Live streaming platforms allow users to broadcast and upload videos to their audience efficiently and effectively. However, when choosing the right live video streaming platform, there is a lot more to learn and know. Keeping today’s time in mind, having a streaming platform has become a necessity. In other words, live streaming is important.

Almost everything is shifting online. For example, online classes, online events, online meetings, and more. At least 96% of people have reported using live streaming to watch an explainer video. 

One of the best live streaming platforms that both professionals and individuals rely on is StreamYard. It’s a SaaS-based software that makes broadcasting live shows easy, and you can use it on multiple platforms. For example, you can invite remote guests, share your computer screen with others, and do much more. In other words, it’s essentially a live streaming studio for your browser.

Streamyard Business Plan Guide

StreamYard Business

It is designed for companies with various teams or departments that create numerous, independent live feeds. It provides a centralised location for managing and organising workplaces. Additionally, Streamyard Business Plan is made for organisations looking to work with clients.

To do this, Streamyard Business plans was designed to make it simple for teams to create expert live video content, regardless of your resources:

  • Live broadcasts that are completely branded with logos, banners, and overlays
  • simple slide sharing and guest interviews
  • displaying audience feedback on-screen for real-time interaction
  • dissemination of content across many streaming platforms on social media
  • being able to view previously recorded video footage for more discretion
  • tools for team cooperation
  • Safekeeping of audio and video recordings
  • Dedicated customer support and strategy
  • Through collaborative workspaces, StreamYard Business is intended to assist businesses in managing and scaling the production of video content.

You might have gone through StreamYard reviews as well before trying it. However, of late, StreamYard comparisons have been made, and people have found different alternatives to this genius cloud-based live streaming studio.

In addition, live streaming is booming day by day, and it is expected to be valued at $184.3 billion by 2027, therefore, it is worth knowing about the top 15 StreamYard alternatives.

The good thing about having so many StreamYard alternatives is that there are multiple combinations to choose from. So, let’s take a look at the other choices that you can think of trying.



A good StreamYard multistreaming alternative is Brightcove. This live streaming studio was founded in 2004. Some of the products that Brightcove offers are, for example, video-on-demand hosting, live streaming, and cloud encoding.

However, in 2019, the company acquired the Ooyala streaming platform, which is popular for its cloud video technology. Moreover, the security features are good.


Firstly, it offers global content delivery.

Secondly, adaptive and multi-bitrate streaming.

Thirdly, video API access.

Fourthly, live streaming.

Fifthly, insightful video analytics.

Sixthly, monetization options.

Finally, security features.


Security and privacy tools are good.

The tool offers built-in editing features for videos.

One can integrate multiple apps.

Technical support is reliable.


Firstly, if you want additional purchase is required, one will have to call customer care.

Secondly, it is not suitable for beginners.



A simple-to-use online video platform that serves both small businesses and media houses is Flowplayer. It offers white-label streaming services. If you are a beginner looking for a no-brainer live streaming platform, Flowplayer might be the right choice for you. Above all, beginners always look for an easy-to-use tool.


Great live streaming capabilities.

Good-quality video player.

Monetization solutions are fantastic.

Real-time video analytics are available.


One can use Flowplayer for mobile streaming.

There are in-built tools for marketing.

There are many video monetization options.

Customer support is good.


Firstly, it doesn’t work in China.

And secondly, it could be too basic for professionals.

Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo Livestream

Vimeo had its inception in 2007; however, its live-streaming platform was founded in 2017. Today, this platform hosts more than 10 million events every year. The tool is equipped with multiple features that support both VOD hosting and live streaming, for instance.


Firstly, high-quality videos and streams.

Secondly, it is a professional-looking platform.

Thirdly, offers an easy-to-use API.

Fifthly, analytics are available.

Finally, privacy options are good.


Unlimited viewers and events.

Detailed analytics and easy to use.

User-friendly interface.

Good monetization options.

Live streaming quality is good.


Firstly, the more add-ons one will purchase, the expensive the pricing plan will become.

And secondly, it doesn’t guarantee traffic.


Panopto was founded at Carnegie Mellon University in 2007. This platform lets you manage, record, share and stream video content, for example. However, the primary purpose of Panopto is to use it for online education. Moreover, the video content management system of Panopto stands out.


Video-search option and lecture capture feature.

Video analytics.

Good security features and access control.

White-label streaming.


Document indexing and audio content.

Video content and asset categorizing.

Customizable branding.

Full-text speech available.


Firstly, it doesn’t offer any customizable templates

Secondly, it has a poor design and user interface.

Youtube Live

YouTube is the top video watching platform. However, the same company has launched YouTube Live that allows users to go live whenever they want to. For someone interested in consumer-grade broadcasting, YouTube Live could be an ideal choice. Therefore, it’s a must-try.


Firstly, it is very popular among consumers.

Secondly, it is powered by Google.

Thirdly, mobile live webcasting is available.


One can easily collaborate with others.


VOD and Live Hosting.


Firstly, security features are lacking.

And secondly, there is no white-labeling.


Just like StreamYard, there’s another similar tool called StreamShark that was founded in 2011. It’s an excellent live streaming platform and provides a user with multiple online video functionality. To sum up, it is suitable for both enterprises and consumers.

StreamShark can make live streaming of high-profile and large-scale events successful because of the fantastic viewing experience. Above all, it’s easy to use.


Firstly, compatible with mobile devices.

Secondly, detailed viewer reports are available.

Thirdly, live streaming video player is customizable

Finally, good privacy controls.


Video encoding.

Localized media ingestion.

Enhanced storage space.



Firstly, limited to low video analytics.

And secondly, no channel support.


Founded in 2005, Wowza promises to provide users with an exceptional live streaming experience. Moreover, Wowza offers both on-demand and live streaming features to consoles, tablets, and phones. It focuses on providing better flexibility and accessibility at a cost-effective price. As a result, it stands out to be one of the best.


Up to 4k streaming.

Multiple security options are available.

APIs are available.

Live streaming recording can be done.


Provides better audience engagement.

Performance can be monitored.

Security is robust.

Mobile screen support is good.

Video streaming is seamless.


Unlike StreamYardmultistreaming, this facility isn’t available here.

Session recording is not available.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live offers Watch and Live features allowing organizations and businesses to broadcast their live content or host on-demand content. Live streaming, for example is easy to do through Facebook and can be done through one’s profile, groups, or pages.

Consequently, the Watch feature is available for Facebook pages only. Companies that have Facebook pages can try Facebook Live to stream content online. Moreover, Facebook is a free platform and is an easy way to connect with existing and new audiences.


Firstly, quick video sharing.

Live reacting and commenting features. 

Some tools are available for business use.

Moreover, it is free to use.

The live chat feature promotes better engagement.


Suitable for brand awareness.


Cuts downtime.

Works seamlessly.

Easy to use.

An online tool, no need to download any software.


Firstly, it lacks monetization features.

And live videos have time limits.


When it comes to live streaming that won’t disappoint you with its robust features, Kaltura has to be one of your top choices. It’s an open-source software and one of the best tools to use for live streaming. Therefore, you can go for it.

Kaltura has worked excessively with educational institutions, and even now, educational institutions prefer streaming Kaltura to stream live content. It’s a cloud-based tool and ideal for both live and VOD streaming. Moreover, the tool looks professional.


Adaptive and multi-bitrate streaming.

Global content delivery option available.

Tech support is available.

Video API access is there.

Monetization features are included.


Video streaming features are good.

Looks professional, and the design is good.

Cloud-based software.

Great monetization options.

Security is good.


Firstly, chat and phone supports are missing.

Secondly, it is not suitable for beginners.

JW Player

JW Player first launched a video player. From video player to expanding to a robust online streaming platform, JW Player gives tough competition to many other live streaming platforms.Above all, it is based on open-source coding, and the live streaming platform will likewise include the JW Player.


Video-on-demand hosting and live streaming.

A cloud-based live streaming platform.

Monetization features available.

Adaptive and multi-bitrate screening.

Finally, video API access.


HD video streaming.

Easy to use.

Technical support is available.

Global content delivery feature.


Security features aren’t good.

Monetization is ad-based.


Twitch is a product of Amazon and is a well-recognized live streaming tool. Moreover, every live broadcaster knows about Twitch primarily because it is a dedicated live streaming platform that allows users to live stream their game sessions, conduct meeting, and do many other works. However, Twitch is not budget-friendly.

Above all, Twitch allows users to set up their personal channels so that supporters and viewers can follow them.


Live streaming allows tipping through in-built tools.

An excellent live streaming platform for video gamers.

A live chat feature is available.

Mobile broadcasting is possible.

Additionally, it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


Streaming options are suitable both for streamers and viewers.

Both free and premium options are available.

Mobile broadcasting can be done with just a few clicks.

Reasonably easy to use.

Varied content.


Firstly, ads are annoying and show up despite Twitch Prime subscription.

Secondly, it is primarily geared towards consumers.


Restream is an excellent and reliable live streaming platform that features multistreaming and includes multiple streaming products. In addition, the tool supports the in-browser live streaming feature.

Restream claims that with its use, brand exposer will be increased, which will lead to increased sales. It’s pretty popular among the music, media, government, tech, sports, and gaming industries.


Firstly, in-browser streaming.

Secondly, peer-to-peer streaming feature.

Thirdly, the audience can react to live streaming.

Finally, one can schedule events.


Very easy to use.

Collaboration tools are available.

On-brand streaming available.

There are some tools available to enhance audience engagement.


Firstly, it is not a dedicated live streaming platform.

And the subscription prices are exponentially high.


Dailymotion is an online social media streaming platform where you can not only stream your video but find some of the best video content from across the globe. Meanwhile, if you want to try a less-technical live streaming platform, you may try this. Moreover, it’s a free tool, which means anybody can use it.


Video sharing platform.

Copyright protection tools.

Free live streaming.

A good option for live broadcasters.

Consumer-based live streaming platform.


Minimal content limitations.

Reasonably easy to use.

Quite a popular tool worldwide.


Less popular than YouTube Live.

Monetizing tools are lacking.

IBM Cloud Video

An end-to-end solution, IBM Cloud Video live streaming tool is a preferred tool for many working professionals. For instance, it’s a reliable live streaming software that allows VOD hosting. If you are looking for a professional live streaming tool, IBM Cloud Video can be a good choice. Therefore, you can try it out.


It’s a reliable platform.

Customer support is commendable.

The content delivery server is available.

Designed for large organizations and enterprises.


A professional tool with robust features.

A good option for professional broadcasters.

Technical support is good.


Firstly, it is not a budget-friendly live streaming option.

Secondly, the content delivery service comes with limitations.


Muvi is a reliable live streaming platform, and its focus is on OTT media. Moreover, the features Muvi offers are pretty unique and a good option for OTT broadcasters. For example, users of Muvi can launch their own audios and videos quickly. In addition, it provides end-to-end solutions when it comes to live streaming.


Custom branding is possible.

White-label multi-device video streaming.

Video analytics are available.

Good monetization option.

Security and DRM features.


Video CMS

Transcoding and DRM

Live streaming and hosting


Not a good tool for novice video streamers.

Complex CMS user-interface.


Q1. Is StreamYard free?

StreamYard is available for both free and paid. Above all, you can try StreamYard’s free trial for 14 days before paying for the subscription.

Q2. What is StreamYard?

It’s a live streaming platform on your browser. Through StreamYard, one can do multiple things, for example, interview guests, live broadcast their screen, and do so much more. Moreover, it’s an easy-to-use online streaming tool, and you can stream from StreamYard directly to LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and others.

In addition, if you are wondering how to use Streamyard on Facebook, the process is straightforward. Firstly, visit your Facebook profile and go to the StreamYard dashboard. Secondly, choose the group you want to connect to. Finally, add StreamYard to that Facebook group.

Q3. How much does StreamYard cost?

StreamYard starts from $25.00 monthly. There are two plans available:

Firstly, the Basic plan is available for $25.00 per month.

Secondly, the Professional plan is available for $49.00 per month

Q4. What is StreamYard used for?

StreamYard is used for live broadcasting. Moreover, you can stream to different platforms simultaneously. Most importantly,StreamYard also lets you record all the live broadcasts easily in HD quality. You can download them and use them later.

Q5. Is StreamYard good?

StreamYard is not an old player in the live streaming domain; however, it is becoming popular day by day. It’s a robust tool that lets you stream online and record your session on different applications. Therefore, yes, it’s good and reliable.

Q6. Is StreamYard safe to use?

StreamYard is a reliable live streaming and broadcasting tool. For example, all the live videos are encrypted using DTLS. Customer data gets encrypted with AES-256.


Many robust and capable live streaming platforms are available, which means choosing the right one can become quite intimidating. Do read the features of each of the tools carefully, and visit the official websites of each of the live streaming software that we have shared.

Even after your research, if you still find yourself in a tricky situation, better to try the free trial first and then decide which ones to use. To sum up, there are many live streaming software available, take time, and choose the right one.


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