WordPress is a popular CMS that has been used by millions of people all across the world for creating websites in a very easy manner. Not only giant and popular companies have been using WordPress CMS for creating full-fledged websites for business but also the bloggers love WordPress because of the flexibility and high level of ease that this blogging platform has given from such a  long time. 
With WordPress web, the startups as well as big industries have achieved the maximum profits due to converting the websites created with WordPress into iOS apps or Android apps.
It may come as a surprise for many of you who haven’t heard of this ever! Creating iOS and Android apps out of the WordPress web is quite a new innovation to some and most of us for sure. What’s even more interesting is the fact that there are no over-the-counter complex steps involved in this process at all.
We are going through the process of converting the WordPress web into a dynamic app in this very article.      
Advantages of choosing app developers to convert the app:
Of course, before you start and invest on getting an iOS or Android app built for your business, you have to be very clear of the advantages that you will derive from the app and what your business goals are and how an app will be useful for your business success and reaching your goals for better sales and business.    
Here are some of the amazing benefits one can get from a mobile app:
●The mobile app offers an advanced mobile experience that allows users to spend a lot less time browsing the content as compared to the websites.
●Native iOS and Android apps offer simpler social components. Users can combine popular social media software with the mobile app once and share their favorite information later.
●With push notifications, you can always notify users of new content on your app as compared to the WordPress web.
●When a user installs your mobile apps, he or she will automatically become your loyal reader. If you pay attention to it, try getting him back for updates. At this point, you have to remember that the content is king.
●When the brand icon appears on the user’s’ smartphone home screen, he gets used to your app as compared to WordPress web resources.
How to convert WordPress web into a dynamic app from website?
This is the most interesting part. If you have little software development skills, how can you build iOS or Android applications? How do you use a minimum amount of work in developing mobile applications and get the best value for your work? 
This is where the WordPress plugins are useful. You can add free advanced plugins to create an app out of a simple website.
1.Using WordApp:
WordApp is a WordPress plugin that transforms blogs into a full-fledged mobile application or mobile site that your customers can use. Add-ons are installed directly on the dashboard of your WordPress site, so you can adjust the appearance of the website. 

Why choose WordApp?
●Builds a fast mobile app.
●Includes over 30 free themes.
●Allows mobile apps to be sent to Google Play or Apple App Store.
●Pushes notification is included.
●Creates mobile apps with AdSense and AdMob.
●BuddyPress compatibility, etc.
   2. Using AppPresser:
AppPresser lets you create and edit mobile apps in live mode. You can easily make changes to the settings panel by integrating with your website. If you are not afraid to apply some of the fixes when you write custom code, you can continue to apply the required changes to the application.
Why choose AppPresser?
●This is the basic code for integrating the AppPresser application with the WordPress site.
●Enables AppPresser code and theme when browsing the site with the app.
●Changes the WP API request and add the image URL with the function used in the application.
●Adds Ajax to other AppPresser themes and extensions.
●Adds a configuration page.
   3. Using WPTouch:
This is one of the most popular well-established mobile app builder that have been successful for over eight years. It was officially recommended by Google. It will immediately deploy the mobile device version to your site and transfer the Google Mobile Testing service. It also ensures that your site has a high SEO ranking. This allows you to build a mature mobile application on your site without having to change the code line.
Why use WPTouch?
●Google is suitable for mobile devices.
●Includes themes.
●Make your content the same as your desktop version.
●Pages, menus, devices, etc.

   4. Using Blappsta:
This is the last but not the most practical WordPress mobile application builder to convert WordPress web into an app in this list. This allows you to easily create applications from the WordPress blog. You don’t need coding skills to create your own iOS or Android apps for your site. As long as the app is ready, readers can download directly from popular app stores.

Why use Blappsta?
●Sends the push notifications to iOS and Android devices.
●Social media sharing support.
●Allows comments on original apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices and read reviews as well.
●Lists the most popular articles beforehand, categories and latest articles.
Therefore, we mentioned the best WP plugins to convert the WordPress web to a dynamic and feature-rich iOS or Android app much easier than you would ever speculate! 

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