Having a bad day at work or a busy day at the office? There’s always a movie or series of preference for almost anyone and everyone to chill and bring the day to a relaxing end, and Couchtuner used to turn out to be an amazing source to make that easy for you.


 Many applications similar to Couchtuner like Prime videosNetflix, Popcorn Time, and many more, bring you a wide range of Tv series to binge-watch and movie collections comfortably on your device. It consists of an impressive collection and is easy to use which makes Couchtuner one of the most beloved applications to complete the entertainment dose of the people.

Although there are tons of things that make Couchtuner amazing, everything lacks some drawbacks. Like the fact that Couchtuner doesn’t let you download videos you want to watch but only allows you to stream it, or that it doesn’t own any videos it provides.

Thus, we must always be ready to keep some alternatives handy. So here at Tech USA blog, we provide you with the best alternatives to Couchtuner.

What is Couchtuner?

Heard about couch tuner first time? You must be wondering what we are blabbering about? So, in simpler words, Couchtuner is a streaming website that gives you easy access to a huge database of movies and t-series all over the globe.

Couchtuner is without any rights to broadcast the shows and movies on its website, all of the data is being transferred through other sites, and you can then stream it using your mobile data or WI-Fi.

In my opinion, Couchtuner is not my first choice to stream movies or series online, Whenever you try to click on something, a pop ad always redirects you insecure or malicious site.

For some pop-ads are not a part of the concern, then I think, couchtuner has a great collection of Tv series and movies to watch.

Check out the list of some best Couchtuner alternatives and have been tested many times and tried all of the listed sites before adding them to this list of alternatives.


Look movie

 LookMovie provides User-friendly Interface to its users by delivering movies and Tv shows for its users, which are TV shows (new ones) at the top of the screen and the latest movies.

Viewers can also select their preferred category according to what they want to see. The site provides a huge collection of movies and TV shows, ranging from the latest to oldest releases of sequels and single titles ever released. Here, you can also filter the content using a filter for preferred Genre, Year of release, Language, Rating, and Oldest/Newest First and then click on submit to proceed to the results.

There has been a significant amount of traffic from various parts of the world, making it one of the busiest websites in this category as an alternative to CouchTuner. It doesn’t even need registration to access the website

Also, No Ads are one of those reasons; here you can watch the content seamlessly and for free without any pop-ups and redirect ads, and hence the website is safe from any malware that can harm your computer or mobile device (any of the digital device you are watching into.

Visit LookMovie



Xfinity is one of the hyped websites. This site is a binge watcher’s dream come true. It has a wide variety of film genres, from romantic to thriller. On this website, you could choose from more than 20 movie genres of a different type.

Above all, the best part is that you don’t even need to create an account on this site to download any of your favorite movies on your device.

Furthermore, the interface of this alternative site has a very limited number of advertisements as compared to couch tuner. Due to this, you won’t have to even think about facing irritating pop-ups or content-covering advertisements when watching movies for free on Xfinity.

It also has a separate segment specially dedicated to music news, where you get to know about the recent news in the film industry. The section is refreshed regularly to ensure that you get all the fresh updates.

Visit Xfinity here


FlixTor is one of the better alternatives for CouchTuner. The website represents similarity in features offered by LookMovie such as UI, No AD Policy, and much more.

FlixTor offers amazing UI and has a huge collection of TV shows and movies for its viewers all over the globe. One of the best features about it is that it doesn’t have a single ad all over its site. Indeed, no formalities of signup are required while accessing the content and the users can watch it without logging in.

But if you sign up, you can get a lot of extra features such as you can create your playlist, and even sharing a playlist with your friends and family. The content provided by FlixTor is completely Ad-free and doesn’t contain any distracting pop-ups on the website.

Fixtor provides a VIP subscription that has some added extra, but in my opinion, the free version is more than enough to get unlimited access to content on their website.

Visit Fixtor

Watch Series

Watch Series

 If you enjoy watching drama, movies, and Television programs this site is a perfect alternative to Couchtuner. The WatchSeries has a large number of episodes and seasons from the most popular television programs and animations.

Also, the site presents a greater list of all the TV shows and anime available on this alternative of Couchtuner. Thus, you can watch your favorite shows in high quality, ensuring that you don’t miss any element of great importance. You can also watch multiple videos for free on the site. To create groups you need to create an account on the Watch series, or you can simply log in with Facebook. For everyone, a site is an unrivaled form of fun and entertainment. Furthermore, you should favorite streams on the website, with this you’ll never miss an episode of your favorite show ever again. Due to this try it at least once and let us know how you feel about it.

Visit WatchSeries

Movies Joy

 MoviesJoy is an excellent place to find Tv shows and popular movies while having a massive database of various genres. As another Couch tuner alternative, MoviesJoy is free of cost without any registration or sign-up obligation to watch the content.

The website offers an excellent User Interface for the viewers which provides the latest movies and TV shows releases on the front or home page of the website.

You can use various filters (such as Language, release year, Rotten tomatoes, Genre, IMDB Rating, Time Duration, etc) on the site to select your desired content. Referring to the AD policy of MoviesJoy, the website won’t run any advertisement or any pop-up ads that impacts the performance of the website.

Hence, you can stream freely on this site without risk of getting any undesired content or malware on your smart devices (PC, Tablet, or Smartphone). It is one of my favorite sites to stream Netflix shows and newly released movies.

Visit Moviesjoy 


Stream Likers

With a unique User Interface, StreamLikers is one of the trusted and oldest alternatives in this list with having a vast collection of content collected over past years.

Though this site is restricted in some countries due to the blocking of the website by Internet Service Providers, it can be avoided easily by using a free or a paid VPN.

Just like any other site of alternatives of Couch tuner, it doesn’t store any of its content on the website and connects other sources links and references on their site which in return reduces the overall complexity of the site.

The site creates little resistance to the users in terms of ads or any pop-ups, and also you can search through its dedicated search bar across the site while the hovering feature takes the experience to another level.

Visit StreamLikers


Prime Wire

Prime Wire is a fantastic streaming client for your valuable assistance. This streaming client consists of a large movie database, and so you can watch any movie you like that is accessible online for free.

The best feature is that there is no need to sign up to stream your favorite film. You could simply visit the website, choose your preferred genre, and begin watching it right there.

When it comes to its movie library, the platform has a wide selection of titles from all across the globe. There are titles available in a variety of languages like Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and categories like horror, thriller, and much more. You can also use the search function to find your favorite movie that you plan to watch.

Visit Primewire

Couch Tuner Hub

Couch Tuner Hub

As the name suggests Couch Tuner hub allows you to find your favorite movies and television shows. If you’re missing your beloved partner “Couchtuner” while watching movies, this one is very much like the original. The website’s design is quite close to Couchtuner’s design. Due to this, if you’ve been a long-time user, you would not feel any different using it.

This site has a fantastic selection of tv shows and movies for you to stream. You can also use the available list of titles to find the film you want. You may also categorize the films based on their genres, language, ratings, etc. As a result, if you’re looking for a great alternative to Couchtuner, that’s the best option for you.

Visit CouchTuner Hub


Put Locker

PutLocker offers an optimized UI that has understandable navigations since it provides easy-to-use UI and the navigation across the site is above average.

Here at PutLocker, you can get access to the latest content across the globe at the home screen soon after it is released, which makes it one of the greatest alternatives for the Couch tuner. It also offers more than one mirror link for the shows, which makes the site reliable for new visitors.

One of the best features is that there are very few websites such as PutLocker which provides shows and movies which are limited to a particular region (such as Japan, China, Thailand, and Korea).

So, give it a try to get the taste of entertainment from other wider industries apart from Hollywood.

Visit Putlocker


Solar Movie

Starting up Solarmovie is easy and is free to the users.No registration is required on the site to watch shows and movies. But if you do so, you get access to many more features than a regular user.

A VIP user can watch movies without any advertisements, HD quality of movies, subtitles of various languages, and a feature to download the video.

The most essential features of Solarmovie are:-

Requesting content of your choice if it’s not available on the website.

Using filters to search through the site (Country, IMDB Rating, Name of the Actor, etc.)

Movies are listed with different categories, such as Animation, Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Mystery, War, etc for easy access.

Presence of a lot of mirror sites for SolarMovie so that you are always connected. 

Visit Solar Movie


 Soap2day is an awesome free film streaming site and a great alternative to Couchtuner. It consists of a comprehensive list of all types of available television shows and films. Its UI is well-designed, making it simple to search for the most popular, viral, and recent content. You also can save data and make queries about your favorite movie. Soap 2 Day’s database doesn’t store files. On Soap2day, all of the content is produced by foreign parties. You can request material that isn’t currently available which will be provided to you after request. Due to this, you’ll have no trouble getting your favorite products listed.

Visit Soap2day


123moviesHub is also known as 123movies. 123movies was the first site that started to provide this stuff for free and hence accumulated humongous traffic.

But after some time search engines noticed the pirated site and closed it and 123moviesHub is one of its proxies available till now. The appearance of the site is up to the mark, and the UI makes it easy to direct users to help reach their desired section of interest.

To get full access to the content you need to sign up, which is mandatory else you are limited to accessing only trailers of your preferred TV shows and movies.

Upon registering on the website, you can access the content for free without any advertisement.

Visit 123MoviesHub

Dare Tv

Dare Tv is a great site for watching the most recent TV Netflix, Prime, and many other shows and movies in the best possible quality. It’s the ideal location for all-in-one entertainment needs. Furthermore, you won’t have to pay even a cent to access online content on this website.

You can watch as many quality shows and movies as you want for free. All you need is a fast internet service to get started with streaming. To put it any other way, this site contains a huge collection of digital movies and television shows. When it comes to material diversity, you’ll almost certainly be able to locate the episode that you missed of your favorite show on this site by actively looking for it.

Visit Dare Tv

Tubi Tv

Tubi TV is a perfectly designed platform dedicated solely to streaming free movies. This site has a fabulous user interface that makes it a pleasing experience. Due to this, you’ll have no trouble sorting what you’re looking for on the site. You need to create an account on this website to access the content

After registration, you will be able to access all of the content on this site without having to deal with any distracting ads. The website has an abundance of the versatility of the material. For instance, you could watch films from a variety of genres such as horror, suspense, comedy, and so on. You may also categorize the content based on its rating and popularity.

Visit Tubi Tv

New Episodes

Just like the name, the website provides you with new and latest episodes of the web shows and movies as soon as it is released on the respective website.

This is a beautiful feature of this website since every released episode of the show is streamed in high quality and is available without any buffering restrictions.

They have their forums to discuss the content on the thread. It let you interact with each other digitally and share their reviews and opinion with other viewers of shows and movies.

You can explore forums at the top of the website and explore different questions and provide answers but for that, you need to sign up, since it requires you to sign up to access this feature.

Visit New Episodes

Rainier Land

Rainierland shows us that nothing beats its competency when it comes to material quality. This site exists with the sole purpose to provide you with free and high-quality content. You could watch your favorite movies in the highest quality ever possible thanks to this platform. The search bar helps to find your favorite film or browse by your selected genre.

When it comes to television programs, the site has a huge selection of episodes from a variety of shows from across the web. Furthermore, the content uploaded is very swift. As soon as the episode is aired on television right after that it gets uploaded on the website. Therefore you will have no trouble following up with your favorite show. Rainerland provides direct access to streams via links without dealing with advertisements and updates

Visit Rainer Land

Movie Watcher

Like many of the alternatives in this list, here to stream videos you need to sign up for a free VIP account, and one of the essential features is that you can download any of the videos available on the website to watch later.

The website requires a VPN connection as it is blocked by many ISPs in many countries.

Apart from fixed categories like any other site, here you can watch along with the other viewers on the Moviewatcher by looking into the list which offers options such as:

  • Most Viewed Videos
  • Recently added movies
  • Playing in theatres
  • Popular TV series.

The User Interface of the website is very clean and with a light background. The hover feature is added to attract the visitor’s attention on the selected screen when they hover on the screen.

When hovered on the “Info” button you get brief details about the content you are about to watch

The majority of the streaming platforms supported by AZ Movies are Openload.co, Vizdi.tv, Vidup.me, and Vid.to at video quality of 720p to 1080p.

Visit Movie Watcher


The next item on your must-watch list is a cross-platform app for streaming purposes. Popcornflix is much advanced than any other Couchtuner alternatives. This application is available for both web apps and desktop

The software can be used on both Android and IOS devices. Due to this, you can easily watch shows and movies on your digital devices. This helps in keeping you busy at any time and any place.

Popcornflix organizes the movies by various genres. To watch your preferred movie, simply choose your favorite genre, and it will display all of the films that fall under that category. For example, if you’d like to watch romantic movies, simply choose the romance category.

Visit Popcorn Flix

Az movies

AZ Movies is another good substitute for CouchTuner. Along with good features, the site servers are very stable in terms of performance.

AZ Movies publishes all of its contents on their huge database of contents with the help of their good servers for its viewers.

Upon entering the homepage, you come across Black UI in front of you where you can surf through movies and web series by different categories such as

  • Comedy,
  • Action
  • Romantic
  • Thriller

Crime many more down the homepage.

The rating and quality of the selected movie is shown in the thumbnail while the list is arranged in alphabetical order from A to Z

Option to download movie is also provided. Upon clicking on the desired Movie, visitors will be taken to a page that contains all required information related to the Movie and all its mirror links will be there

On AZ movies you can watch all the content without the need for registration

Their URL has been shortened to azm.to so that people can remember it with ease.

Visi AZ Movie

Cafe Movie

Cafémovie’s provides you with unrivaled countless hours of entertainment, from new blockbusters to classic hits. It is one of the most used Couchtuner alternatives.

A large number of the population use it to search for their favorite movies here. This site has a dynamic video and media library with a wider range of titles from across the globe. All the titles are very well organized so that anyone visiting doesn’t have any trouble searching the content.

It is a must for the lovers of Old is Gold to visit on Cafemovies.

Visit Cafe Movie


This site is purely for movie freaks. All the latest releases, and in various quality resolutions, to work with your internet connection are available to play here

Their User Interface is very clean and tidy and has soothing colors, which relaxes you after a hectic day.

Furthermore, Primewire allows the users to rate the “mirrors” based on their experience, so you can know which mirror to use and which one to drop.

Additionally, the site also lists “TOP IMDB” and “TOP RATED,” so that you get the best options 

Visit Prime Wire


This platform is useful to opt for daily drama content, particularly for those who enjoy drama content. This is why it is included in this excellently Couchtuner alternatives list.

Without any registration on this site have access to a majority of free content. To begin with, Vid Strum’s first notice is easy to use interface. Furthermore, ad quality is monitored to a minimum so that you can enjoy your content without much interruption.

The site directs you to other streaming clients serving as a bridge between platform and user. The content provided on this website is of the highest material quality possible

Visit VidStrum


This platform is useful to opt for daily drama content, particularly for those who enjoy drama content. This is why it is included in this excellently Couchtuner alternatives list.

Without any registration on this site have access to a majority of free content. To begin with, Vid Strum’s first notice is easy to use interface. Furthermore, ad quality is monitored to a minimum so that you can enjoy your content without much interruption.

The site directs you to other streaming clients serving as a bridge between platform and user. The content provided on this website is of the highest material quality possible.

Visit Hulu

Tv Muse

You get to the whole new stage in terms of free content with Tv muse. Their wide range of content satisfies every visitor This website has everything from news to animations for a perfect evening at home.

Furthermore, you can download all the content for free here. To download you don’t even need to create an account

Talking about the website’s navigation and user interface, I had no trouble working around it. The user interface is incredibly simple and user-friendly.

Visit TV Muse


MovieRulz is using a torrent client to stream free movies. The site has movies in various languages.

The user interface is easy to navigate, as the movies are listed according to their date of release.

For a music lover, the option to download music is also available for MovieRulz. Right after the release of the movie, it is available here within a week

With their rising popularity they may ad advertisement with an increase in traffic moreover also has its android application that you can be downloaded from their site but not from play store.

Visit MovieRulz

Just Watch

Just Watch has a very simplistic design. As the name suggests streaming on this site is very easy

The never-ending list of popular movies from all over the world and user-friendly interface. You will be able to watch television shows for free without any memberships which save you a lot of money

The website has a well-organized movie library. Due to this, there is trouble locating your show or movie among the list of thousands of titles.

Visit Just Watch


Alluc is yet another substitute for Couchtuner, especially a blessing for movie lovers. It brings you the latest releases as soon as possible.

With the help of Alluc, you save an insane amount of money by watching a movie at home that is being played in theatres.

The user interface is pretty elegant, friendly, and convenient to use. Their special button of “Trending Now” is must use for every visitor. This provides you with the most recent content that you can enjoy 

Without facing any ads you can download videos easily

Visit Alluc


The high-quality videos here always provide you with a good User experience. The User Interface is very easy to use and pleasing for first-time users.

Among its competitors it is one of the best streaming applications available nowadays, all the movies and shows will be available for you to play

Pick videos of your liking from a long list of the collection listed by Crackle. 

No registration is required therefore Crackle makes the online streaming experience hassle-free.  

Visit Crackle


Tinklepad is a movie streaming site that makes one of the best substitutes for Couch tuner and is free. 

What you need to do is search for the video on their search bar you want to watch, and long list options will be available to watch the video on your digital devices

Various genres can be selected to search for the movie or show of your requirement. The interface is user-friendly. The ads on this site can be blocked with the help of an ad blocker if it’s affecting your experience to enjoy the show

Visit Tinklepad


Last but not least Vumoo, too, brings the latest movies to you as early as possible (sometimes even the next day).

The elegant interface, offering its users a wide range of genres to choose from, in alphabetical order, date of release, with the search bar at the top

The array of the collection is a feast for viewers and episodes are provided with a proper listing of seasons

It is a complete package with a good interface. But everything comes with a price. The website requires you to create an account to access the content. Just for the sake of safety, I would suggest using an Email Id that doesn’t hold any of your personal information. The site also has ads but you know what to do in case it affects your experience

Personally, as a viewer, a better user experience of a webpage is always my utmost priority, therefore adding any random content website without testing is waste of time for readers.

Visit Vumo

Is Couchtuner Legal in my country?

 The content provided at CouchTuner is streamed without the concern of the copyright owner. Therefore it cant be considered legal Hence there are even chances that many top Search Engines restrict access to this site. This is the reason why CouchTuner keeps changing its root domain name, as the ISP keeps blocking it restricting the traffic to the pirated site.

None of the sites in the list will hold any right to the content they either fetch from other sites or host on their server, therefore a lot of them might not work without using VPN, but we have a solution for every issue you will face at end of this article.

Is Couchtuner Blocked?

We all know content hosted by Couchtuner is not legal, therefore couch tuner is banned in many countries.

You might be wondering that you were able to access couchtuner some days ago but now when you try to visit the site now, it shows the error “you are not authorized to access this website.” or “access denied”

It’s because Google has blocked Couchtuner in many regions due to strict laws against copywriting and piracy. Couch tuner is blocked in a lot of countries and if you are receiving the same message above, it is blocked in your country too.

Since, the owners of Couchtuner have purchased several domain extensions as a backup, therefore, if one domain gets blocked the other one starts working.

We have also added a list of Couchtuner proxies that they own if you want to use couch tuner only, you can visit the list of working proxies.

How to access Couchtuner and its alternatives in 2022?

Let me tell you out of all of the listed alternatives some of them might not work for you. The government of many countries including the USA, India, Japan is very strict in terms of piracy.

Some of the sites might still work without using VPN. We strongly recommend you not to visit any of the sites without a good VPN for the security of your data.

I would suggest not to surf these sites on a chrome browser or a browser that you primarily use to login to your google account or any other social media accounts.

To access the Couch tuner as well as its alternatives follow these steps below.

Download and install the Opera browser on your PC as it has an inbuilt VPN and adblocker from the given link below.

Go to Opera Settings and type “VPN” in the search box of the browser.

VPN settings will be shown to you and you can enable VPN.

Open a new tab along with the refresh button and on the left side of the search bar, you will notice a VPN icon.

Click on the VPN icon and you can set the desired region. I recommend choosing the Europe or Asia server.

You can now surf any of the sites from the list of alternatives.

Download Opera Mini for PC


CouchTuner is an excellent site for streaming the Latest to old movies and binge-watching Web series seamlessly and without any resistance, as it offers a fantastic User Experience to its visitors that helps in navigating them to their desired location with ease.

Are you a regular user at Couch Tuner? Then you would be aware of all of its features that attract visitors to its site.

One of the many issues with the site as many users complains that “it sometimes automatically downloads harmful malware and viruses to the computer” and therefore it is good to always keep alternatives handy.

Above listed are some of the sites which can be used as better alternatives to Couch Tuner. It’s better to go to every listed site one by one to personally examine the interface of every site.

Some top picks from the given alternative are FlixTor, MoviesJoy, LookMovie, 123movieHub, and AZ Movies. The movies are available here, with multiple mirror links, making it more reliable.

Some of the sites might require a sign-up to download the movies. In case, if you find any other alternative that you are satisfied with, comment down and share it with us also.


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