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Whether you are new in Australia or you are an existing subscriber looking forward to switching to another carrier, the many available providers can trick you unless you know what you want. Before choosing a mobile phone plan, you need to have information that will help you to rule out qualities that you do not want with the provider you choose. This article will tell you all you need to know before you subscribe to your first or next carrier.

Number of Phone Lines

In Australia, you may not necessarily be living alone. It means you have other family members that would like to use one plan. Depending on the number of family members, you will determine the amount of data, text, and call credits they are likely to use together. Perhaps you can use the first month before switching to collect data on usage among the members. After knowing the total amount of data, text, and call credits, you are now equipped to pick the best offer and also to pick good discounts.

Taxes on Mobile Phone Plans

Mobile phone plans in Australia are charged taxes and other fees. While the tax can cause the cost of your mobile phone plan to go up, being alert to special offers will place you at an advantage. For instance, the Australian government reduces taxes for senior citizens, military personnel, and students. If you are in either of these categories, consider knowing the tax exemptions available for you.

Network Coverage and Quality

Most people, and perhaps you, may want to move often across the country during your leisure travels or for business. In this case, you will need to be certain that your carrier has good network coverage to all the areas you want to visit. While the coverage maps can be good resources, which are shown by the providers, they may not always be accurate. You will need to do personal research in those areas by asking around. There are commentary groups in different regions which you can use to understand further the performance of carriers there. Make sure you ask about the quality of the internet and calls.

Selecting Mobile Phones

For some carriers, especially for the post-paid customers, the handsets they use come together with the line. Some providers may not allow you to use another carrier’s line in that handset. This means you will need to understand the total cost of switching to another provider when you have such a handset. So, it is crucial to ask before.

In that regard, finding the best mobile plan will need you to understand first, the number of lines you want to use in the plan, taxes on the plan and exemptions available, the network coverage, and whether the mobile device given together with the card by the provider will serve you. If the carrier you are considering does not satisfy these needs, you should probably keep searching until you settle for one that does.


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