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With the high level of advancements in the technology and iOS app development, we see every iPhone app developer create something very unique for the clients. In this blog, we are only not talking about the app development, but the voice-controlled entertainment, which is gaining popularity these days. It has a range of apps- gaming and productive as well as ecommerce apps to make them easy to use when it comes to the users who want minimized actions on the apps. As the users have less time for everything, they want seamless and hassle-free actions to complete the task in case of productive apps. This has been made more easier with the coming of voice-controlled apps as well as devices. The first device that comes on the top of the voice-controlled device lists is certainly speakers like Amazon Echo.                                       

Popular voice-controlled speakers like Echo are amazingly famous:
The popularity of smart speakers is fast because of its popularity and ease of use. Parks Associates estimates that by 2022, the penetration of smart speaker households is expected to be 47% in the US. Since the sale of Amazon Echo is very good, we can’t even think of what smart speakers we want. The second generation echo is the free size of the Amazon. You can add some cheap speakers, but the real smart home hub is Echo Plus. However, for most people, echo “traditional” would be enough. 
Another point of sale at Echo’s main point of sale is of course Amazon’s Amazon Assistant. This is the assistant we chose until Google inevitably rises. Like the previous generation Echo, Alexa can control music, manage home gadgets, answer questions and do different things with Alexa voice-controlled features.

So what is the new echo second generation looks like? 
Basically the appearance is small, the design is smaller than the predecessor, the visual effect is cheap. Available with 6 colored fabrics (charcoal, sandstone, Heather, oak, walnut, silver), it’s definitely more fun, but it’s the original squatter version that doesn’t match Google’s family-oriented aesthetics and several missing things with style. Alexa was 100% reliable, and if it wasn’t perfect, I noticed that speech recognition improved a bit thanks to the new noise suppression and built-in wake-up processor. 
Additional features of the smart speaker: Connects via Bluetooth!
Not only this speaker, Alexa can do more things. Voice assistants can now make calls that is opposed to other Echo devices. Another difference is the 3.5 mm line output. In other words, like an echo point, you can connect a second generation echo to an existing (perhaps better) speaker or connect via Bluetooth.
New entrants to the combined consumer electronics market, such as Samsung, Rock, Facebook, and the likelihood of reporting new voice controls to take advantage of the new CEO’s first CE market share at the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show. In 2018, the US has an average of 8.8 connected data, entertainment, or mobile devices, all with their own user controls or interfaces. Sound technology is becoming a solution to this complexity and provides one interface for all connected devices. Consumers have shown great interest in this approach, and I think it is very tempting for more than a third of US broadband communities to talk to the management of entertainment devices. Despite the benefits of voice-controlled entertainment searches and streaming content, the consumer acceptance rate is still low, with only 3% of US broadband homes using voice commands while watching video.

Challenges in the usage of voice-controlled products in the market:
The use of voice guidance is hampered by the limited availability of the product, lack of experience or lack of knowledge in technology or simply by old consumption habits. However, consumers are used to using voice commands to use their smartphones. Last year, about 40% of US broadband homes that used smartphones used some form of speech recognition software. As a result, consumers may be interested in using voice commands to control other conventional consumer devices, including connected entertainment systems.
When mobile phones, tablets and flat screen TVs reach saturation levels, the consumer electronics industry is common. In new product groups, such as wireless speakers, the need for conventional electronic devices is removed. In addition, due to the growing popularity of digital media streaming and the growing popularity of smartphones, all product categories such as camcorders, MP3 players, GPS navigators, etc. are outdated.

Wireless devices with voice commands: Future of technology!
Due to the growth of sales, industry turned to categories such as wireless speakers and smart TVs, which became the driving force for future growth. With the rapid development of audio technology, wireless speakers become smart speakers and smart TVs have a wider role in the CE ecosystem. Manufacturers of other CE products, such as streaming media players, have expanded their product range with a new sound model to demand a fast growing market share for the voice-driven entertainment market.
CE devices that use voice control have set new manufacturers’ interoperability requirements. Ideally, all products purchased by consumers will work perfectly. However, this level of interoperability has not yet been taken into account, with about 10% of consumers returning to CE devices and saying that interoperability is the cause of this benefit.

Exciting Voice-controlled games for iPhones:
Voice-controlled devices and apps have expanded to really exciting games for iPhones. An iPhone app developer can really create some unique games which are voice-controlled. For example: We have listed some of the best iPhone game apps below which are really liked by the users of the iPhones.                        
●Screaming Bird is a free game developed by CapJoy International Limited in 2017 that requires iOS 7.0 or later. In this voice-activated game, players can navigate through bird characters.
●Chicken Scream is a voice control game for iOS and Android devices, you need to use the sound to control the chicken. In this game you have to cry, quietly, speak quietly and collect more points.
●Scream Go Hero is a free game developed for iOS devices. This adventure game uses the sound of the player to move the character to another place.
●Scream Jump is a game developed by Playstarz Inc. that runs on iOS devices starting at 6.0. In this game, players can jump with a loud voice and move to the next level with small sounds.
●Rabbit Go is a voice control game by Ben Huang, developed by Scream Note Games for iOS devices that are 7.0 or higher. This game requires access to the microphone.
●Stop! Eighth Note! This is a voice control game for iOS and Android devices developed by iPhone app developer. In this game you have to control the hero and use your voice to overcome many obstacles. In this game,we have a lot of fun when crying, shouting, singing and so on.
Problems of voice-controlled speakers are as following:
Common are problems ranging from state-of-the-art stereo speakers that are not recognized by assistants on intelligent TVs that do not understand sound commands from shared intelligent speakers. The audio AI system is still weak in context detection depending on which device the consumer uses, where the user is and when it is used. These variables may require different responses from virtual assistants, but cannot be interpreted by typical existing systems.
Increasing the number of variables increases the degree of ambiguity. This is difficult to solve with the Artificial Intelligence system. Equipment vendors need to create a high level of awareness of their systems so that they can respond more accurately to user issues or prevent customers from losing their voice to a more efficient audio system.
Decreased use of the remote control and physical actions:
Just like a TV remote control, every time you make adjustments, viewers are released from the physical task of physically switching to television. 
The audio interface makes the experience easier by adjusting the user’s verbal command, changing the volume, etc. People who want to see the news just need to say “CNN” to show the channel. Voice commands also provide an easy way to move to the library. Instructions like “finding all the free Tom Hanks adventure movies” with the hand held remote control are difficult and slow, but they can be easily done with voice.

Device manufacturers continue to provide a manual remote control to respond to customers who want to manage them manually whenever they feel like! 

How should the iPhone apps be built for voice-controlled devices?
As the new iPhones have built-in voice-controlled features like Siri, it has become so common to introduce a voice command option in the app. IT gives an edge to the app of your brand and thus, more users come to your app to use it again and the revenue from the app certainly increases with this completely new advanced feature. But, it calls to hire an iPhone app developer who has had experience in creating such apps for the users. 


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