Many people play video games for excitement. Usually, people like to play games such as call of duty or Pokemon Go. However, some people don’t like these types of games that make them irritating, especially when they are going through a difficult situation in their life. They want to relax & eliminate their negative thoughts from their minds for relaxation, and they play anti stress games to relieve stress. Well, there are tons of excellent stress relief games through which you can

There is no doubt that feeling stressed from negative emotions is a common issue these days, and it seems tricky to get rid of them. According to research, 80 percent of people are under stress because of managing their routine tasks regularly, and half of the percentage admit that they need aid to reduce anxiety & stress. No wonder many people turn to the anti stress relief games to get rid of negative feelings.

AntiStress Games:

Here we will discuss the best anti stress games that you can play to make your mood happy and get relief from negative energies.

AntiStress, Relaxing, Anxiety & Stress Relief Game:

It might be possible that you think so many times how you can release stress within no time? Yes, the answer to this question is you are at the right place for endless stress relief games. There are many anti stress games, but this app truly stands out because it features more than 36 games. The app offers you a variety of anxiety relief games to refresh your mind. All you need is to download this pack of mind relaxing games for Android and enjoy the therapy of stress releasing.

Candy Crush Saga:

Candy crush is one of the most popular anti stress relief games, and it gained huge popularity in very little time. The creators of this game are very committed to the user fun and relaxation that opens the screen features rotating phrases including the “escape the stress today”  if you don’t like bright colors then, you may not like this game. However, for many players, the sliding of the jewel-like candies to make candy matches can induce a restful state when you play the game on iOS or Android.

Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go is also one of the popular anti stress games available on Android and iOS, and this amazing game is not designed particularly for teens. So, anyone can play the game. The game encourages the user to walk outdoors & get some exercise with simple goals to catch the various Pokemon characters. It promises the user the ability to travel between the virtual & real worlds as they search for Pokemon and explore new locations. You will find in this game that additional, rare Pokemon continuously appear in different locations as you play the game. This type of antistress game can help the user to get rid of their tensions.

Bubble Wrap:

Bubble Wrap has a good position in the list of anti stress games, and most people recommend this game to play as it helps to reduce stress. Bubble wrap popping is now available virtually because of its fame. You can make the bubbles explode by just pressing them with your fingers thus, you can eliminate the destructive emotions. This free anti stress game is a good option to kill your time, and you can play it anywhere you want while waiting in a queue or during tiring trips.

Color Break:

Color Break is one of the unique anti stress games that grants a tremendous opportunity to relax and have fun. You can make digital paintings with this anti stress game by using your finger or stylus and refresh your brain by creating colorful patterns. The game helps you to encourage your inner creativity, so you can forget all the stress about a tough day.

This anti stress releasing game boasts a wide range of colors and lets the user share his finished work with friends by using their email ids. This is a mind refreshing game so that you can play during your working hours to release stress without paying too much attention your way.


Wordscape is a different anti stress game in its category that helps the players to exercise the brain for relaxation. The app is specifically designed to sharpen your mind when you play the game just for 10 to 15 minutes every day. This word antistress game challenges the user with word searches, anagrams, and crosswords. You will be relaxed as your mind works on the puzzles and put yourself at ease with the amazing & beautiful scenery backgrounds.


There are few anti stress relief games available to alleviate your anxiety and help you to feel relaxed for a specific period. However, you can look up ordinary ways to respond to challenges for improving your mental health. In this article, we have gathered the best games that can assist you in relaxing your mind.

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