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You know why iPhone App Development is so much popular? This is because Apple devices and their apps are known for their focus on security and intuitive UX and are widely used by tech-savvy and business people. iPhone was launched by Apple way back in 2007 and since then it has been a top choice for mobile phone users. Apple App Store was launched in 2008 and we see billions of iOS apps being downloaded each year. High demand for iPhones and iOS apps led to the huge demand for iOS app developers in the market. 
Although any person who has good coding and design skills and a flair of learning new things quickly can become an iOS developer but still there are many things which he needs to do before and while doing iOS app development to make his iOS App a success in the App Store. Some of these things developers know but there are many things which no one tells them about iOS app development although they are highly important. In this article I am going to tell you about these things which you should take care of before and while developing iOS apps. When people straightaway start making iOS app or iOS game they may face some problem which they never imagined before. Below are the most important things which we should take care off and reading these will help you to avoid the mistakes which so many developers make: –

Become Member of Apple’s Developer Program as Soon as Possible
Many people when look for iPhone App Creator as they as trying to build an iOS app or an iOS game, think that there is no need to join Apple’s Developer Program and no need to spend some money on it. They think that it is enough to test their app on their notebook with the help of many cool utilities. But when they finish developing the game or the app in this way and then finally join the Program then they realize that they did a big mistake as their app doesn’t play on iPhone. If they would have joined the Program earlier then they would not have wasted so much of their time on developing, doing changes and fixing that app. Moreover, Apple’s Developer Program has many useful resources and tools that can help beginner iOS developers a lot. Hence joining the program as soon as possible is a must.

Do More Practice Programming in Swift
If you want to develop games for iOS or want to build any kind of iOS app then first step is to learn how to program in Swift under XCode IDE. There is no other way. Just reading books and tutorials or watching video tutorials are not enough, if you really want to learn building iOS apps. You have to practice as much as you can and try to practically use all the necessary tricks which you read. While you are practicing, you can use a PC or a laptop but once you start working on your first project you will have to test it on your iPhone only. Remember excellent coding and design skills are a must for becoming successful iOS developer.
Do Thorough Research About the Market Before Launching the iOS App
May be you have a great idea but don’t hurry to develop and launch an app based on that. First of all, do thorough research in the market about the scope and requirement for such an app based on your idea. Talk to your friends and other business people and check whether they would download such an app? Also check some of your competitor’s app and make a list of the features which are more popular and those which are not in high demand. When you are fully convinced that it is a great idea to build and launch an app based on it then only go ahead and built the app and launch it into the App Store.

Do Your Essential Paperwork
Although developing iOS app is not that difficult but the whole process can take lots of time as there are many things to do other than just the coding work. When you have finally finished your first app, don’t assume that the most difficult part of the work is complete as you will need more time to get your app into the App Store. Apple has many rules, restrictions and guidelines which you have to follow and you have to do all of this paperwork before you can see your amazing app in the App Store.
Don’t Expect Too Much Return on Your App Just After Releasing it
Many new entrepreneurs and developers think that they can develop the iOS app, publish it and get rich overnight. There are thousands of apps in the App store therefore your app has to be really, really great and you also should have some good luck, to make your app to do big and become popular in few days. Even very good apps take many months and years to get noticed and become popular. Hence when you develop an iOS app, don’t be in a hurry. It may take time as people will come to know about your app. Meanwhile you have to keep on improving your app based on the reviews, feedbacks and ratings which you receive about your app in the app store.
I have given you some practical and worthy advice regarding development and release of your iOS app in the App store. If you keep these in your mind while building your app then you will be near to reality and will not be in a dream world to release your app and become rich overnight. This will give you more room to innovate and work hard to make your iOS app really a successful one.


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