Quantitative Aptitude

Every year millions of students in India attend Competitive exams and these exams are held as
the sole criteria in the selection process, for respective disciplines. Some of these are
Competitive Exams for the Union Public Service Commission, Competitive Exams for Staff
Selection Commission (SSC), Bank Competitive Exams in India, SSC Competitive Exams in
India, L.I.C/ G.I.C. Competitive Exams in India. These exams determine the turning point in
many of the students lives in India and every job aspirant takes it seriously. If you have given
your best effort and time throughout the year for the preparation of these exams, surely you can
bring an edge to the performance by following some basic last-minute tips.

Attempt Mock Test

Mock tests are one of the best ways to enhance your preparation for any competitive exams. Do
as many mock tests as you can, it will help you in understanding your speed; which is a crucial
factor in these types of exams, accuracy rate; another important factor that will play during
selection. The more mock tests you do the better as you will become more confident about the
subject matter. Go through the previous years papers regularly and mark your improvement.
Entri provides 100’s of mock tests for different competitive exams


Revision is the most important part of the preparation for any exam, you need to revise weekly
and monthly about all the subject matters you have learned so far. Incorporate revision to your
timetable and don’t skip revision assuming you know the topic well, small errors can be rectified
during revision and remember with the revision you are having a solid understanding of the

Avoid Eleventh Hour Learning

Many students have a habit of trying to learn something new a few days before as they think
that they can get more marks during the exam but most of the time it ends up hurting their
confidence level, as they don’t grasp the topic and feel vulnerable and miserable for it. Avoid
learning new things at the last hours, that time can be used for revision.

Section Wise Time Strategy

Most of these competitive exams have four sections: Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability,
English Language and General Awareness. It’s a good strategy to allocate time for each
section, stick with that time for exams if time exceeds then move to the next section hoping you
can fastly answer through the section and come back to the section where you didn’t have
enough time. Don’t stick to questions that make you lose time.

Say No to Guess Work

It’s a habit for many students to do guesswork during exams, expecting some miracles will
happen and they get through with this guesswork but it backfires seriously and will cost you a
career or job. Don’t go for guesswork especially when most of these exams have 0.25 negative
marks for every wrong answer.

Sleep early before the exam

Much research has been done on sleep and it all points to one thing: you need to sleep at least
7-8 hours a day. Try to go to bed early on the day before exams as many students get anxious
and lose sleep

Be Confident During Exams

If you have done many mock tests and done revision well, there is no need of getting worried or
anxious about the question paper they are going to have. Be confident, trust yourself. Try to
arrive early at the examination centre.

Final Thoughts

If you have followed a good time table, done enough revision and mock tests these competitive
exams can be cracked easily. Every student has their study plan and they have to stick to it and
if it’s not helping then be sure to change it. Also, remember about health, eat good nutritious
food and drink plenty of water and do some stretching exercises. Good luck to you all.


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