Best Android phone 2019

Best Android phone 2019

Best Android phone 2019

Smartphones make our life so much easier that no one can even imagine their lives without best Android smartphones 2019 these days. Therefore, entrepreneurs and brands want to hire Android app development companies who can create apps which are completely compatible with every type of Android smartphone in the market.

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Every Android developer wants to create an app that is able to utilise all the features of a smartphone. The app created should be such that it is compatible with the latest features of almost every smartphone. In this blog, we are not going to discuss about app development, but we have curated the list of best smartphones in 2019.

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Top best Android phones 2019 that will rock in 2019 and thereafter:
This blog will not only help the readers to buy the best smartphones of 2019 but also help every Android app creator out there to create apps according to these most popular smartphones to rock in 2019. In a flashback, we can say that Samsung Galaxy S9, Pixel 3 and Huawei P20 Pro. 
After the list, we would also tell you about the things you should keep in mind while buying any Android smartphone. A smartphone is a really important investment that should be well though-off! It should never be thoughtless. Practical benefits as well as the productivity, usefulness, entertainment and features- and so much more goes into choosing your perfect smartphone that will last for months or years, without any issues! It should be made sure that you always choose a smartphone according to your needs, so it is always important to check the features of smartphones that you shortlist. 
Well, it is clear that every person chooses a smartphone according to the needs that may be the priority. A person may have the priority of calling or messaging or even entertainment. So, whatever the priority you may have, just keep a check on what all features a smartphone is offering to the users:            

Let’s get started with the list right away without any further delay:

Best Android phones 2019

1.Google Pixel 3: 

On the #1 spot is Google Pixel 3 on our curated list of the top Android smartphones. If you are looking for an Android smartphone that has the best camera right now is definitely the Pixel 3 Android smartphone. Not only the camera, it is the performance of this smartphone that will surely impress its users. The design is just perfect! Pixel 3 by Google has amazing display which attracts our attention for sure. You will be happy to know that this is an improved version of the previous two versions of Pixel 3. The software that suits this smartphone in the best possible manner is the Apple 9 Pie software. There’s another surprise under the sheets with this Android smartphone, you get the wireless charging option as the back of the smartphone is all-glass. You get an amazing set of USB-C headphones with the Pixel-3. Larger display and larger batteries make for a completely different experience that is amazing to the core. 

   2. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

On our list of the best Android smartphones, #2 is grabbed by The Galaxy S10 Plus. A great smartphone by Samsung that is definitely outstanding at least in our view. What impresses us even more is the camera, build, display as well as performance. If you are looking for a solid performance, then you should get your hands on this smartphone for sure. If you are looking for a smartphone that serves your day to day life use in amazing way, then this is the phone for you! However, there is one thing that has let down the people who were waiting for this phone, it is the Exynos version that has very downgrade battery life which is not even worth $999 for sure. You will not want to shell out this much money for a smartphone that has such a short battery life. We are all not about bragging, we love the UI motions in the smartphone which are amazingly thoughtful on the screen. You can, as always choose S 10 which has even much better screen as compared to this.    

 3. OnePlus 6T:

On the #3, it is the amazing OnePlus 6T which comes without a headphone jack! Yes, it is the first ever from OnePlus that doesn’t has a headphone jack. It has some other features such as in-screen fingerprint sensor as well as a speaker that is really improved upon the previous versions. What most of the users check in advance is the battery life of the smartphones, if you too are a fan of the Android smartphone that has a longer battery life- you can’t go wrong with this smartphone for sure. The screen is much bigger in size and users would love to use this screen. Even Android development companies should try to use these features for the better benefits of the users through the app in the smartphone. Along with the Pixel 3, this smartphone just has a far better performance as well as the dual cameras never fail to impress us. Black would be a nice color to buy!

   4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro:

If you are someone who is not impressed with a single beat feature, then this smartphone Huawei Mate 20 Pro is just made for you as it is a complete all-rounder and the camera quality is wonderful too! However, it is true that the camera is the highlight of this phone. But, it also has a top-quality screen. It’s super-fast charging and that too without a wire will surely win many people’s hearts. Long battery life is something which is basic and you can find it in this smartphone. There may be small loose ends but they will not affect your purchase decision for this Android smartphone. 

   5. Huawei P20 Pro:

Talking about Huawei P20 Pro on the #5 spot, it is an amazing Android smartphone which you should really consider in your list of the most wanted smartphones especially in the year of 2019. Another smartphones that definitely deserve your attention along with Galaxy S9 and iPhone X. What we don’t like much about this phone is the lack of video stability in 4K, which is sure a bummer. Sure, photography is good with the camera that this phone has but still, there is lack of headphone jacks as well as there is no wireless charging in the phone. So, if you have priority for photography, it would be nice to invest into this Android smartphone for sure. Some more features of this smartphone is the long battery life as well as sim slots for two. Even the screen is big enough as a big display puts a smile on the face of the users. This was the best phone of 2018 as well because of the features that we just discussed. However, you should keep in mind that this might not be the cheaper option than the regular P20 but there is no waterproofing feature as well lack of OLED and there are no dual front camera in the regular P20. 

   6. Honor View 20:

If you are a fan of great looks of an best Android phone 2019 and looking for a phone that just looks good from every perspective possible, then Honor View 20 is definitely the smartphone that you should try your hands without any doubt. If you don’t mind niggles here and there, you should try to invest in this piece for sure. There is a pinhole punch on the front camera as well as a unique holo V shade on the rear glass! Completely something never seen before in the range of the Android smartphones. What you get while clicking pictures in this smartphone is powerful to the core because of the unmatchable 6/8GB RAM. Every Android developer holds the opportunity to create an app that is using camera as feature in the mobile app for Android. 
We can’t stop talking about Honor when it comes to the list of Android smartphones which give magnificent camera quality. So, you get a 48MP camera at very justifiable price of $550 for a base model. But, it has extra RAM and storage as well. If there are any drawbacks, then they lie in the lack of wireless charging as well as waterproofing. Keeping these 2 drawbacks on the back bench, it can be said that a user will be very much satisfied with other amazing core features.  

   7. Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro:

On the #7 spot, we have the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, which sells at around $550, it is seriously an amazing buy which can be bought while you don’t find Mi 9 on sale in the UK.  We are sure about the fact that it will be the favorite once it is launched in the market, but until then we can have a look at the specs of Mi 8 Pro and all its features. Main features that go around this Android smartphone is that it has cut the rival smartphones. Another reason you should try to buy these phones in the UK is that they are easily available in that country. They give decently powerful performance at this price, which is amazing along with decent camera quality. We can call it an all-rounder with nice back cover.    

   8. Samsung Galaxy Note 9:

On the last spot #8, we have listed Galaxy Note 9 because it has almost all the features that are needed by the users of the Android smartphone. Galaxy Note 9 is the best Android smartphone on the earth, no doubt because a person with just limited requirements can do with it. IT has a great design with long battery life which is always the requirement of all the users of a smartphone. The unique S-pen that comes along with the Galaxy Note 9 is very useful as we consider the features. It doesn’t have too many features that are unique but basic features at the highest level among the best Android smartphones. We have put it on the last spot because you can get similar features in the Galaxy S9 as well and that too in lesser price as well as lesser price in comparison to this smartphone. This phone is good just because it has the liquid cooling feature which is amazing to play games which drains out the batteries quite fast. 

End Notes:

We have curated this list for our readers as well as the Android developer who want to create the most compatible apps to a wide range of best Android phones 2019 that are popular.  

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