Most enquired aspects about WatchCartoonOnline and its answers

WatchCartoonOnline is among the most popular, but illegal websites where the users are allowed to download cartoons for free. It is one of the largest of its kind platforms that brings most recent cartoons in HD. Moreover, here one can watch cartoons online free in various languages, starting from English, Hindi, to Tamil. English is not the only foreign language; it leaks the contents in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese as well, of cartoon segment. 

What if someone doesn’t understand the language of the content?

Those interested can have the dubbed version of these cartoon videos as well, over the web. In fact, the cartoons can be downloaded along subtitles through the platform. is first of its kind piracy websites to provide Malay cartoons over its platform. WatchCartoonOnline provides cartoon videos in a huge range of qualities, starting from 360p to 720p.

How much traffic does it get?  

The sites global alexa ranking is #683,465. It witnesses 21,028 visitors per month. According to Alexa, the site on an average gets 1351 traffic each day. Its domain authority is 63, and the Moz ranking of the site is 4.5/10.   

What are the most popular contents leaked over WatchCartoonOnline website?

Watchcartoonsonline is distinguishing of its kind for leaking English cartoon contents on the same day as of its theatrical release. It thus has almost all the super hit movies leaked over its platform. 

Some of the most popular movies leaked over this platform include Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan, Lost Song, Hunter x Hunter, etc.  

.From where do they source the contents?

Actually, it’s the illegal content makers or those having illegal movies do publish or leak their contents on this platform. Other illegal or piracy sites for watching online cartoons do possess threats of virus and bug. is one of the most visited platforms to watch cartoons online for greater safety assurance it provides. 

Do they have established office set-up or employees?

A huge number of unidentified people associated with the platform from anonymous destinations do serve for it. Those who are not interested in downloading often go through for streaming purpose. It allows the users to select their preferred content and import over here in a much simpler fashion. 

How the site does earns money?

Many people show curiousness about knowing how the watchcartoononline website earns money. The simplest answer for this is the ads appearing over the website. Whenever a user clicks the ads appearing over the contents, the site earns its revenue. Noteworthy here is that the ads appearing over the contents of this site are quite tough to be ignored.    

What makes WatchCartoonOnline so much trusted for online cartoon viewing?

In modern times, to watch free piracy cartoons, the sites like watchcartoonsonline are considered the most suitable options as other ways are vulnerable of facing strict actions by the publishers and the government as well. Hence, the users download the movies through the piracy sites. Though VPN option is there, but proxy platforms like watchcartoononline free website are preferred being simpler and safer.    

Different alternatives of other links for WatchCartoonOnline :

Just like every other piracy site, Watchcartoononline too also brings several other links of it. Often the piracy or illegal websites have numerous options or links as there remains a constant threat on them to get penalised. Anyway, mentioned below are some of the links for Watchcartoonsonline. One can watch cartoons online free through all these links as well.     


How to watch WatchCartoonOnline when the site gets blocked?

  • Watchcartoononline often gets blocked for piracy reasons. In such occasions, users have access of it through the proxy sites. Most of these sites are open, and many others available as private. 
  • One can get linked with several IP addresses over the web, keeping the explicit IP address coveted. As proxies do hide their distinct identity and release the same over the web through several IP address, it doesn’t get caught easily. 
  • Not just for the desktop sites, one can have proxies for watchcartoononline mobile website as well. 

Why WatchCartoonOnline does gets blocked so often?  

  • Though WatchCartoonOnline offers contents for free to download, but it’s still illegal. They get blocked frequently as piracy of videos is considered strictly illicit in many parts of the globe. 
  • It’s quite easy to find alternatives, having the options like,, etc.
  • This is the reason the loyal or frequent visitors of it often remain in search of alternatives. 

Is it possible to watch WatchCartoonOnline over mobile?

  • User base for Watchcartoononline has increased significantly across mobile platforms. It’s true that some of the renowned mobile operating system platforms don’t allow this for piracy reasons. 
  • Here one has to go for watchcartoononline app download upon visiting their parent site. In such occasions, the best way is to have watchcartoononline apk to have thorough access of the contents.      

How to know whether the site has been blocked? 

  • The simplest way to know whether the WatchCartoonOnline is still available or has not been blocked is to simply search for the same over Google or any similar search engine. If the official website of the same doesn’t appear, it means the concerned government has penalised or blocked the site.  


Is Watchcartoononline illegal?

The most honest answer would be ‘yes’. Despite enjoying massive visitors on a regular basis, the site’s activity is considered illegal as they do video piracy or content piracy. The same is the reason that the site gets blocked frequently.

Is Watchcartoononline safe?

From virus or bug safety perspective, Watchcartoononline is indeed comparatively safer than other of its kind piracy sites. However, there remains a constant threat of it getting blocked or abandoned; though it comes up with alternative links.

Where can I watch anime?  

There are numerous platforms where one can find anime contents. However, WatchCartoonOnline is considered the most popular as it offers contents in several languages. Also, the site is safer from bug and virus perspective, in comparison to other of its kind.

 Where can I watch old cartoons online for free?

There are many sites offering cartoon contents for download. However, as far as watching old cartoons online is concerned, WatchCartoonOnline is the most popular of all. The prime reason behind this is the massive range of contents they have over their site. In addition, they offer contents in different languages as well.