What is the Full Form of AM

The Full Form of AM is a Ante meridiem

AM is formally known as Ante-Meridiem. AM is a Latin phrase that refers to the 12-hour period before Noon on a calendar. Additionally shown is A.M. Anti Meridiem denotes before noon. It belongs to the 12-hour clock and is a unit of the time standard. The time cycle of a day is divided into two sections by the 12-hour schedule. The first phase is known as AM, or Ante Meridiem. AM, which stands for Ante Meridiem, refers to the hours between midnight and noon.

PM is formally known as Post Meridiem. PM stands for post-midday. It is yet another conventional time unit connected to the 12-hour clock. The period is divided into two equal periods, the first period and the second period, according to the 12-hour clock system.PM or Post Meridiem reflects the second period. PM or full form Post Meridiem reflects the time from Noon till midnight.


If I say I ‘m coming at 8 o’clock, it’s confusing that morning or evening. In the 12-hour clock, system AM and PM are used to prevent this ambiguity. Accordingly, the morning is 8 am and evening is 8 pm.

Some keywords to remember

AM = Ante Meridiem


Ante means before

Meridien means midday.

PM = Post Meridiem


Post represents after

Meridian represents midday.


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