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IOT-Impact of IoT on Application Development!Internet of things

Iot applications :These days although IoT Application Development go hand in hand but still there is a lot to learn and understand about IoT and its impact on the app development. In last few years we have seen many trends and new technologies coming in the market. Internet of Things or IoT is one such technology which has become highly popular in these years and it is being looked upon as one big thing which is going to impact the world a lot. Therefore, it needs no introduction now. More and more people have started to realize its significance and its ability to enhance our day-to-day lives. That’s why most of the businesses and enterprises are keen to cash this opportunity and use IoT to strengthen and expand their businesses.

But either due to lack of enough knowledge of due to their resistance to change, still there are many organizations which are still hesitant to accept and implement IoT applications in their app development processes. That’s why in this article we are going to discuss with you about IoT in detail including its impact on the App development process along with its benefits so that more and more organizations can understand this concept and they become more ready to accept and implement it in their business operations. 

Many developers and so many app Development and other part of the world have already accepted IoT and they have started using it in the app development too. The mobile apps which are developed nowadays are highly streamlined and functional and using IoT these apps enable the users to connect smoothly to the world by just using smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices.
Research report says that the number of connected devices which was 23 Billion in 2018 is expected to reach 75 Billion by 2025. Before we go into more details, let’s first understand what IoT is?

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT simply means a network of electronic or smart devices or Things which can communicate and interact using the internet and can be controlled and managed through internet using smartphones based mobile apps. The connected devices can be either smart TVs, washing machines, ACs, Geysers, Coffeemakers, Microwave Ovens and more. By IoT all of these devices and more are connected and interact through internet and are operated through mobile apps on smartphones.
You can ask any App Developer or elsewhere and he can tell why and how IoT has literally changed the concept of mobile applications and now the apps are developed in such a way that they can include the IoT. It has been proved that switching from traditional apps to IoT integrated mobile apps has tremendous benefits.

How IoT is Changing Mobile App Development?

Due to the increased popularity and implementation of IoT these days, the concept of smart homes and smart cities is becoming more clear now. Now we can understand how these things will be possible in future. In the IoT system, mobile devices serve as the main interface which helps in interacting with the IoT-enabled smart devices. Smartphones of today’s age are highly advanced and they have such apps and sensors which can make IoT possible. These smartphones can also track and control lights, electricity, devices and many other things using WiFi, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies.
For example, now a smartphone can interact with an IoT enabled health device and also with a smartwatch and can enhance the use experience a lot. Similarly, IoT is also very helpful in operating and controlling your home system remotely and doing these from just anywhere.
Due to these IoT applications, the demand for IoT Developer and for the development of IoT integrated apps has increased tremendously. Now so many of the top mobile app developers are developing IoT integrated mobile apps.

Impact of IoT on the applications Development Process

Preparing for the Future

Building IoT apps is a step towards better, improved and advanced future. In the near future, the mobile apps would require support for connected devices like IoT and most likely the apps that don’t support IoT will not be the part of future market as they will be outdated. Hence IoT is bringing the required modification and that’s why the app developers all over the world are now preparing and planning to make their mobile apps easy to integrate with the smart connected IoT devices.

Making Expert IoT Developers

IoT is certainly a new concept which requires the knowledge and specialization in many subjects like software development, embedded systems, sensors and in some cases the advanced skills like AI and Automation. Therefore, in order to remain competitive and to become good IoT developers, the developers need to learn all of these and more skills required to create IoT specific apps and to cash on the opportunities they have right now to actually become an expert in IoT technology.

Stressing on the Need for Adequate App Security 

IoT enabled devices interact and communicate a lot through internet. Hence a vast amount of user’s, personal and device’s data transfers keep on taking place in IoT devices and networks. Hence there is a possibility that the sensitive data or the information can be misused or captured by the cyber criminals when smart devices pass on the data. Therefore, the IoT app developers have to be more alert and they should build such an IoT mobile applications which are much safe and secure for the users.

Realigning the Focus

In the last many years when mobile app development was in great demand, app developers were mostly focused on how to create a user-friendly and attractive interface but with the arrival of IoT, they have to now realign their focus as great amount of efforts are needed to make an effective integration between sensors, smart devices, things and the mobile application.

Making People’s and Developers’ Lives Lots More Easier

IoT has definitely made lives of people easier than before. Now the users as well as app developers can do many tasks more easily as with the interactivity of devices with mobile apps, doing so many of the tasks has become lot more easier. This results in lesser efforts by developers to build an app and they can also now come up with more innovative and user friendly mobile app solutions.

Increases Efficiency within an Organization

IoT mobile apps are very effective in increasing the involvement of the customers as they offer amazing user experience and it also helps the employees to work in a much more efficient manner. The networked devices of IoT is designed in such a manner that it simplifies and automates the business processes and ultimately this boosts the efficiency and productivity within an organization. With the integration of IoT technology, mobile applications become more user friendly and offer lots of benefits and convenience to users so that they can work with more efficiency.

IoT leads to Cost Effectiveness

IoT is a mature technology in the space of mobile app development and this technology gives huge boost to the brand and helps in reducing the expenses which occur in the app development process. With the help of latest IoT devices and technology, mobile app developers can incorporate so many components in a cost-effective manner and also can make the apps more interactive while it also offers a lot of scope and space of the new innovation. Hence Internet of Things can lead to saving of lots of money thus bringing cost effectiveness in the process.

Offers Valuable Insights from the Data

As you know, IoT is the network of connected devices, gadgets, servers and other electronic or smart equipment. These devices collect and access lots of sensitive and important data to smoothly function and remain in syc with various equipment and gadgets. In doing this process, IoT system comes to know about various amazing and useful insights which can be used by the users or managers to make real-time decisions and to make complex business processes easier.

Makes Mobile App More Interactive

This is seen many times that the incorporation of IoT will make the mobile apps lots more interactive. It also offers more space to customize the app and make them innovative. You can use the IoT in your app development process to attract new users and beat your competition. It will also be much easier to add new features and make the most use of them using IoT.

Get Competitive Advantage

As we have said, still so many businesses and developers have not yet accepted and implemented IoT into their solutions. Hence if you move into this direction and implement IoT into your mobile app then definitely you will be on the advantage. Mostly it has been seen that the businesses which offer its users something new and innovative, do wonders in the market. In this cutting edge competitive world, implementing IoT surely has its own benefits.  By taking help of IoT developers, you can make the work process a lot more simpler and easier and it will give you certain features which you can even highlight in your portfolio.

Top Benefits of IoT Focused Mobile Applications

As we have explained to you about the impact of IoT on the app development similarly IoT focused mobile applications also offers many benefits and they are fully capable to serve many business objectives. Let’s now delve into the benefits which are offered by the IoT enabled mobile apps: –

High Level of Flexibility

With IoT enabled mobile apps, obviously the users get lots of flexibility. For example, for some time, one can use the offline features of the app for the time when internet connectivity is poor.  Also, one can easily access the mobile app via smartphone at any time of the day and from any part of the world to monitor, control and manage connected IoT devices.

Promotes Branding

Using IoT apps, business promotions become lots more effective and it enables the app owner to convince the target customers to purchase the products and services. An IoT enable mobile app allows customers to easily use specific products and services. Hence this will help in the brand promotion and to attract more customers.

Highly Convenient

The IoT enabled mobile apps are highly convenient for us as they can be used easily, anytime and anywhere which are not possible with desktops and laptop based apps. That’s why we tend to use smartphones more often. For tracking, managing and controlling IoT network, mobile apps are much more useful and convenient than the traditional websites.


We have just discussed about the various benefits of IoT enabled mobile apps.  Earlier we have also discussed what are the impacts of Iot on the mobile app development process. Hence we can surely say that IoT concept and technology is all geared up to be incorporated and integrated by more and more mobile app developers into their mobile apps and this may be the good time to say goodbye to the traditional mobile app development processes. Now is the best time to standup and accept the IoT enabled mobile applications and transform our businesses. Now whether we want to control the integrated sensors or the devices at the workplace we just need to use a IoT mobile application through a smartphone.


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