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As a business owner, one of the crucial goals to grow your business while making a decent profit. Well, if you are located in a prime location, you may have good brand popularity in that local market, but your business reach will be limited. So, how can you expand your business and sell your products in new markers? Well, it is quite easy now. For this, all you need to have a Flipkart central seller account. 

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Many retailers have enrolled themselves in Flipkart over the last few years, and they are now enjoying a decent profit with other benefits. Flipkart is a well-known e-commerce platform across the country and offers a great chance to the sellers to grow their business. Besides, it has forecasted that by the end of 2024, the Indian e-commerce revenue will reach USD 71 billion.

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So, as a seller, it is a good time to become a seller Flipkart,and you witness consistent business growth.

Why should you sell on Flipkart?

One of the biggest reasons behind this is Flipkart holds a leading place for all the sellers. With 137 global rank and eight country rank, one can completely trust this platform.

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flipkart seller central

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Besides, in the last six months, the platform has received 206.72 million visitors, and around 94.85 percent of them are from India. That means a seller can get more customers by selling the products through Flipkart seller hub. However, here are some benefits that you can enjoy as a Flipkart seller.

A million-customer base

Flipkart has more than 100 million registered customers, and your product will be visible to all. You are free to choose any segment and create a product catalogue.

Better and simplified logistic

Flipkart offers a great logistic system that enables you to sell the products to any part of the country. The products will be picked from your doorstep and delivered to the buyers.

Faster payment

When someone purchases your products, the payment will be instantly transferred to your bank account through your Flipkart seller account. You can track the transaction using your Flipkart seller login account.

Reward program

The sellers get rewards with the minimal commission and other advantages.

Seller hub

The sellers can also use the seller hub app to carry out their business through their smartphone. Just signup through the app, and you can expand your business on the go.

Steps to become a seller with Flipkart


Before getting started with the registration process, you need to do the primary groundwork. Make sure that you have GSTN details, canceledcheckbook, business address, PAN card, and products to sell. Now visit Flipkart seller hub and register yourself. Once done, you will get a call regarding the verification in a week. Once approved, you can proceed for product listing.

Product listing

For each product, you need to upload clear photos along with writeups. Product listing is completely free, and you need to list at least five products. You can do this by using your Flipkart seller account. Sing up using Flipkart seller hub login details, and you can now start with product listing. While doing that, you will have to set the price, keeping in mind about the Flipkart charges.

Order management

When a buyer places an order, you will get an intimation regarding that through email, and you need to inform Flipkart about when you can prepare the order for despatch through your Flipkart seller centralaccount. Now, Flipkart will work with the courier service providers to deliver the product to the buyer.


When it comes to payment, you will find it a risk-free process. In general, most of the sellers get their payment within 15 days or earlier. Those who are under the gold seller category receive a payment within seven business days,and the silver sellers get the payment within ten business days. For bronze sellers, it is 15 business days, 


While pricing your products, you should consider the Flipkart fees. The fees charged are:

  • GST.
  • A fixed fee can vary based on the value of the ordered item.
  • Commission fees as a percentage that can vary based on product category and value.
  • Collection fee that can vary on payment mode.
  • Shipping fee is calculated considering shipping location, product weight, and more.

Here is an example that will show you the cost calculation.

flipkart seller account


Analyzing your sales performance

To offer the sellers better selling experience and to help them to boost their sales, Flipkart has introduced the Flipkart Hub app. The seller can check their orders, fulfilments, and more using this app. With such analysis, they can easily understand the demographics of their sales and plan accordingly. The app also lets the sellers download the information in a graphical presentation to make it understandable.

It also has its own analytic dashboard that helps the sellers to study different sell point metrics. Flipkart also offers various supports to the sellers to increase their sales.


How can I become a Flipkart seller?

You can become a Flipkart seller by registering yourself at the seller.Flipkart. Com. You need only three things to become a Flipkart seller. These are on the unique product to sell, your GSTN details, and a copy of your canceled cheque. So, register now.

What is Flipkart seller account?

It is the Flipkart seller account through which you will manage all your selling transaction done through Flipkart. It is mandatory to create a seller account to start selling your products.

What is Flipkart seller hub?

Flipkart seller hub is a platform developed by Flipkart for the sellers that also has a mobile app. The platform enables the sellers to manage their business. The seller hub offers solutions like listings, returns, orders, payments, and more in real-time.

Is GST required to sell on Flipkart?

Yes, as per the rules, every seller must have GST to carry out the sale on Flipkart. However, you can sell without GST, if you are selling products which are exempted.


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