in mind.  You can only watch games that are broadcast in your regional TV market. You can also use the official NFL app to enjoy streaming like Reddit NFL streams.

What is Reddit live stream?

Reddit live stream lets you stream live. When you click on the live stream option, you will be redirected to the RPAN- Reddit Public Access Network. Well, you can live to stream the content once a week every Wednesday. But as long as you meet Reddit’s policy, you can stream to other subreddit any time you want. You will get 45 minutes of live streaming. If other users give you awards, using those awards, you can extend the streaming time limit.


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