Android or iOS development

 Android or iOS development

Did you know that you should research well before hiring Android app development company or iOS app development company? This research is necessary so that you find out that which users of the world use which apps. More than using, you need to know the preference of the certain population in a certain country in the world. 
If they have more Android devices, you will definitely need to think of building Android apps for your business, as the target audience will be using the Android smartphones as compared to the iOS devices. On the same lines, you will make the decision to hire a company for Android app development services but you have to take care about some factors before you hire Android app developer.

 Android or iOS development-Differences between Android and iOS app development are: 

If you want to decide whether to launch an e-commerce application on Android or iOS, you should consider five important factors which are written below:
●Potential audience.
●Project schedule.
●E-commerce app development.
●Application development Budget
●Target Audience

 Android or iOS development-Deciding for Android app development services is based on factors:

But what matters the most are the needs of the business owner, what features are important for shopping or e commerce applications, how much one is ready to spend on app maintenance, and most importantly, what is the exact return revenue that you have as the target, or in simple terms we call it ROI? 
Once, you have decided upon the platform- Android or iOS, you can go forward to hire Android app development company or iPhone app development company whichever you have decided for your business app. After all, the final decision rests with the investor or the business owner. The maximum that one can think is to take help and guidance from the experts in the field that is taking help from a mobile app development company with a lots of experience in developing successful apps for years for their clients. 
Coming back to the topic of this blog post, we are going to discuss about both these versions in detail below so that the readers of the blog are able to take sound decisions. 

 Android or iOS development-Developing iOS or Android apps for target audiences:

E-commerce applications are constantly being developed into technology and human resources systems and open up new space for innovation. To decide on the development of Android or iOS, first check the location of the target audience. 
After we got into research, we got to know that it will be an amazing choice to choose iOS instead of Android if your target audience is in Sweden, UK, USA and Japan, mainly in Western Europe and North America.
Don’t make conclusions easily. Check out other factors also which we have mentioned in this blog post for our readers to make informed choices as we know it well it takes a lot of hard work as well money and patience that goes into developing an app for the business. We already have some positive hints that one should choose Android app development services as compared to other platforms to get the ecommerce app development for a successful business and not only attract but also retain the users so that they can bring profits to the business in future also.       
Android has gained a higher market share. According to a report published by Statistics, in the second quarter of 2018, 88% of smartphones sold to users used the Android operating system. Android is the best choice if you want to launch your applications on the global market. Only if you have the target to take over the global market, Android is a perfect choice. If you want to sell to a particular community in a particular city of the country, provided if your target audience are using iPhones or other iOS devices, then only iPhone app development will do good to the business as compared to the second option that we are talking about here. 

 Android or iOS development-Compare the app development processes and project timeline:

An ecommerce development is not an easy and cheap process. It takes into account many factors that one should keep in mind. Every business owner wants to create applications that can be built quickly and cheaply. But, the hurry can lead to worry and in this case, where one should make comparisons beforehand as well as compare the features and benefits one gets from Android app development as well as iPhone app development. Below is a simple comparison between Android and iOS. This will help you predict the project timeline in a very coherent and practical manner as well as to choose the Android app development company without any extra efforts.

 Android or iOS development●New language of Android helps to create apps fast:

Programming Language Swift increases the number of times by reducing the number of Java creation times, but the new official programming language for Android, Kotlin, shortens the time it takes to create the code.
It has a small selection of customization and creation, standardized platform specific. Open source, lack of standardization, advanced customization and creativity are some of the benefits that one can now access with the use of Kotlin Android language easily.
Security is great with this new programming language, so it is a very safe and open source environment, and not exposed to malware and illegal applications. We have an important point to say here and that it one should hire Android app developer who is well verse in using this new Android app development programming language. 
Because Apple has a closed ecosystem, the use of iOS makes it easier, safer, and faster for application development. But Android is very flexible because it is open source. A reliable e-commerce mobile application development company can easily solve this problem and develop a rich shopping application.

 Android or iOS development●Developing Android e-commerce apps with better  functionality:

As Android is open source, Android developers are offered more opportunities to create shopping applications with more features and unique features.  With a closed iOS ecosystem, iOS developers cannot do many experiments with mobile e-commerce applications.

 Android or iOS development●Helps maintaining the budget of the app owner:

As Android takes less money to keep the app updated as well as maintained, it is a great choice for the people who have medium budget as well as less maintenance on the apps is required. 

●Identify who the target audience is.
●List the features that the viewer wants and evaluate which development platform can offer a better choice
●Analyze the development plan
●Set your budget
If you want to build an ecommerce application quickly and cheaply, the Android app development services should be your choice.


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