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If you are working in an Android app development company, or associated with developing Android apps, then you might want to know about the latest trends that influence the user-experience of the smartphone users. Therefore, if you are an Android app creator you must read out this blog article, which will give insights into how Google has planned to introduce Google Assistant to the messages app of Android. 
Well, is this a news of excitement or not, it will only be clear when we know about the features that will be integrated when Assistant will be finally brought to message apps.            

 Google Assistant to Android messages-What Google Assistant will bring into the Android messages app?

You must be knowing already that it’s been a couple of weeks that Google Assistant was seen in Music playing app, or messages and even more. It’s also to be noted that this feature helps to reply faster. The messaging app that we are talking about here is the basic Android messages app that will soon use Google Assistant to write messages as well as reply to the messages easily. Not many of us are aware of the fact that there was an app, Allo – by Google which miserably failed but the idea of using Google Assistant in future has definitely sprung up from that app because Assistant was the main feature of the app. 
But, there still remains a difference that you should know if you are an Android app creator. The only difference that lies here is that Assistant was used full-fledged in the Allo app but this time, it is the messages app, that has Assistant in it. In Messages, the Assistant will automatically pop up suggestion chips about movies, restaurants and the weather when you are having conversations with somebody in the messages app. Only precaution that Google should take here is that the users should not be interfered with their privacy issues. It should not happen that the app should take clues from the personal text as it will definitely bother the people. Clearing the air, it can be said that the Google Assistant will know about the topic that is being talked about, rather than the whole conversation. Yes, the Android app development has come so far that these types of apps are being created now.   
As we come to know here that this will be the only feature that will be available till now, but we can expect some new features that Google claims. 
Suggestions that will be generated on the phone will be definitely based on the local machine level, so we can say that this is the limited machine learning model. There is another amazing feature that this app will come up with. The suggestions will show up only on the user screen and the other person will not be able to see those suggestions until the other person pushes those suggestions to the other person. 
If it worries that this means that Google reads your text message, the company says it is not at all. The only information sent to Google servers is the text of the Google Assistant button that you clicked on. These so-called “recommended chips” are created by local analysis of the contents of the pelvis. Therefore, if someone asks if you want to go to a restaurant, you will see a suggestion that you can find pizza smileys, “yes” and restaurants.
When you click on the tips, the small assistant box slides the card to show information and options, one of which sends the search results to the chat room. We don’t know the exact distance of the receiving card before we release the card. Whatever it is, it may depend on whether the person you are talking to uses SMS, MMS, or RCS.
As Google announced the announcement of the Aro Consumer Communications App, Google has continuously improved the performance of Android messages, which is expected to be lost by the end of March. Then Google’s main consumer SMS application is Android, which supports text messages, multimedia messages, and (depending on your telecommunications company) RCS.

 Google Assistant to Android messages -New features of Messages app in Android smartphone:

Google brought seven new Hindi to Google Assistance. This helps especially Indian users to communicate with bengali, gujarati, canada, malayalam, tamil, urdu and google assistants. Search giants also provide multilingual support for other languages ​​and allow assistants to get a usable artificial intelligent (AI) model for many mobile users.
It is noteworthy that Google’s integrated helper integration into the Allo chat application in the past was not so successful, blame it on the not so worthy Android app development. Since Allo will leave next month, Google is now ready to bring the same intelligent communication experience directly to Android communications applications pre-installed on many smartphones. The company said in a blog post that in the coming months, the Messaging app will display Google advice directly to movies, restaurants and the weather. However, this feature was originally limited to English-speaking users.
Users can use Google Assistant in the Messages app by clicking on the suggestion below the message. After clicking on any of the proposed suggestions, the Messaging application opens Google Assistant to help get the information. Also hold down the Home button while you open the device messages app, the assistant displays the help.

 Google Assistant to Android messages-Multilingual Experience with Google Assistant: 

In addition to bringing “help” to “message”, Google brings up to 8 new Indian languages, including Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Urdu which are exclusive to India of course. Last year, the company played an important role in bringing Marathi and Hindi to the Google Assistant and it is really useful for those who can’t speak English. Google Assistant has also expanded its multilingual experience in addition to existing languages ​​(including English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, and Italian), Hindi, Norwegian can also be selected. Languages in a couple of Swedish languages can also be chosen easily. 
In last month’s CES, Google announced the integration of an assistant on Google Maps. The company is now expanding its integration by offering experience for all assistive phone languages. They can work with vendors like Xiaomi, Vivo and TCL to get a new Android device to the Google Assistant button and this is quite useful for every Android app development company to create unique apps.
Google also brings audio to KaiOS. This allows Google Assistant to convert audio into text directly from phones such as Jio phones. “When the cursor is in the right area, you can press the “Assistant” button on your phone and you can record content, including text messages, web searches, or other text fields,” Google Deputy President, Manuel Bronstein writes about this function in his blog. This article explains the audio input function.


Google also added Google Assistant to other languages ​​on the KaiOS phone, but most of us use English as the phone language. This will help us to communicate with the Google assistant easily. Moreover, it has been seen that every Android app creator is seen taking interest in the latest advances by Google.  


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