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As there is huge demand for Android apps in the market hence so many businesses are looking to hire Android App Developer to build their amazing Android apps. Since the time Smartphones came to the market in 2007, usability and demand for mobile applications have been keep on increasing. Actually, mobile applications are playing a key role in popularizing the smartphones. In today’s smartphone market two players i.e. Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhones have the major marketshare. Right now there are about 3.2 million apps in the Google’s Play Store and about 2.2 million apps in the Apple’s App Store. These mobile apps have been categorized into many different types such as the corporate apps, social media apps, messenger apps, gaming apps and the on-demand apps etc. As per reports, total number of mobile devices is expected to reach around 5 billion by 2019. Hence, alongwith about 5 million mobile apps, it is a huge market in itself. 
When we find which are the most downloaded apps on App Store then we find that social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are the most downloaded apps with 29% of the users going for them. The on-demand apps are also not much behind. Report says that about 59% of the on-demand app users are males and about 55% of them are aged between 25 and 44 years. We all know that an on-demand app is an online and instant service provider through mobile app which simplifies the lives of many people and makes their day-to-day activities lot more convenient and easier. 
So many businesses are now looking for Android App Development Company as they want to build their on-demand apps. Other than that they make our lives comfortable, they also boost the businesses as the users don’t need to call the service centers and wait for the required person to provide the solutions. Let’s now discuss what are the reasons which make Android the best platform for on-demand app development for businesses enterprises: –

Android Apps are Easier to Get Approval From Google
It is easy to get your mobile app built on Android platform to get approval from Google to be placed on the Play Store while it is much more complex and difficult for your mobile app built on iOS platform to get approval from Apple as they have more stringent app approval policies. Google Android app development guidelines are also easier to follow. The reviewing time at the Play Store is much lesser and the developers don’t need to follow any stringent terms and conditions. In case of Android, the start-ups and businesses developing the on-demand app for the first time have to pay only a one time $25 registration fee before uploading the app while in case of Apple, this fee is $99 per year.
Android has more than 85% Share in the Smartphone Market
When we start to build a mobile app and contact Android App Development Services or iPhone app development services then first we need to find out who is our target audience. We have already discussed that there are two major competitors in the mobile app market: Android and iOS with Android having 85% marketshare. Android is popular all over the world among all all ages, diverse locations and different type of users. Hence if you want to reach the billions of people who are using Android devices then you have to build on-demand app for Android platform only. It is as simple as that.

Easy to Add More Features in Android Apps
There are many must have features which need to be added into the on-demand apps like integration of Maps, Push Notifications, GPS functionality and lot more. These features are required to reach the targeted customers. Adding these features especially Maps are easy in Android than in iOS. GPS and Map features are required to track the exact location of the service being offered.
Android is Open Source Thus Supports Easy Customization
One of the important feature of on-demand app is that it needs to fulfill the requirements of the end users. Therefore, its functionalities keep on changing as new trends keep on emerging. This requires the app developer to update the app regularly. Also as Android is open source hence if there is need for any further customization then it can be carried out in Android apps easily. That’s why Android is preferred more when it comes to develop on-demand mobile applications.
Android Apps Get the Benefits of Google Assistant
If you go for Android app development for your on-demand app then you will get the support of voice assistant in the form of Google Assistant. You will also get access to many data points which make Google Assistant more efficient and better as compared to Siri, the assistant offered by Apple. The Android users or the customers just have to speak the command to search anything on Google Assistant. 
Free Google’s Data Storage
When you build an on-demand app and launch it on the Google Play Store then you will get 15 GB free storage facility. You can store the data in this Google Drive and Google also has its own cloud storage other than Google Drive making it simpler to access the data. On-demand apps have large customer data hence you need a bigger storage and if you go for Android app then Google takes care of this issue.
We have just discussed the reasons which make Android the best platform for on-demand app development. Popularity of the on-demand apps is increasing exponentially therefore developers now look for a reliable and profitable app platform which can help in maximizing the profits and which can target maximum number of customers. Android is developed and backed by Google and therefore it offers so many advantages for both customers as well as the mobile app developers and that’s why I recommend to choose Android platform to build on-demand apps.
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