Whether you’re a die-hard Apple supporter or not, you can’t have failed to notice the glaring absences from Apple’s iPhone range. Where is iPhone 9?

Apple has not explained its decision to not release an iPhone 9 as of yet. However, there are a few widely held theories that provide possible explanations. The most plausible explanations are listed below.

The iPhone turned ten years old, for one.

To mark the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, Apple unveiled the iPhone X in November 2017. Roman numeral X denotes the number 10. It’s also the only iPhone whose name includes a Roman number.

To celebrate the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, Apple could choose to call it the iPhone 9. It made more sense to miss the iPhone 9 because of the number discrepancy, which might lead to even more misunderstanding.

To Announce a Significant iPhone Update

The iPhone 8 was a big update over the iPhone 7. The iPhone X, with its introduction of Face ID and its screen that covers almost the whole front of the phone, is a prime illustration of how advances in technology can enhance the user experience.

Even if we didn’t drop our hard-earned cash on the newest iPhone right then, we undoubtedly all remember crowding around the one person in our group who did. Despite its age, the iPhone X remains a landmark smartphone.

Because of the iPhone X’s status as Apple’s most costly smartphone to date, the number “iPhone 9” doesn’t do justice to the device’s high-end features. The iPhone X introduced a whole new audio experience.

Thirdly, It’s Smarter Advertising

Two months before the iPhone X went on sale, Apple released the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. For consistency’s sake, the iPhone 8 Plus might be referred to as the iPhone 9.

However, from the perspective of the user, if Apple did so, you would be presented with three distinct groups of “newness” whenever you planned to update your iPhone.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are now part of the same series, eliminating the need for buyers to decide between “good” and “best” models. Apple certainly increased sales of the expensive iPhone X by making it stand out from the crowd.

A Reason Apple Didn’t Release an iPhone 9

It has been hypothesised that not releasing an iPhone 9 had nothing to do with superstition. Apple wouldn’t have skipped the iPhone 4 or iPhone 13 if it was the case. Having no iPhone 9 seems to be purely a financial decision, which is obviously vital for a tech powerhouse like Apple.

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