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Nowadays due to the success of Careem and Uber many taxi companies are looking for Android app development services and iOS app development services to build similar apps for their businesses. No doubt people around the world have been using Cab or taxi services for very long time. In 2009, Uber taxi booking service through mobile app was started in US and soon it expanded to so many cities and countries of the world. During this same time in 2012, Careem, another car booking app and website was launched in Dubai and in many Middle East countries. Modeled after Uber, Careem, a Dubai based taxi service provider, has been offering an application and website to the people to book a ride. Careem promises affordable, chauffeur driven cars at the touch of a button.
According to the latest reports Uber has acquired Careem for $3.1 Billion and now Careem will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Uber but Careem will continue to work with the same brand and its CEO will work independently of Uber. That means Careem and Uber both will continue to work in their market where they are working right now even though Careem will be owned by Uber. Hence if you want to search for the best taxi app in Middle East, you can still ride Careem.
Let’s now discuss more detail about the Careem app, how to make it, what are its features and how it became so much successful which you can share with the Android App Creator and iOS app creator to build your app. If you are also running your own taxi business and want to make an app like Careem then this article will help you a lot.
How to Make an App Like Careem?
Careem is an app based car service that connects people to rides in a matter of minutes. Using Careem you can pay either by Credit Card or by Cash to the driver. Careem was started in Dubai and has since grown to over 22 cities across Middle East, North Africa and Asia. The Careem Taxi service is safe and smooth. Careem has secured funding from many VCs like Saudi Telecom, AI Tayyar, STC Ventures, Impulse, Beco Capital, Lumia Capital and Wamda Capital to grow its business.
How Careem Works? How to Book a Car Using Careem App?
Step 1: –
First of all, you have to create an account on Careem. You can sign up with Facebook account also. For this you can use their website or the official Android or iOS mobile applications.
Step 2: – 
After login, select whether you want to ride now or schedule your ride later. You can even select the time as well.
Step 3: –
Now choose the car type from the 3 available options: Go (First class), Economy or Business
Careem will automatically locate your current location from where you want to start your journey or you can edit it. Using the Careem Map, you can locate the position of your driver or can even call him. You will get a message from Careem when it will reach your location to pick you up.
Step 4: –
Doing Payment – While booking the ride you can opt for either pay via credit card or cash payment. If you go for credit card payment then the payment will be automatically deducted by the Careem and if you go for cash payment, you will have to give it to the driver at the end of the ride. After your ride is complete, you can rate the service of Careem if you want to give feedback.
Features of Careem App
To make an app like Careem you just need to Hire Android Developer and iOS developer. But to make and run the App like Careem few years ago was quite a challenge. Careem does not have the same finance power as Uber but it has given it a tough competition in the Middle East region and still Careem app is considered the number one car booking app in these regions.
Features of Careem’s Passenger App: – 
Profiles of Users and Stats

Edit Profiles

On-demand booking



Automated e-receipts

Schedules bookings

SMS Alerts

GPS based Vehicle Tracking System

Flexible Payment Options

Ride History

Features of Careem’s Driver App: –
SMS Alerts

Automated e-receipts

Vehicle Tracking

Notification to Drivers

Careem is the Uber of Middle East
Careem was started in the year 2012. It grants its clients to book a car for an exact time or order it on-demand through its mobile application or website. In 2013, Careem has got funding worth $1.9 million by STC Ventures, a part of Saudi Telecom company to extend its services. Careem accept payments in many ways like payment with credit card, or by cash to the driver or even from the e-wallet which company provides to its riders. Careem offers receipts on the web and track their rides continuously. Currently, Careem has more than 1,000 cars over its system. After $1.9 million financing and $10 million in Dec 2014, Careem also got $70 million of funding from AI Tayyar, STC Ventures, Impulse, Beco Capital, Lumia Capital and Wamda Capital to develop and expand its taxi business in Middle East. Other than Middle-East region Careem is also successfully operating in many countries in North Africa and Asia. Before its takeover by Uber, Careem had raised $ 59.5 million to grow its support of 28 urban communities including Singapore, London and Berlin.
Even Uber faced issues while doing expansion. It was questioned in 2011 and 2012 when neighborhood travel experts and cab commissions and organization had issues in many parts of the US and Canada over its permitting status. Although after this issue was settled, Uber has grown exponentially. But Careem never faced these kinds of regulatory and permission issues.
Careem co-founder Magnus Olsson said, “We just work with drivers and cars authorized by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai and the TransAD specialist in Abu Dhabi. All are investigated all the time by the controllers and guaranteed according to direction.” Uber also owns cars but unlike Uber, Careem doesn’t own cars. Rather it has bonded together with near 30 limo organizations in the UAE, using a sum of 350-400 drivers crosswire over Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Many organizations joined Careem as they were under-used and around 40-50% of their time was spent while looking around.
Contrasting other driving auto booking administration in Middle East, Careem, an auto booking application, is much moderate. Careem charges at least 40 AED for on-request limos while the individuals who booked ahead of time have to pay at least 75 AED.
Other Good Things About Careem App Which Are Liked by Users: –
Clients have to choose their get and drop points by utilizing the application’s worked in mapping framework. The best thing about this app is that it mentions the trip’s total cost so users either can book instantly or they can plan for a later time in the day.
Clients can become more acquainted about the driver’s name and contact number alongside the permit number of the car. This application additionally sends a profile and photo of the driver along with his ratings. Different elements incorporate the car’s model, shading and tag. Clients can also track the ride to refresh location.
Careem is not like Uber which works cashless rather Careem gives amazing an enormous transport benefits and accepts both cash and card payments.
Careem gives amazing user experience. Careem holds hands with performers and offers 2 for 1 pack in which clients can book a ride with Careem best performers in so many cities in which it operates.
Understanding the Working of Careem Taxi App
This app has 2 buttons i.e. “Now” to do quick taxi booking and “Later” for a later ride on pre-planned taxi service.
You can finish the whole procedure of booking a taxi within 20 seconds by utilizing their easy to use features.
Payment system of Careem app is totally hassle free.
You can do real time GPS tracking of their drivers when they drive to your current location.
Rating framework for your ride is additionally accessible which is useful for the drivers to make any improvement in their service if necessary or if possible.
Careem has taken special measures for the safety and security of its women passengers and it has developed and installed many features and processes in this regard in its car booking app service.
Cost of Developing a Careem Like App: –
Developing an on-demand taxi application like Careem needs the work of an application developer and you need to hire full-stack developer to make an app like Careem. The developer needs to make two modules of the application i.e. one Passenger App for cab booking and other Driver app to accept a request of a ride.
Let’s now discuss about the estimated time to build iOS app for Careem or Uber like app. It will take around 520 hours to create client application and 250 hours to build driver’s application. And if you also want to create an Android app for Careem like app then it will need around 630 hours to create the client application and 300 hours to create driver application. The development of Web Services API, Frontend and Backend website will additionally take about 550 hours to get completed.
Based on the features and time required to implement them we have calculated the cost of developing a Careem like App. A taxi app like Careem will cost you anywhere between $5,000 to $ 15,000. A detailed estimation can be given to you by the app development company to give you an exact idea about the costing of the app.
Uber has demonstrated that there is a huge market and opportunity for Taxi booking apps and Careem, a Dubai based taxi specialist has proven that and actually captured a huge market by launching its mobile apps and website for the general public to book a ride. Careem says that they offer rides at the touch of a button.
We have just discussed all the important aspects and parts of how to make an app like Careem which is an Uber like app for Middle East and many other countries. Although Careem has been acquired by Uber recently but Uber has let it work independently under the same management, same leadership and same brand as it was highly impressed by the way it was working and the processes its leadership has implemented to run the Careem App. If you are also impressed with the growth potential of Careem like app then you can also build an app like Careem and run your taxi booking business easily. We have already discussed the features, time required and the cost required to build such an app. You just need to find an expert and experienced mobile app development company and tell them about your requirements and they will surely build a Careem like app for your taxi business. You have the idea now and it just needs a perfect execution through the best app development company.

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