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When you develop or build something, you need a strong foundation. If you try to create a mobile app, this is also fully applicable in iPhone app development as well as Android app development as well. With changing times, commercial companies pay more attention to building applications to attract target consumer groups so that they are able to make high profits. 
This makes the competition more intense and it calls for more better and develop apps that are able to impress the users and more consumers and clients can be converted to regular customers. 
That is why it is necessary to choose the appropriate basis for the apt application architecture to become successful. In fact, many mobile applications cannot impress the user due to their poor architecture.
What is mobile app architecture and why is it so crucial?
The mobile application architecture can be defined as a series of different methods, techniques and processes implemented to build fully structured mobile applications based on the specific needs of the company and all the app development companies in Dubai knows the importance of this very well. Therefore, one can go ahead and hire one of the professionals or the company from UAE without giving second thoughts!
When designing an application architecture, you should hire app developer who can also consider programming wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Multilevel architecture for mobile application architecture:
Although the architecture of mobile applications consists mainly of several layers, we focus on three important levels that every iPhone App Development should know for better services for the clients. If these basics are not known by the mobile app developer, then there are chances that the app built will not be of highest quality as expected by the clients.

Types of layers that are involved in the app architecture or structure:
Here are the basic layers that every app structure should consist of for better app development that is free from all the errors that could otherwise arise.  

●Business Layer:
As the name implies, it mainly consists of compartments, workflows, and components.
●Formula layer:
This layer pays particular attention to user interface components and user interface process components.
●Data layer:
This layer has been created for combining media, data transfer components, and service agents.
Factors to be taken care while developing the app architecture: 
Application developers need to be aware of the important factors that must be taken into account before each stage of the mobile application architecture is examined in detail.

1. Specify the type of device:
Today we have N-smart phones that belong to different categories. Device types can be categorized primarily based on the operating system they use. For example, the Android smartphone is different from the iOS Apple phone. This is an important solution before choosing an application architecture and when you hire one of the best app development companies in Dubai for app development process.
In addition, these devices can be divided into the following important types: Screen size, memory size, frame selection, CPU function, display resolution and storage capacity. 
2. Select the appropriate navigation type:
Application navigation is an important element that determines the success of an application. It includes both the client and the server. 
For example, you can choose between tab control, single view, gesture-based navigation, scrolling view, warehouse navigation bar, search-based navigation.
We need to follow specific guidelines to ensure that the developed application is sufficient for users.
3. Significance of bandwidth status:
It is important to consider the bandwidth situation or consider the demographic area of ​​the local internet viewer. In many cases, the slowness of the Internet may be frustrating for users, and it rushes from the application.
Given that the speed of the Internet is very limited, you need to develop caching, data transfer mechanisms, and government. When looking at software protocols and hardware, consider also power consumption and speed.
4. Using User Interface Design:
In this area you have the opportunity to show your creativity. Therefore, the user interface is very important in designing the application architecture. However, remember the rule of thumb, it’s the best way to design an interface. Be very interactive and intuitive.
Phases to manage the different layers as well as the features;
As mentioned above, the design architecture is multi-layered and it is important to look at the guidelines for the three important layers.
●Formula layer:
The presentation layer is primarily based on how the application is displayed in front of the viewers. Therefore, the application developer is responsible for covering an appropriate end-user community that is satisfied with the application’s infrastructure and design. 

●Data usage layer:
This layer is for application and other field application papers. Application developers need to provide scalability carefully so that they can respond to future business needs in making changes. To avoid compromising the security and functionality of applications the professional of iPhone app development should choose the best communication technology.
All data usage functions are arranged in a layer at a time. It also manages data connections for mobile applications and CRUD (create, read, update, delete) management and data sources. 
You can choose the best method to prevent unauthorized access or prevent data corruption.

That’s why it is necessary to build a foundation before building an app by the iPhone app development company, and all the developers have to do it very carefully and by following all the aspects and factors we have mentioned above. It brings the mobile application to a successful level and provides growth prospects for any business and brand.


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