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Every company offering Android app development services is getting many clients these days because more and more brands have recognised the importance of having an app for their brand and get reputation, branding and identity like no other marketing platform available in the industry. To add to the fact, Android is a flexible platform that the business owners can easily choose for scalability in the future without any issues. 
It is that the Android app development company a brand or a business owner chooses for the app development should know that how important is it to measure the ROI of the app that is to be developed according to the requirements of the client. You need to hire Android developer who has experience in creating an Android app already for many clients.                                               
In order to understand and consider the functions of your business, you need to understand the terms of the business. Of these terms, ROI is widely used, and this is the way to determine your investment efficiency. This is an important indicator for categorizing the attractiveness of different investment choices and is expressed as a percentage or proportion of the investment made into getting an app when a company is hired for Android app development services by the business owner.
In general, the ROI can be calculated by one of the following expressions.

Let’s start with this…
Suppose, a company spends $1,000 a month on an advertising campaign and generates $2,000 in revenue directly from the campaign, the ROI will be divided by 2000 with 1000 and the value that you got will be the ROI of the app. It is really a significant factor to know about the ROI of the app so that the profits and losses can be pondered upon easily. Otherwise, the even an Android app development company can easily ignore this fact as well. Calculating ROI will help you understand what is right for you and what is important for your business. As a result, you can consider investing in areas that can earn income and generate more income.
ROI for application development and how significant is it?
Think of a recent purchase that you made. Were they offline or online? 
For most of us, the convenience of buying from a mobile app from our smartphones has been interesting to promote mobile shopping and online shopping. According to the survey, mobile sales are expected to reach $250 billion by 2020.
This trend also attracts the attention of organizations that recognize the importance of mobilizing business applications. The development of mobile applications has some clear advantages in commerce, but there is still a passive problem with manufacturer mobility and doubts arise whether or not to hire Android developer because of some of the concerns that arise due to doubtful ROI calculations. That is why we have stressed on the need of calculating the ROI before one leaps into the business with full-fledged investment into Android app development services. The reluctance is usually because you are not sure about the mobile application’s ROI. 
This makes sense, because the economic success of mobile applications in today’s complex and competitive markets is not easy. Mobile applications developed by companies are very expensive. It is therefore very important to ensure a reliable return on investment. The following section explains the rate of return for the different application types and, finally, the steps involved in measuring the return on the application.
●Ways to check the ROI of any app and the best method:
Pay per download is the fastest way to instantly develop ROI applications. However, users do not get this method well because they do not want to pay the initial fee for unsecured applications. In many cases, a large number of such applications are expected from customers, and these applications are not high-quality, so in most cases customers are not satisfied. If you are an Android app development company, you must try and check out this method for sure. 
So, what is the solution to this method by the way?
Not all applications are designed to make money directly, but there are other ways to make money by earning money rather than taking money from the customer first. Different business models are used in the applications, two of which are welcome for paid applications.
Reasons to set a low cost for downloading apps: In this case, the price of the downloaded app will remain low, so your customer purchase costs will not be high. In the long run, such application development usually generates significant returns and this should be kept in mind by the companies offering Android app development services for sure so that the client can get much profit.
Other ROI method for mobile application development: In application development, ROI can be implemented in different ways when you hire Android developer with much expertise. Some companies sell user information to third parties to generate revenue which is completely an unethical method at all levels.
Other companies try to analyze user behavior and patterns in a particular industry which is the only ethical method of doing the things legally. As long as the application provides useful services to the customer, the application must have a good returns on the investment.
Whether or not to keep high pricing of the application: As it is convinced that the product is sold among relatively famous brands, you can keep the high price of the application. This is true if the application’s ROI is guaranteed by the Android app development company. Otherwise, there is the possibility of the opposite effect.
ROI for Hybrid Applications Development: Hybrid applications offer more opportunities to make money, so they can be found in the market. These applications focus on getting the benefits after downloading. The rate of return on such applications can be used through ads, purchases of applications, and subscription fees.
Why defining the goals is the ultimate factor for the app success?
The most important step is to know what you want to do with the application. This is important because other procedures logically follow this. Even before you start writing the code, you need to do this before the screen design. Each mobile campaign can be measured with one of two expected results.
If your goal is to interact with a customer, you may want to know if your apps have acquired new customers, so you can compare the cost of work and mobile work for other channels to you and it is best done when you hire Android developer for this task. If a start-up campaign leads to a potential customer’s growth or decline, the developer will notify you. 
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