web development trends for 2019

Web development trends for 2019

Every year, we witness many companies providing web development services and expert developers coming up with innumerous trends related to website designing and web development. But, it is for sure that the trends in web design never remain the same. As we have been discussing about the transformations in design trends of the websites in our blogs, we have always talked about the web design and development trends that have helped the people to create some latest websites to give an identity to the brand, that they have always craved for. As we are based in the UAE, we emphasize on the trends that every web developer is following. 
You will also get a fair idea with this article what you can expect when you hire web developer in Dubai or UAE. Make sure that the developer you choose has enough knowledge about the design trends to design a website, else it will be very difficult for the website to give that success to the brand or company. 
To keep up with the trends of the market, IT industry is very competitive, so it becomes all the more important for every business owner to only hire those web developers and designers who know well about these trends.

Top Design trends for web development trends for 2019:

Here are some of the amazing web design trends that should be followed by those in the IT industry so that the websites created  look amazing as well as have the functionalities that are liked by the viewers of the websites. 

1.Modern Intuitive Design: web development trends for 2019

Modern designs are replacing the old, bulky and crowded designs of the past. As these designs give more space to the website developer to create flat websites with modern elements. These material designs have become really popular in 2018 already and we are every inch sure that these types of websites are only going to develop further to the next level. Amazing websites are created so that the web user has the optimum UI experience and it has many advantages as well. These types of websites are able to load properly on the low screen and high screen resolution as well. Intuitive user experience can be given to the website users, as well flat design and material design gives amazing experience to the website visitors for sure. 

2. Protecting data rights:  web development trends for 2019

While we talked about modern intuitive design of the website, the 2nd trend is GDPR based website design. Not only it is important to design a great website, but, it makes equal sense to protect the data rights and privacy of the people who use the website. The companies offering web development services are already creating websites which are GDPR compliant websites, it has come in trend within a short span of time and almost every company or a developer providing this service should be able to protect the general rights of the users of the website. If a website is not created according to the terms and conditions or guidelines of this necessity, it is possible that the website will not be used by the people all around the world. The ultimate aim is to protect the ultimate data rights and privacy of the user’s data. 

3. Responsive websites with Bootstrap: web development trends for 2019

Bootstrap is still a key element to be taken into account by every web developer and they are indeed taking care of the same. As a framework, the main function of Bootstrap- which is a front-end framework providing liquidity of the websites and helping websites to take a form that is the actual screen size of the device. For website designers using this tool , the best news is that websites and related applications can easily be expanded from a single code base for mobile phones to tablets, desktop computers. All you need is a CSS media query to expand the web design elements.

4. Using Actionable buttons:  web development trends for 2019  

Usually, Action buttons or CTAs are suitable for responding to messages and offers sent to the website. For practical reasons, behavioral characteristics is a prerequisite for a list of website design plans. For marketeers, this factor is the perfect guide for viewers. It triggered an immediate response to the slogan, such as “Call now” , “We understand better”. 

5. Extraordinary UI/ UX experience:   web development trends for 2019

With more and more designers paying more attention to UX / UI design, developers have more opportunities to incorporate the latest website design trends in 2019. As part of the overall user experience, user interface design provides proven technology for website users who are good at developing better user experience while browsing the site. 

6. Using Hamburger Menu saves space: web development trends for 2019

Three parallel horizontal lines (☰) are similar to burgers, called Hamburger Menu, in the graphical user interface. This trend has been successfully applied to Facebook and many applications as well as other famous social networking sites. While discussing the efficient use of the menu, it has always served as a support bar to navigate to other parts of the website. More importantly, the availability of this button increases or decreases when the type of web page has already loaded.

7. Optimizing the website: web development trends for 2019

One should hire web developer who is apt at designing an optimized website by using the latest tools and techniques. One can help create pages that are easily accessible on any platform, regardless of the size of the device. An analysis of responsiveness is performed using an easy-to-use online response control tool. The increasing use of smartphones has played an important role in the overall popularity of responsive design. Responsiveness of the design has always played an important role in the elements to ensure that they are successfully loaded into each digital platform. As a result, responsive features allow developers to easily create pages that are accessible from any almost any type of device. 

8. Illusion of depth Scrolling technique: web development trends for 2019

Parallax Scrolling is one of the latest web design trends in 2019. It works on a website and helps to browse background and foreground content at different speeds. This technique gives the user a deep illusion when the user scrolls the web for a long time. This technique is more effective when used in 2D scenes. It offers a completely new depth. After the trend of using video headers in the background, this is the trend that is making rounds in the market and people have accepted this trend. That is why, every web developer is introducing this trend into the websites for maximum UI scrolling. Use different methods to achieve the desired effect on a webpage or another website. You can see a practical example of parallax scrolling on the homepage as well as other pages. 

9. Effective representation of content: web development trends for 2019

By effective representation of the content, we mean that the content should be put into the website in such a way that it is able to impress the audience very effectively. Various types of fonts are available which one can use to highlight the content so as to grasp the attention of the web visitor. Or, one can hire a typography artist to create personalised typography fonts for the website. As we all know it well that content is the king and it should be represented in such a way that it grasps the maximum attention of the viewers of the website. It is the most sought after trend of the 2019 and 2018 to use bold and beautiful typography for major highlights on the website. Animated typography fonts help to create a unique element in the web design. 

10. Using Video background in header: web development trends for 2019

Videos are always attractive in terms of the visuals + audio that always manages to fetch the audience attention. This is the reason why video headers are integrated into the websites these days, and with this year and the past year also was a huge success with the video headers being used in the website. It creates an interest with the web visitors to use the website as it looks different from all other websites. Videos act as a bold header and will convey the business message to the web visitors in just one visit to the website. This is the reason why companies offering web development services and bold stunning header have the potential to attract the users towards the websites. If the video header is customized according to the business priority and brand message that the entrepreneur wants to convey to the audience. 
Using the most modern techniques and tools to design websites is the best thing that one can do and this is possible when the business owner is able to hire web developer who is expert in integrating the trends of website designing and development successfully in the website. These top website design trends were used by the companies creating the websites even in 2018 and it will be even more effective to use these in 2019 as it is tried and tested time and again. The ultimate goal of all these trends is to create the optimal experience for the web visitors at every step.  

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