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What are the best mobile app development companies in the market I can get in touch with? 

I have heard many people asking this question, whether you wish to develop android, iOS, windows mobile application or a hybrid one. Before you hire any company at least should have a criteria of selection to avoid future hiccups.

100s or 1000s of android and ios developers can be found scattered on the planet, from United States to Europe, from Europe to Middle East and southasia.

On the off chance, you will find an apps development company

Or best agencies located in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Latin American countries too.


How to find top app development company/companies?.

Types of Mobile App Developers.

App Development Platforms.

Where App Developers Are Located?.

App Development Pricing and Costs.

How to Select an App Developer.

Mobile App Development Services FAQS.

How much does it cost to develop an app?.

How long does it take to make an app?.

How can I find an app developer?.

Where can I find a developer partner for a startup app?.

How many app developers are there?.

How should I choose an app developer?.

How can my app make money?.

How do you communicate during the development process?.

What kind of testing will you do?.

List of mobile app development companies.

To cut your time of googling that may be painful, we are going to list you best app development companies that has best portfolio, excellent ratings and customer reviews. These Companies can make workable apps in android, iOS, and windows mobile& cross-platform for you.

Types of Mobile App Developers

There are four types of Mobile App Developers exists on this planet.Let’s us discuss their characteristics one by one.

In-House App Developer : An application development consist of analysis, design, coding and testing, bigorganizations like apple, IBM, and Microsoft has their own developers for this.

Outsourced,Offshore App Developers:Development community who is working outside of your office, it can be within your town, city in the rest of the world. You may assign partial or full development work to them. These developers cost less than in-house developers.

Small Team / Boutiques: Team of 2 or more people having limited expertise, either in web, mobileapp development or digital marketing. You may use them, when you have design made already and need coding part done or any partial service you need.

Full time/Part Time Freelancers:AnIndividuals, claiming he can deal in everything from app analysis to app testing, but the truth is that, you will find 1 person out of 100 covering all himself.

App Development Platforms

There are two popular platforms use to host your mobile app: Android and iOS.

Android owned by Google Inc. or Alphabet (new name of google) and iOS owned by Apple Inc.

There are many more like Samsung , LG , windows , blackberry also provides their own appstores but the above two have more market share.

Where App Developers Are Located?

  • USA
  • UK
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • NorthAmerica
  • Eastern Europe

App Development Pricing and Costs

Simple app starting from 2000 USD and USD 100,000+ for complex app development made by highly professional app development teams.

App development cost may vary country to country.

Android App Developer cost: In US per hour cost is around 160 USD,Uk is around 70 USD and Indian, Pakistani developers charge between 25 – 30 USD

How to Select an App Developer

Check out app developer portfolio, previous experience, ratings and reviews before hiring them.

Mobile App Development Services FAQS

How much does it cost to develop an app?

Starting from 2000 USD for simple apps and 100,000+ for complex.

How long does it take to make an app?

It depends on number of pages you have select, design complexity, third party apps you want to connect with. Normally an app having up to 10 pages can be designed and developed within a month time.

How can I find an app developer?

  • Google type “app development company”, “mobile app developers” etc..

Where can I find a developer partner for a startup app?

Join or related social media platforms where both client and app developers can partner with each other.

How many app developers are there?

As per recent reports by total number of app developer expected to reach 14 million by 2020.

There are around 5.9 million android and 2.8 million iOS developers exist on planet earth.

How should I choose an app developer?

Ask for references, and review mobile app developer portfolio.

How can my app make money?

This is the part of your business plan, decide either you app will generate money through advertisements or you have by selling any product or service.

You may generate money in your app through selling digital currency or coins. Many popular games follow this strategy.

How do you communicate during the development process?

Keeping client in loop is very important thing. So give them best options like

  • Skype/Zoom/Google hangouts
  • emails
  • whats app
  • Phone calls
  • Task management tools

What kind of testing will you do?

AB testing, alpha beta testing, unit testing etc..Not all of them will be related to all apps, some will be necessary for yours.

List of mobile app development companies

List of apps development companies


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