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Website development technologies are developing and evolving at a fast pace and therefore the type of requirement of Software Developer is also changing regularly. That means what was popular yesterday doesn’t mean to be the same tomorrow morning. Hence you should keep in mind that you should be always learning and growing in this era of evolution of advanced technologies. Web development industry right now cannot be properly defined. Some technologies come to change others and vice versa. In this article we will discuss about the crucial web development trends for 2018 and we will focus on what kind of technology will matter for both front-end as well as back-end. You can learn about these latest trends to create latest and most advanced websites and web pages.
JavaScript was the most popular web developer trend in 2018 and it still continues to lead in 2019 too. JavaScript frameworks and libraries are very flexible and powerful. The competition between Angular and React is hot right now. Both of these frameworks have their advantages and disadvantages. They both are based on JavaScript. There are so many Angular fans but React’s has also got no less. Angular slightly leads in the popularity than React which can also change. JavaScript is the most popular programming language in 2017 as per the Stack Overflow report which involved 64,000 developers. JavaScript has been the winner in this space for the last 5 years in a row.
Accelerated Mobile Pages
To create faster websites, you need to Hire Software Developer who have the knowledge of AMP. Accelerated Mobil Pages or AMP is an open source project designed to improve the performance of web contents and advertisements. AMP project is sponsored by Google and supported by Twitter, Bing, Pinterest among others. AMP is considered a competitor to Facebook’s Instant Articles. In Feb 2017, Adobe reported that AMP pages accounted for 7 percent of all the web traffic for top publishers in US. The idea in AMP is – you search for something in Google, click on the result and have it instantly displayed on your phone’s screen without any delay or loading time. If AMP is implemented properly, it can offer several benefits like improved site speed, better user experience, more revenue, high visibility in search results and get competitive advantage in the marketplace. But to implement AMP, you need an expert and professional team.
Single Page Applications (SPA)
Single Page Applications or SPA works inside a browser hence it doesn’t require the page to be reloaded when in use. Facebook, Github, Gmail and Google Maps are examples of popular Single Page Applications. They are just single web pages which load all other content through JavaScript only. They show a natural behavior in the browser and has no extra waiting time and page reloads. SPAs works by separately calling the data and markup and directly providing it in pages in the browser. Anguloar.js and Ember.js are some of the advanced JavaScript frameworks which help in making it possible. An SPA website keeps the user satisfied as the content is displayed in a single web space. One of the best example of working of SPA is Facebook. The most of the interaction you see on the page happens without the reloading of the site. When you open the conversations menu or click on a photo then your browser is sent to a new URL but the page doesn’t need to refresh and when you close the picture, you return to the original URL without reloading the website.
Push Notifications
Modern day Web Developer should efficiently implement push notifications in the web development considering the fact that it has benefits also and disadvantages also. Still Push notifications are highly sought after by the website owners now a days. If used correctly, Push notifications are crucial tool for driving traffic and making conversions while if misused they can be very annoying. No doubt, these are one of the most effective solutions for engagement within the mobile apps. The important thing here is to provide value with each push notification and not overusing them. If you have a new sale coming up, you want to inform about sudden weather change, want to inform about the latest sports score, want to inform about the latest share price or something which has real time value for the users, using push notifications is the best solution.
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are changing how we interact with the websites. So many of the investors and VCs believe that Virtual and Augmented realities have the huge potential in future. That’s why they are making billions of investment in AR and VR projects. AR is different from VR as they are two completely separate things. VR refers to accessing a virtual reality through a VR device. The most popular examples are Google Daydream View, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR etc. VR technology takes you into a complete virtual world. VR is used mainly for gaming world and sometimes for watching videos. VR has not to do much with the real world. AR on the other hand has a strong connection with the real world and it simply enhances its experience. The total market for both AR and VR is expected to be around $162 billion by 2020 i.e. within next couple of years.
Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence
A chatbot is a computer program which is based on the advanced machine learning technology and natural language processing and helps people to do several of their tasks. To remain connected with users is very important for most of the businesses. Chatbot is a written or oral conversion software which is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is capable of answering most of the user’s or customer’s questions. These bots provide help in Q&A form and provide a human like experience. Most of the analysts and experts agree that the bots are the future of mobile apps and web development. That’s why most of the big companies like Google, Amazon, Apple – all are investing heavily in the creation of most intelligent Chatbot and they have actually already launched their advanced Chatbots or Assistants in the market, respectively.
Web development industry and its trends are changing very fast and therefore the process of web development is also changing on every day basis. We have just discussed the most popular trends in web development as of today. These new discussed frameworks and trends have huge potential to attract and retain lots of customers. If you also want to develop latest and advanced websites then you have to remain uptodate with these latest web trends and implement them into your website to get good response from the visitors of your site, convert them into real customers and to achieve success in the highly competitive web marketplace.


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